Arknights MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Lungmen Dollars)

MOD Features: Unlimited Lungmen Dollars, Unlimited Orundum, Infinite Originite Prime, Infinite Commemorative Furniture, Free Recruitment Permit, Free Headhunting Permit & Unlimited Expedited Plans
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Do you love strategizing in real life? Then you should try out the same in the most amazing game ever called Arknights. This game will help you sharpen your strategizing skills to a major extent and so you need to know about it in detail. Go through this article nicely and you will get the perfect overview of this game. Sharpen your strategic skills by playing Arknights mod apk for Android and iOS.  Get Unlimited Lungmen Dollars, Unlimited Orundum, and Unlimited Expedited Plans. You will also get Infinite Originite Prime, Infinite Commemorative Furniture, and free recruitment and headhunting permit.

Arknights MOD App Information:

Arknights mod

App nameArknights Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Lungmen Dollars
Unlimited Orundum
Infinite Originite Primes
Infinite Commemorative Furniture
Free Recruitment Permits
Free Headhunting Permits
Unlimited Expedited Plans
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Arknights MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Lungmen Dollars
  • Unlimited Orundum
  • Infinite Originite Prime
  • Infinite Commemorative Furniture
  • Free Recruitment Permit
  • Free Headhunting Permit
  • Unlimited Expedited Plans
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Arknights Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

This game is an out-and-out strategizing game having the perfect doze of an RPG. The player will get to experience a lot of exciting elements playing it. He will have to play an important role and use the best tactics simultaneously for winning the game. Arknights game has been developed by Yostar Limited and is surely the best in its genre.

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More on the game

The player will have to play a very crucial role in saving the life of the entire tribe residing in Rhodes Island. The game unfolds in Rhodes Island where a pharmaceutical company reaches for helping the dwellers. This company has the very noble intention of saving people from the deadliest infection that can take away their lives. There are many people who shall be representing this medicine manufacturing company n the island and the player shall be one amongst them.

The team of representatives will be headed by the captain named Amiya. She will be leading the whole team from the front and all the members will have to follow her instructions perfectly. The player will have to recruit numerous other operators together with his leader Amiya. He will have to give them proper training so that they become efficient in performing the tasks assigned to them.

After training the operators and testing their skills, the player will have to assign different sets of tasks to them. All of these tasks have the main ambition of protecting the harmless people of Rhodes Island. These people are innocent and they do not deserve to die because of those who have the sole intention of destroying the world.

In the game Arknights mod, the player also has another important task of stopping those people who want to harm the innocent ones. The player will have to get this task done with the help of his leader Amiya and the team of operators he has recruited and trained. All the people who want to disturb the normal course of life of the common people need to be condemned at the earliest. This will save the earth from huge destruction and mankind shall dwell in peace in their natural habitat.

Arknights mod ios

The player will have to make use of the best tactics that he can for saving the whole of Rhodes Island. All the people residing here are in danger and they are looking up to the player with all their hope. His strategies shall act as the determiner of what beholds in the future of this famous island. He will have to fight till the end to bring in light for the people who have resided here all their lives.

Never seen before features

  • A deadly combination of strategies and RPG:

This game has the perfect style that an anime game has and is extremely attractive to the eyes. It strikes a great balance between an RPG and a strategy game and can make for the best thing to spend a lot of time with. There are numerous scopes for designing excellent strategies and applying them to achieve the goal faster.

  • Lots of operators to deal with:

The player will have to deal with a large number of operators who are completely different from each other. All of them have a wide variety of features and the player will have to handle them keeping those features in mind. This element of the game Arknights mod makes it even more interesting and addicting for the player. It also calls for the player to showcase his strategizing skills combining the abilities each player has got.

Arknights mod apk

  • Use of Auto Deploy System:

There is a very unique feature in this game called the Auto Deploy System. It will allow the player to go hands-free while playing the game and thus he will be able to concentrate better. All the actions shall take place automatically without the player worrying much about them. Therefore the player shall get ample scopes for framing the perfect strategies that can get him through the game. This is one of the rarest features a strategy game has got and can be regarded as a master feature of this game.

  • Make a home for dwelling:

The player will have to make his own home for dwelling in the game Arknights mod. He can get it done just the way he wants using the feature of the Base Construction System. This is another unique feature of this game that can help a player by making his survival easier in Rhodes Island. He will be able to design the perfect shelter for him where he can live and save himself from the odds of the island. The Base Construction System helps the player by making the building process easier and faster.

  • Experience amazing audio tracks:

There is a host of famous soundtracks that will play throughout the game. The player can get lost in the melodies if he is a music lover because they are extremely pleasant to the ears. There are also options for experiencing auditory sublimes from some of the most famous voice artists of Japan. Together as a whole, the player will have one of the best musical experiences of his life every time he plays the game.

Outstanding gameplay

There are a large number of operators that a player will have to deal with in the game Arknights mod. Thus there are unlimited options for experiencing a unique gameplay every time and this shall help the player in exercising his brain a lot. The makers have kept the graphic quality top-notch that shall make things look completely real.

This game is becoming popular very fast and if you also want to enjoy its excellent elements then download it right now.


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