Bad North MOD APK/IOS [ FREE ] Upgrade Elite Units

MOD Features: Free Mode, Upgrade Elite Units, Upgrade Very Difficult Battles. Unlock Bigger Armies & Unlock Special Attacks
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Play the most exciting strategy game using our Bad North mod apk for Android and IOS. You will be able to upgrade elite units and very difficult battles. Also, you will unlock bigger armies and special attacks.

Bad North MOD App Information:

Bad North mod

App nameBad North Mod
Mod FeaturesFree Mode, Upgrade Elite Units & Very Difficult Battles, Unlock Bigger Armies & Special Attacks
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Bad North MOD Features:

  • Free Mode
  • Upgrade Elite Units
  • Upgrade Very Difficult Battles
  • Unlock Bigger Armies
  • Unlock Special Attacks
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Bad North Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

Strategy games are always exciting as they keep the player engrossed in it fully. If you are willing to enjoy the most amazing strategy game ever then pre-register with Bad North.

It is one of the best games that are making its way to the play store very soon. Here in this article, you will find all the necessary details about the game along with its innovative features.


Bad North is a game that calls for playing against the Vikings. Here the player needs to make brilliant strategies so that he can protect his belongings from the attacks of these fierce invaders. The attackers demand real-time plans that need to be made promptly for escaping their harmful invasions.

At the beginning of the game, the Vikings will attack the home of the player. They will also kill the king of the land and take control of the total kingdom. The game becomes intense as it graduates and the challenges get multiplied. Here the player is the son of the king and the rightful successor to the throne. Therefore he will have to save himself and his land from the attacks of the invaders.

The player will have to fight the invaders using brilliant strategies. But he should remember that he needs to survive till the end and that is more important than winning over the Vikings. If he wants to stay alive in the game then he will have to snatch away his kingdom from the hands of the attackers.

Bad North is all set in different islands where the player will be the ruler of an island kingdom. The invaders are ready to attack the kingdom which the player needs to defend using the right tactics. All the people residing in those islands need to be protected and rescued to safe land. This needs to be done by the new king and his army men.

The player will have to guide the soldiers with the right strategies and lead them in the fight. Each of the islands has a different shape from the other one which can come of great help in defeating the enemies. The soldiers can use the shape of the islands cleverly and kill the invaders who are trying to attack the countrymen.

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Bad North mod ios

All the belongings of the king are under the control of the invaders and thus any small mistake can snatch everything away from him. He needs to be very careful with his plan of action as the lives of his people are at stake. The invaders are killing the subjects of the king in abundance and they need to be stopped at the earliest.

Bad North mod is a very cruel game in which the attackers have no mercy for anyone. The army is well-skilled to fight against the Vikings and they only need proper guidance. There is blood everywhere on the island as the invaders are slaughtering the common men. The player will be commanding the soldiers and they will be carrying them out in the best way possible.

This game is based on real-time and thus the strategies need to be made accordingly. The soldiers have to try their level best to apply the tactics perfectly so that they serve the purpose and bring in victory. Here, the warriors need to be extremely careful as the challenges are very intense and the chance of survival is fading with time.

The army men have to keep in mind that they are not fighting for glory but for survival. They cannot afford to stop the battle at any cost and keep on supporting it by applying brilliant fighting skills. This will only help them in bringing peace to the kingdom and throwing the Vikings out of it.

Bad North mod apk

Features of this strategy game

  • Implementation of real-time tactics- The player has to apply real-time tactics for defeating the Vikings. He will have to guide his soldiers and lead them in the whole war.
  • Proper placement of the soldiers- The soldiers need to be positioned perfectly so that the invaders cannot enter the kingdom. Vikings are eager to get within the islands and they are able to counter-attack the soldiers with each move of theirs.
  • Hold on to the soldiers- All the soldiers need to be protected from the repeated attacks of the Vikings with a proper plan. If a soldier is dead then the player will not be awarded any replacement to him. Thus fighter loss is lost forever and this will bring in the biggest amount of threat in the game. The player will lose the game is he is unable to protect his men from the fierce attacks of the invaders.
  • Innovative methods for controlling the army- The player needs to make strategies for protecting his kingdom and choose the right positions for the soldiers. All the rest of the things will be done by the soldiers using their intelligence. They will fight as per the requirement of the situation.
  • Well-designed islands- Each of the islands is brilliantly designed and they can be of great help to the soldiers. The islands are designed in such a way that soldiers can get a lot of advantages in defeating their enemies.
  • Many options for upgrading- If the player is able to set up a strong defense system then he will be able to earn more points. This will help him in unlocking some of the best upgrades available in the Bad North mod.


This game is designed with extremely innovative gameplay that is very engaging. Players will not find a single dull moment in the whole game and thus there is no scope of losing interest.

The high-quality graphics will translate the player completely to the virtual world of the game. There are exciting elements hidden in every corner of the game and thus you will never regret pre-registering to Bad North.


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