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MOD Features: Unlimited Gems & Unlimited Battle Tickets
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Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes is a game based on three-dimensional tower defense which was made from a sensational fantasy novel. Samsung Galaxy Store launched this game first as soon as it was published.

Animoca Brands is a celebrating logo that has released this set of all-new titles in the universe of Beast Quest. This latest game, Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes mod apk for Android and iOS is a brand new strategy and tower defense game in 3D which blends the elements of collectible cards with plentiful resource management and some introduction of nimble RPG systems. Get Unlimited Gems and Unlimited Battle Tickets resources on your game account.

Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes MOD App Information:

Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes mod

App nameBeast Quest Ultimate Heroes Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gems & Unlimited Battle Tickets
PlatformAndroid, IOS
SizeVaries with device
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Battle Tickets
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

What does this game offer?

In this fantasy Defence of Tower strategy game, freeing the Avantia land from the wicked grasping spell done by the evil sorcerer is the ultimate quest.

Tom is the protagonist, the son of Taladon the Swift, a legendary hero, together with his friends and trained beasts have to stop the sinister wizard’s plan who had put a curse on the Avantia continent and thereby, bewitching and hypnotizing the magical creatures living there.

The great hero must overcome the problematic tests, high-level challenges, releasing the captivated prisoners free and somehow needs to put a stop to the world’s destruction by the evil wizard. By genre, this mind-blowing game allows the opportunity of magic usage.

Placing the defenders on the places where they are required and using magic attacks to annihilate the enemy’s waves keeping in mind never to allow them to pass to any magic crystals. While taking hordes on powerful enemies, there are rewards that upgrades the team’s weapons into better equipment and some additional points which boost the power of the entire group. There is an option of unlocking more characters with diverse features and aspects which will help through the passage along with the campaign of the story.

Different facets of the game

It is divided into several, thrill-induced episodes. There is also a fantastic license where the main character can be equipped with high-tech armors which will not just evolve his appearance but also provides him strength. Use this Clash Royale MOD (Unlimited Gems).

Each and every NPC character are made directly out of Adam Blades’ Beast Quest Series (which has sold 20 million copies of books) with their distinct characteristics as well as level systems. There are as diverse as 8 different heroes in total for the player to master, 13 kinds of tower cards that can be used to defend the team while facing enemy assaults, and 20 unique items to opt for and equip the team with.

While Animoca Brands have previously released a game for specifically mobile sets of a title of open-world adventure created in the universe of Same Beast Quest – Beast March 2015, the review by Harry mentions that the game overall has a pretty solid base, but there is a lingering feeling one is just on the verge of getting the game is spectacular, but then, it misses out abruptly. There was plenty of smart control for the game, but the tasks were “mundane and repetitive”.

Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes mod ios

With a better and evolving version which is no doubt innovative and adventurous, Animoca Brands created this Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes mod game which addresses the following perks:


  • Evil wizard – Malvel
  • Magical beasts of Avantia
  • Tom – son of the legendary figure, Taladon the Swift
  • Tom’s friend – Elenna
  • Tom’s friend – Storm
  • Tom’s friend – Silver

Features of the Game

  • It is the first-ever Beast Quest TD game with the catchy slogan of “it’s epic, fun, and FREE to play!”
  • The game comes with revolutionary high-definition three-dimensional graphics.
  • 13+ tower cards which can be used to testify skills, tactics as well as for defense with varied powers and rarity.
  • The option of commanding eight greatest Avantian heroes.
  • Building the team’s tower and guarding it against the malevolent wizard, Malvel and his goblin kings, skeletons and zombies hordes of enemies.
  • Customization of the hero with 20 specific items which can be used to improve strength as well as defense.
  • Over 70 challenging maps were made entirely out of different routes and themes with different levels and types of difficulties/challenges.
  • An option of Endless Mode is available where the player can enter online into the leader board of in-game and compete, challenge and play against other players and tally the survival and killing streaks.
  • By entering into the Daily Dungeons quest, a player has the ability to upgrade his Heroes and Tower Cards. You can also play our new Idle Legends: Ragnarok Saga MOD.

About the Game App

  • The game is rated for 3+ kids and above.
  • Pre-Registration is available on Google Play Store.
  1. 1st Milestone (10,000 registrations) – 250 gems will be awarded in the game.
  2. 2nd Milestone (20,000 records) – 30 battle tickets will be awarded in the game.
  3. 3rd Milestone (30,000 listings) – Epic Sam hero will be awarded in this game.

Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes mod apk

  • The latest version is 1.0.70 available for Android-based mobile sets.
  • With the help of a correct emulator, this game can be played on other devices.
  • The whole Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes weighs 87.51 MB
  • The app is available to download from any browser in APK format as well as in the latest version which is 1.0.70.
  • The original version was v1.0.15 and went through upgrading for 8 times (v1.0.58, v1.0.59, v1.0.60, v1.0.61, v1.0.66, v1.0.68, v1.0.69 and the latest v1.0.70)
  • It was last updated on 22.02.2020
  • The OS version of this game may vary with the device.
  • It has a gaming quality review of 4.50 stars out of 5 in overall performance.
  • For now, only Samsung Galaxy Store is providing the platform from where the app can be directly installed.
  • In each of the versions which are upgraded, several bugs are fixed improvement of performance is dealt with.
  • It contains ads that the app developer placed in-built.

Though Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes is only available in Samsung Galaxy Store, Animoca Brands is thriving to set this game on various other platforms and mobile stores starting from the March month’s beginning of this year, 2020. It will set an eye-opening new trend in the whole gaming forum. Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes is a revolutionary game.


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