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Mod Features: Unlimited Money. Unlock Bitizenship
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The game is based on controlling the player’s character’s life by taking decisions just like a person does for his/her life. Starting from the day a child is born, you can change the character’s life by your unpredictable choices until the character dies.

Live life and make choices in BitLife Life Simulator mod apk for Android and iOS. Get Unlimited Money resources on your game account. Also, unlock the Bitizenship.

BitLife Life Simulator MOD App Information:

BitLife Life Simulator mod

App nameBitLife Life Simulator
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money. Unlock Bitizenship
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

BitLife Life Simulator MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock Bitizenship
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • BitLife Life Simulator Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!


Unlock Bitizenship

The premium membership called Bitizenship can be purchased with real money. You can unlock special benefits to BitLife with this membership. By downloading our BitLife Life Simulator Mod Apk you will get the Bitizenship premium membership for free.


BitLife Life Simulator is a super fun game that allows a player to control the character’s life by making the right choices. The game starts by starting a new life of a character provided with all the details of the child.

On clicking on the ‘Age’ button, the player is asked to make the right choice based on his/her intuitions and grow with the character’s life. The player tries to take all the correct decisions in every situation he/she is asked to become an ideal citizen before he/she dies.

The choices that you make for your character can lead your life to a successful person or a criminal. The game is about creating the story of the character’s life by interactively making choices to simulate the character’s life.

BitLife Life Simulator mod ios


The game BitLife Life Simulator makes the player live a new life and grow with it by controlling the choices of the player character’s life. The concept behind this game is to simulate a life initiating from being an infant to being an old person and make the right choices for different circumstances.

In this game, the player can live a life and perform various activities that he/she may not have done in his/her real life. From attending school, high school prom, applying for a graduate program, finding true love to marrying the beloved, you can experience and be a part of every important event by making choices for your life.

The game is a reflection of the real-life of a person and his/her experiences. With every choice the player makes for his/her character, the person can either descend into a happy life filled with adventures, good income, and family or lead a criminal life that involves participating in smuggling drugs or going to jail.

The player can either fall in love or cheat someone with the choices he/she makes. The game is a life simulator where a person controls the life of his/her character and builds a story.

Game Features:

The game contains the “Age” button which allows a player to grow and control various choices of the character’s life. At the bottom of the screen, there are indicators of Happiness, Looks, Smarts, and Health that provides the details of a character.

You can also check your relationship, assets, or education status in the game. You can also participate in several activities that the game provides like going to a movie, owning a pet, or going shopping.

BitLife Life Simulator mod apk

The current version of the game features several facilities like flight school and pilot test, aircraft and watercraft ownership, earning a boating license, buying engagement rings, or any other jewelry to make the game more interesting and fun to play.

BitLife Life Simulator is an interesting game based on the choices or decisions of a person’s life and how they affect your lifestyle similar to real life. It features many different fascinating options that a player can opt for. The game is available on the Play Store for free to play and can upgrade yourself as a Bitizen on app-purchase. Get BitLife Life Simulator MOD APK for free with the Bitizenship Premium membership unlocked.


How to get the Bitizenship for FREE?

If you want to unlock the premium membership called Bitizenship you can download our BitLife Life Simulator mod apk for free

Is there BitLife Life Simulator Hack working on iOS?

To answer your question, yes. You can download our BitLife Life Simulator mod for iOS as well. You just need to go click on the download button and go to the download page and follow the easy steps in order to get it on your phone.

Is this MOD 100% safe and FREE?

YES. Our BitLife Life Simulator MOD APK is free to download and safe to install. You can



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