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Have you ever played an action game online? With guns, knives, explosives, rods etc makes action games more interesting and playful. But in that kind of gaming slaughtering of blood, killing, fights may not likable to all. Some people want to fight but not want that bloody fight like other action games.

So what will they do? Quit action games and start playing search games or Barbie games?

Oh!!! No! No! No! “When there is a will, there is a way.”  Voodoo has introduced a new game which has a new meaning in the genre of action gaming. Bumper.io Android/IOS is a cute action game. Yes! You heard it right cute. This new action game is not only giving you the thrill of action but also it is visually cute.


Introduction of the game

Imagine two or more birds are chirping or fighting. Though the actions were aggressive you do enjoy their cute fights. This Bumper.io Android/IOS is exactly the same. It’s like a gang war between birds or baby fight.

  1. Avatar of the game

Like other action game, your avatar will not be in human form. Rather the avatar is cute attractive and colorful. It looks like cute little marble. The effective 3D visualization makes the play more interesting. These 3D marbles have disc under it which help them to move around and a red round tail.  That tail help player to understand the front face of the avatar.

Every time you change the game the color of the avatar will also change. Isn’t it fun? So if you have this kind of cute creature to play with, you can’t deny playing the action game.

  1. Game interface

In basic action games, you will have a jungle, abandoned factory, desert, polar region, war zone etc. They all are the same, all most.  Design of the interface looks complicated sometimes. But Bumper.io Android/IOS holds much simpler 3D interface. Voodoo’s simple, the unostentatious design makes the game easy to play to all generation.

This game only has land and water. In each and every level you will be provided a different form of land structure with a new color. In another hand color of the water, the body remains the same as blue.

Gameplay information about Bumper.io Android/IOS

When you have got the basic idea about gaming look let’s move into the main part the gameplay.

You may wonder how these adorable marbles could play-action game. Don’t worry. These marbles can be aggressive too. As you can play it online or offline both, it gives you 24 hours of play time even if you are not connected with the internet.

  1. Start the game:

But before you start the game enter your name first. You can use any kind of gaming name. The real name doesn’t require. Just click on the button “Play game” and you will be in the battle zone of Bumper.io Android/IOS. The basic game type is to push the other marbles with your avatar. The battleground which is an island you will see approx 10 other marbles roaming around. The game will start when you see “ready” followed by “go”.

  1. Play the game:

Those little avatars will try to push you off the ground by attacking aggressively on your avatar. The goal is to stay on the field until other marbles leave the field. But it’s not as easy as it is said. If you just stay still without participating in the fight, another marble can push you off from the field. So you have to push other marbles to stay on the game.

  1. Get points on killing and survival:

There is an advantage of killing others. You will get points if you can knock off the other. And with every increasing point on your scoreboard, your avatar’s size will increase too. The bigger you are the stronger you are. Strong avatar is hard to beat and you can easily push other marbles into the water. Just one push will throw them to the edge.

Pause the game without using the pause button

There is one more thing in this game. Bumper.io Android/IOS is lack of Pause Button. So if you have started the game, you can’t pause it until you are dead. Here is a simple trick so that you can pause the game in an emergency situation.

If you click on the menu button the game will automatically pause. You can start the game from the same place. But remember, before you left the game make sure that you will be in a safe place. If you are not in the safe zone, you will be beaten by other. When you start the game again from the pause position, that killing will be sudden.

So be careful where you are in the field when you left.

  1. Beat the bigger guy:

Your avatar may be smaller and other marble has become bigger and stronger than you. So how will you beat the big guy? Here is the solution. You should gang up against the big one because it is hard to beat the big one alone. Push it off with other avatars. When the big one is removed then you can start the battle again within small ones.

This can only happen if you are playing online with other friends.

  1. Earn point:

The longer you survive your points will increase. Killing gives you extra points. If you beat big marbles then you will be awarded extra benefits and points. At the end of the game, you will be crowned as the winner of Bumper.io Android/IOS

Bumper.io Mod Features

Using our Bumper.io Mod you will be able to choose your rank in the game. You can get to Gold 1 just by installing our Mod App. It is available for IOS and Android devices. Just download the apk file from the buttons below and follow the instructions. It is very easy to install and to use.

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Reasons to play the game

  1. As there is no blood slaughter fight scene this game is open to all age groups.
  2. Safe action game for children.
  3. Children are more attracted to this game because of its interface.
  4. It gives you the same thrilling experience of battlefield like other action games.
  5. You can customize your avatar.
  6. Easy to play.
  7. Available in all devices.
  8. Can play offline and online both.

So grab your adorable bumper and start the exciting battle.

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