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MOD Features: Unlimited Gold Coins, Unlimited Energy, Unlimited Hints & Unlimited Stars. Unlock All Levels
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Experience solving crimes and becoming an excellent detective in this game with our latest Criminal Case mod apk for Android and IOS. You will get unlimited Gold Coins, Unlimited Energy, unlimited Hints, and also unlimited Stars on your game account. You will even unlock all the Levels in the game.

Criminal Case MOD App Information:

Criminal Case mod

App nameCriminal Case Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold Coins, Unlimited Stars, Unlimited Hints & Unlimited Energy. Unlock All Levels
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Criminal Case MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Hints
  • Unlimited Stars
  • Unlock All Levels
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Criminal Case Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

With mobile gaming becoming a primary activity for all cell phone users, numerous games are being introduced to people. One of the best games which are quite addictive and attract a tremendous amount of gamers is Criminal Case.

This game is quite interesting which offers a person the opportunity to investigate mysterious cases. It is for people who are either 13 years of age or over it. This article points out what this game is all about along with features and more.

Criminal Case is a hidden object game where a player will have to search for clues to solve crimes. This game offers different murder cases that require solving by different means like searching for clues and more.

A player will have to join the Grimsborough Police department to solve various murder cases in this adventurous game. This game will enhance an individual’s detective skills and offer one an exciting activity to take part in. However, before downloading it from the play store know a few of the things which you will have to do to solve murders in this game.

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Criminal Case mod ios

Game Features

Like every other game, a person will have to complete a series of tasks that he/she will come across trying to solve a murder. Below is a list of things you will have to do in the Criminal Case mod. Have a look at it in detail.

  • Investigate crime scenes

The first task any player requires completing in this game is to investigate the crime scene which appears on the screen when he/she starts playing on his/her Android device. The game is set in Grimsborough which is a corrupt and grim city.

The story starts with a murder taking place and police arriving to solve it. Like a detective, a player will have to find certain hidden objects on the screen which will lead to different clues and that will help in unmasking the murderer. From broken glasses to piece of clothing and more, ensuring finding these within the time limit to move onto the next level.

  • Examine clues and analyzing them in lab

Investigating and finding the clues is not enough for an excellent detective. A player will also have to examine clues in a laboratory for coming to conclusions about a murder in the Criminal Case game. Examining each clue takes a specific amount of time which can be sped up using coins, energy, etc.

After examining, one will get the necessary answers which such examination uncovers. In the lab, things that take place include autopsy, examining murder weapons, and various other clues which require examination.

This is a fun investigation game that one can easily download from the Google Playstore and install on his/her android device.

  • Interrogation

Another activity that a detective in Criminal Case has to partake in is interrogating witnesses as well as killers. Through a thorough interrogation, a player comes to know about the real culprit. This is done by going through questions and answers along with evidence that one collects before classifying characters as witnesses or suspects.

You will have to learn how to differentiate between a suspect and a witness. Through solving murders and receiving clues, you will acquire the experience to become an ideal officer of the law. However, this is not the last stage! Lastly, you will have to make an arrest.

  • Arresting the killer

Last, a step of this game is to come to a conclusion and make an arrest. An individual will go through clues and other results from various tests and determine which one of the people related to a case is the real killer. For example, you will have to match DNA, items belonging to killers, etc. This will offer you a solution that will point you directly to the killer.

Once you solve this case, you will have to move on to the next case. This is an unending game as it offers several cases to an officer who is willing to solve them. After solving one case, a person will be assigned to a new murder scene in a different part of the city where he/she will have to start investigating that crime scene and nab the killer.

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criminal case mod apk

Free to play

You can download the Criminal Case game and install it on their Android device for free from GooglePlay. All you require is an Android phone which has an operating system of 4.1 or above.

However, there are in-game purchases involved if one is looking to buy food like pizza, drinks, chips, etc. These are required to fill the depleting energy bar.

Download our Criminal Case mod from this page and get unlimited Energy resources on your game account to spend them on any item you want. Also, get unlimited Gold, unlimited Hints, and unlimited Stars.

You will need to have sufficient energy to work on a case. If the energy bar is completely depleted you buy such food items which will fill it or else, simply have to wait for a few hours till it fills itself. Depending on how much a gamer plays it, the energy bar either stays full or is completed finished.

Each case will require a different amount of energy to start solving a case. Some might require 10, others might require 20 or more. Hence, you will have to keep a note of it.


One will have to check out a few ads when playing the Criminal Case game. However, one can stop such ads by simply paying a certain amount which would not bother a player with advertisements anymore.

Despite this fact, with our Criminal Case mod, you can enjoy playing endlessly without ads and with its mod features included.


The more one solves the murder scenes the quicker will his/her level increase in this game. With increasing levels, different parts of the city will unlock where murders will take place and you will have to solve it as quickly as possible.

Also, the progress of this game can be linked to one’s Facebook id which will let other players and friends know about your character level and increase the competing aspect of this video game.

So, don’t wait to become an excellent detective by simply solving each murder scene and catching the killer. Get Criminal Case: Hidden Objects today for journeying into the world of detectives and crime.


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