Dead Cells MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Points and Gems)

MOD Features: Unlimited Points, Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Amethyst Crystals & Unlimited Malachite Crystals. Unlock All Blueprint Rewards & Unlock All Gears
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22 Jan 2023
7.0 and up
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Dead Cells MOD Features

  • Unlimited Points
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Amethyst Crystals
  • Unlimited Malachite Crystals
  • Unlock All Blueprint Rewards
  • Unlock All Gears
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Dead Cells Mod file is very easy to install
  • Auto-update
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!


Fight your way past the death and gloom of the Deadly Island with our Dead Cells mod apk for Android and iOS.

Get Unlimited Points, Unlimited Gems, Amethyst, and Malachite Crystals. Also, unlock all the Blueprint Rewards and all the Gears in the game.

Dead Cells MOD App Information:

Dead Cells mod
App nameDead Cells
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Points, Unlimited Gems. Unlimited Amethyst, Unlimited Malachite. Unlock All Blueprint Rewards & All Gears
PlatformAndroid, IOS
SizeVaries with device
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

About the game

In the game of Dead Cells, you will be playing like a man of action on an island that has been witness to a failed experiment of alchemy. You will be exploring the island and finding your way through the dangerous terrain in order to emerge victoriously.

You will be fighting against the keepers of this gloomy island in order to get back to safety. This is a completely violent action game that will require you to engage in many types of combat. There are many weapons and skills that you can use against the minions and bosses on the island.

Game Features

A gamer needs to do lots of killings while playing this game. As you progress through the game, you will learn from earlier mistakes and slowly become a ruthless killer. It will become an automatic process of learning to kill and repeat after playing this game for some time.

In roguevania, you will be exploring an interconnected world where threats are present in every corner. The action is very fast here, and you need to learn the patterns of your enemy in order to stay alive in this world. If the gamer is not adaptive to the environment, then he shall perish very fast.

You can also download Craft Legends MOD from our website.

Play through the levels

A player will witness nonlinear progression as he proceeds through the game. With every death that takes place in the game, a new level might get unlocked. One needs to choose a path that is suitable for the current situation. This situation may include the playing style of the gamer or even his or her mood.

One can definitely say that playing locations are quite dangerous in nature. A player will be able to play this game at his own pace. This ensures that he will be able to explore all the nooks and corners of the castle. There are lots of control options available for gamers to use in the Dead Cells MOD APK IOS.

Fascinating game

There are lots of different exciting things that you can experience by playing this game. You will be exploring elements of action games as well as exploring the different environments present within the game.

When one is playing the game, the character undergoes certain growth too, which makes the storyline even more exciting.

There are lots of opportunities for the character to encounter new things within the game. Discovering new routes through the game map is something that all players will find exciting.

Dead Cells mod ios

Progress steadily

There are many action games that can be completed in one go, without dying. However, that cannot take place here. A person needs to make some progress, die, and then again restart playing the game.

On the way, the gamers will also pick up the essential materials and upgrades needed to survive the harsh terrain of the game.

Each day one will get new weapons, inventory, and skills in the Dead Cells mod. You are required to survive through the current stage, then you must look for rare items that will get added to your gear.

Engaging in combat

Other than collecting items and improving the inventory, players also need to learn to combat with ease in this game. Traveling through the different levels is really smooth in this game, and quite fast too.

The movement of the character will feel quite natural and that combines seamlessly with the action set pieces. Different enemies will react differently in this game. Some of the enemies are not able to detect the player unless he gets directly on their platform.

Some enemies will be throwing grenades at you across the platforms. One needs to understand the different abilities of the enemy before trying to defeat them. This is a strategy that works wonders for this genre of game.

Different objects to use

There are many variables present throughout the game that can be used to the advantage of the player. For example, a person can open a door quietly, in stealth mode, or kick it open to stun the enemy. There are many kinds of obstacles that players can use to overcome the challenges.

There are floors full of toxic matter as well as spiked floors throughout the game, to make things difficult for the players. Players need to stay very focused on the quick combat that takes place in Dead Cells MOD Apk/iOS.

Dead Cells mod apk

Combat by combining attacks

Most of the time, gamers will have two weapons or a weapon and a shield in the game. Players need to intelligently combine the use of these weapons and jump or dodge to improve their attacking skills.

Once players get used to it, they can combine the attacks and dodges very smoothly. Players need to learn the combat puzzle in a gradual manner to fit into the scheme of things smoothly.

There are many puzzles that players need to solve before they become a master at Dead Cells MOD. StoneAge World is also a cool game you should start playing.

Different experiences at each stage

Progressing through each round in this game will provide you with a new experience. The Prisoner’s Quarters is quite unique in nature and provides players with a new experience, every time they play it.

Players need to collect whatever weapon, they have at their disposal and go about defeating the enemy. By playing a level repeatedly, you can gain immense abilities and utilize them to the fullest later.

A level that might have taken 10 minutes to complete once will be over within seconds once you get the feel of it by playing repeatedly.

Always progressing

The ambient music and sound effect of the game are chilling in nature and combine really well with the dark visual elements of the game. The tense atmosphere is maintained well across the stages of the game.

Different game genres have been blended together seamlessly into something quite cohesive in this game. Dead Cells Mod Apk/iOS, provides gamers with lots of upgrades to keep them hooked to the game. One simply needs to spend more time in this gaming world in order to become an expert.


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