DRAGON BALL LEGENDS MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Chrono Crystals)

MOD Features: Unlimited Platinum Coins, Unlimited Dual Coins, Unlimited Zeni, Unlimited Souls & Unlimited Chrono Crystals
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If you’re an RPG and Dragon Ball Z lover then you should definitely try out our latest DRAGON BALL LEGENDS mod apk for Android and iOS. Get Unlimited Chrono Crystals and Unlimited Coins resources on your game account.


dragon ball legends mod

Mod FeaturesUnlimited Platinum Coins, Unlimited Dual Coins, Unlimited Zeni, Unlimited Souls, Unlimited Chrono Crystals
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No


  • Unlimited Platinum Coins
  • Unlimited Dual Coins
  • Unlimited Zeni
  • Unlimited Souls
  • Unlimited Chrono Crystals
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

Unlimited Platinum Coins

There is more currency used in the Dragon Ball Legends game. One is the Platinum Coin. You can convert Platinum Coins for rare items. You can get Unlimited Platinum Coins with our DRAGON BALL LEGENDS MOD APK. Download it for free and enjoy playing the game without restrictions.

Unlimited Chrono Crystals

Chrono Crystals are the main currency used in the Dragon Ball Legends Android game. You can get them from Challenge Rewards, Challenge Complete Rewards, or Mission Rewards. From the mission, you can obtain up to 500 Chrono Crystals. Download our Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK to get Unlimited Chrono Crystals resources on your game account.

Unlimited Zeni

Zeni is the currency that is being used along with the Souls. You can use these Zeni resources to upgrade your character’s equipment and your heroes. You can get them by completing story chapters or evens. Get Zeni and Souls currency too.

To upgrade to the maximum potential of your character you will need for the Hero: 348 Souls and 600,000 Zeni. For the Extreme characters 476 Souls and 792,000 Zeni. For Sparking 560 Souls and 1,033,880 Zeni. But download our Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk and you will get Unlimited Zeni and Unlimited Souls resources on your game account.

About the game

Nowadays we can get a lot of variety in video games. Know that you can get RPG games to straightaway racing games. So anyone can play whatever they like. If you love the former RPG games, then there’s a lot to choose from. These games are also really fun to play. After all, in such RPG games, you will get to play with many other people and get to choose different kinds of teams, etc.

But sometimes RPG games can seem repetitive to many. In such times you might need to look for variety in terms of setting. So, if you are looking for a new RPG game to play then check out DRAGON BALL LEGENDS. It is a great mix of everyone’s favorite dragon ball with RPG. As such it’s double the fun.

If you have grown up watching dragon ball Z and love playing RPG games then you will love this game. So let’s know more about this game. With our DRAGON BALL LEGENDS MOD APK, you will get Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Chrono Crystals.

What is Dragon Ball Legends?

If you want your favorite characters to jump out of your TV and into your device then this is the game that will make you feel it. Know that DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is an action RPG game that comes with amazing animations and 3D visuals. So you don’t have to deal with cheap graphics that feel like you are playing a mid-2000s game.

If you have watched the entirety of Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama then you are a super fan. But know that this game won’t use any previous storylines. There’s a never before seen storyline. That’s not all. There’s a new Saiyan called Shallot which has been designed by the master maker Toriyama himself.

Your job in this game is to join Shallot as well as your favorite Dragon Ball gang to help him get his memory back. Also, of course, you will have to save the world. Know that when we say gang, then we mean that you will be able to play as all of your favorite characters. Of course, there’s a lot more you will be able to do with the game. So here are the best features of the game. You may also be interested in playing Earn to Die 2 MOD.

dragon ball legends mod ios

Game Features

  • Interactive UI

Know that the UI in DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is very interactive and easy on the eyes. You don’t have to face any issues navigating the game. The interface will tell you everything you need to know. There will be appropriate tutorials as well so that you know what you are getting into.

  • Lots of characters

Know that you will get to play with characters like Goku, Tlen, Gohan, Krillin, Gohan, and other such popular characters who have become synonymous with Dragon Ball. If you are wondering if there will be evil villains as well, then don’t worry.

You will get to play with Majin Buy, Frieza, and Cell too. Everyone is here in this one place to make the game more interesting for you. Get Unlimited Chrono Crystals with DRAGON BALL LEGENDS mod apk.

  • One on one

You will be able to enjoy one on one duels with players in DRAGON BALL LEGENDS. As such do note there will no team-based matches. You will be alone in the battleground with your character as you fight for victory. But this will only hype up the game as it’s all on you to go for the win!

  • Rivals

Know that your enemies could be rival DRAGON BALL LEGENDS players who come from all over the globe. But they could also be friends who you can call to enter the game. As such you will be able to play with known people or you can even go for those matches with unknown players.

  • Earn rewards

To earn rewards you will have to go into Rating Matches. Don’t worry, you can use your favorite Dragon Ball character to enter the match. If you win then you will be able to get rewards as well as Rating Points. Know that if you want, you can indeed play some casual matches too.

These are called non-ranking matches and are just fun to play. If you want to destress from the game then such games will help you do that. But note that this doesn’t mean that they are easy matches. Know that you will be battling players who have similar power levels. So the pressure will be on. Download DRAGON BALL LEGENDS MOD apk/ios for Unlimited Coins. Also, take a look at our recently added Super Action Hero: Stick Fight MOD APK/IOS.

  • Card-based attack

You will be able to attack your opponents by making use of card-based attacks. Know that this gameplay will allow you to play and win matches. Do note that you will indeed be able to make use of combo attacks as well. With the help of this, you will get to unleash the power of your character.

dragon ball legends mod apk

  • Trigger Rising Rush

Do note that you will be able to control your DRAGON BALL LEGENDS favorite characters intuitively and that too in 3D. As a result, gameplay will look more realistic and fun. Note that if you full the dragon ball spaces during a battle then you will be able to trigger the Rising Rush powerful attack. Know that Rising Rush is a team-based attack that can demolish the opponent.

  • Voice acting

In DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, the characters do have a voice. So it will note be just dialogues popping up on the screen that you will have to read.

  • Power up 

Know that you will be able to train and power up your characters as they move forward. So gradually you will be able to upgrade powerful characters and ensure that they reach their full power. This will certainly make it more fun to defeat your opponents and climb up the leaderboard.

Overall, this anime RPG game has everything packed in it to make it interesting. It comes with easy card-based gameplay and has intuitive controls as well. So you won’t be bored at all. As such with all the great display animation and fighting scenes, you will get to have fun fighting. This game is a great way to keep yourself entertained.


What to do with Zeni in DB legends?

Zeni is the currency you can use besides the Souls. You can upgrade your characters, strengthen them, and upgrade their equipment also. There are several ways to follow in order to obtain Zeni, by completing some missions. But, with our DB Legends MOD APK, you will get Unlimited Zeni for free.

How do you get dual coins fast?

The fastest way to get Dual Coins is by downloading our Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk. You will get Unlimited Duel Coins so you won’t need to bother gathering the coins by completing the tasks in the game.

How do you get platinum coins in DB legends??

Platinum Coins are the other type of coins you can use in the DB Legends game. Download and Install our DRAGON BALL LEGENDS mod apk for Android and iOS. Click the download button, go to the download page and get it on your phone to avail of Unlimited Platinum Coins to your game account.

How do you get Chrono crystals in Dragon Ball Legends?

You can opt to farm Chrono Crystals or to complete the Events challenges. We suggest you download our Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK as it is free and you will also get Unlimited Chrono Crystals resources.

Can you hack Dragon Ball Legends?

The answer is YES. Although, not every hack works. Our team has developed the DRAGON BALL LEGENDS MOD APK for Android and iOS also. This works like a charm.

Is this DB Legends MOD safe and 100% free?

Yes, our mod .apk file is free and safe to download. No worries. Ads have been removed completely also.


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