Dragon City MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Gems/ Gold/ Food)

MOD Features: Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Gold & Unlimited Food. Unlock All Dragons
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3 March 2023
5.0 and up
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Dragon City MOD Features

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlock All Dragons
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Dragon City Mod file is very easy to install
  • Auto-update
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!


Let’s build our own dragon city with our latest released Dragon City mod apk for Android and iOS. Get to the top with the best city with ease by getting Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Gold, and Unlimited Food resources on your game account.

Moreover, you will be able to unlock all the Dragons in the game by downloading the mod .apk file from our website, totally for free.

Dragon City MOD Apk Information:

dragon city mod
App nameDragon City Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gems
Unlimited Gold
Unlimited Food
Unlock All Dragons
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Unlimited Gems

Dragon City Gems are the premium currency in Dragon City. They can be used to purchase premium items in the game, such as dragons, food, and other items. Dragon City Gems can be earned by completing tasks and achievements, or they can be purchased with real money.

Dragon City Gems are a valuable resource that can help you progress through the game faster. Here are some tips on how to get and use them effectively:

-Complete tasks and achievements to earn Gems.

-Purchase dragons, food, and other items with Gems.

-Save up Gems to purchase premium items later on.

-Use Gems wisely to get the most out of them.

With these tips in mind, download our Dragon City MOD to get unlimited gems. This will help you progress through the game quickly and efficiently. Use them wisely and you’ll be sure to reap the benefits!

Unlimited Gold

Gold is one of the main currencies in Dragon City. It can be used to purchase food, dragons, buildings, and other items in the game. Gold can be earned by completing tasks, winning battles, and selling items. There are also numerous ways to get free gold, such as using promo codes and receiving gifts from friends.

Download our Dragon City MOD APK in order to get Unlimited Gold resources to your game account. Enjoy playing with unlimited resources and never run out of gold.

Unlimited Food

There are four types of food in Dragon City: meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. Each type of food has its own unique properties that will benefit your dragons in different ways.

Meat is a great source of protein for your dragons and will help them grow and develop muscle. Fish is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for your dragons’ skin and coat health. Fruit is a good source of vitamins and minerals, and can help boost your dragons’ immune system. Vegetables are a good source of fiber, which is important for digestive health.

You can get food for your dragons from the Dragon Market, or you can grow your own food in the Dragon Farm. To grow your own food, you will need to buy seeds from the Dragon Market, and then plant them in the soil on your farm. Once the plants have grown, you can harvest the food and feed it to your dragons.

When feeding your dragons, you should always give them a variety of foods so that they can get all the nutrients they need. You can also buy special food formulas from the Dragon Market that will help your dragons grow and develop faster.

Use our Dragon City MOD APK to get unlimited food for free.

Unlock All Dragons

There are many ways to get all dragons in Dragon City MOD, but the most common and easiest way is to use the “Dragons” button at the top of the main game screen. This will take you to a new screen where you can select any dragon you want to add to your collection. You can also buy dragons using real money, but this is not necessary to complete the game.

Another easy way to get dragons is to breed them yourself. To do this, you will need to have two dragons of the same element (e.g. Fire and Water). You can then place them in the Breeding Cave and wait for them to produce an egg. When the egg hatches, you will have a new dragon!

You can get dragons by completing quests. These are usually given to you by the Dragon Master, and involve tasks such as collecting a certain number of items or defeating other dragons in battle. Completing quests is a great way to earn rewards, including dragons!

You can also get dragons by participating in events. These are special occasions that usually last for a limited time, and offer unique rewards. For example, the recent “Hatchathon” event gave players the chance to earn two exclusive dragons: the mythic Siren dragon and the rare Mystic Dragon!

Finally, you can download our Dragon City Mod Apk to unlock all the available dragons for free.

About the Game

Dragon City is an openhanded, social networking game acquired by Social Point. On May 8, 2012, the game was launched for its Facebook users to play, and for iOS users; the download was available in 2013. By August 2013, the prior designated developer had made this game accessible for installing it on the Android Intel Atom tablets.

All you need to do is to rule this dragon game. By collecting and cultivating stacks of some captivating fire-exhaling dragons. You get the opportunity to enlighten them as you want, advance your own group, establish your own city, and let’s show how you can be the topmost Dragon Master in the world.

Get the opportunity to build your own floating islands with a combination of farms, buildings, habitats, dragons, and baby dragons. Here, you can find varieties of dragons which include dragons of Nature, Fire, Legends, Pure dragons, and many more elements.

Focus on expanding your collection to breed individual hybrids.  As you keep on building more and more habitats then you’ll have to pay for more and more gold until you begin splitting out of gems. So, are you ready to cultivate and train tons of appealing fire-breathing dragons?

Dragon City allows you to build your own floating islands which are packed with fields, habitats, houses, structures, and tons of dragons. Here, you can find a variety of charming, amateur baby dragons, which need to be treated well.

Don’t forget to maintain your farms properly so that the dragons can feed and emerge into marvelous and giant monsters to extend your collection. With this get ready for them to battle in the PvP Arenas game.

After that, get ready to make your own alliance, by joining energies with other Dragon Masters in the game to become the strongest among all. The game allows its users to interact with each other in the chatbox to know their team members better before forming an alliance.

After building alliances, you get the facility to compete in different Alliance based events where you can unlock some exclusive rewards. If you are more into classic games, you can try playing Slither.io.

Dragon City mod ios


For all the newbies, it is troublesome to master how to reproduce without any formula. So, here we are to assist you to master the game- Dragon City. Firstly, you need to embellish your dragon through feeding at least till level 4.

Then, you need to establish a fabricating ground which will be known as the Breeding Tree or Breeding Mountain. Then, you can pick your favorite dragon that you want to breed on your grounds.

Be patient as your dragons will demand some time to lay eggs and those eggs will require more time to hatch. The variety of the offspring will be totally dependent on the origins. In addition to it, there would also be some type of fate associated with breeding.

When first the game begins, it is recommended that you begin from generation 1 and then start breeding on some of the extraordinary generations of dragons. While you move forward in this game, then you need to buy enough gold. With plentiful advanced genes, you can easily make more gold.

In the case of a legendary dragon, reproducing the dragon with a factor has a probability to produce an exclusive level of dragons. Therefore, we advise the newbies to not use legend dragons as breeding pairs. It is advisable to always use the correct pairs such that the odds are significantly lower in chance. Get unlimited resources with our Hay Day MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Diamonds).

Also, you can fix any of the dragons in any habitat type. The different habitats concentrate on the different elements that produce different quantities of gold. So, align all your elemental dragons in similar elemental crystals such that you can gain 20 percent more gold than before.

Balance all your elemental dragons with the crystal elements in the best way you can. Keep on building more and more habitats then you’ll have to pay for more and more gold until you begin splitting out of gems.

Game Features

To thoroughly go through your Dragon Book there are more than 1000 remarkable dragons that have to breed and assemble for your own Dragon City to grow. Every week new dragons connect to the game through different events and nearby islands.

There are some cool dragon skins with which you can decorate your favorite dragons and make them ready for special events. Don’t miss out on the real fun by going through Dragon Quests and compete for other Dragon Masters in PvP Arena’s game.

By winning you can collect special kinds of dragons that help in ascending on the leaderboards, and also collect the Warrior’s Chests. Assemble all the dragons to your Dragon city from the mysterious world that lies in the Tree Of Life and learn their magical skills.

Dragon City mod apk

To empower your dragons don’t forget to accumulate the Orbs. With the Orbs the strength of your dragons increases and makes them fit for the battlefield. Unhitch some high-level gaming features like the Guardian Dragon Towers and the Ancient World.

Aim at joining different alliances to fight with the Dragon Masters in the Dragon City mod apk. Also, you can chat with the members of your alliance, trade Orbs to the Trading Hub, share gift events with your alliance, and make your Alliance Chests. Install and then log into the Dragon City mod apk to play wherever and whenever you want in your favorite city of dragons.

Blend the dragons of Nature, Fire, Legends, Pure dragons, and many more elements. Come let’s expand your collection to breed individual hybrids. All the players have to focus on collecting dragons by winning different events in this game.

Dragon City MOD APK is now available for free to download and free to compete for all. Also, you can buy with your real money the in-app items. In the end, if you crave to disable the game then you can switch off the in-app purchases in the settings of your smartphone or tablet.


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