Eternium MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Gold Coins and Gems)

MOD Features: Unlimited Gems & Unlimited Gold Coins
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Download Eternium mod apk for Android and iOS: The Resurgence of Old School RPG. Get Unlimited Money, Unlimited Gems, and Unlimited Rubies resources on your game account.

Eternium MOD App Information:

Eternium mod

App nameEternium
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gems & Unlimited Gold Coins
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Eternium MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Eternium Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

True role-playing games are slowly becoming a thing of the past, with newer forms of RPGs being developed. Although new games in the genre are still enjoyable, they do not satiate true RPG fans. The ability to delve into a fantasy-filled world, full of magic, monsters, intrigue, and loot is something that classical gamers still desire to this day.

Thankfully, Making Fun, Inc. is here to fulfill that void in your life with their exceptional mobile RPG, titled Eternium. Originally, launched in 2014, this old-school roleplaying game has found immense popularity amongst gamers of all ages. Another vital reason for its considerable success is the absence of any pay-to-win systems, which has become a staple for almost all free mobile games today.

Its intuitive controls and loot-based progression systems are directly influenced by other popular video games of the genre, particularly, Diablo. At present, this particular game is sitting at over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. Moreover, it resides at a score of 4.8 stars out of five with more than 2 million reviews from players.

Play Online or Offline

Online multiplayer can be fun and exhilarating at times, but for the most part, true RPG fans like to undertake their adventures alone without any external help or assistance. This is another area where Eternium mod shines.

It allows players to enjoy the complete story by themselves without any need for co-operative or multiplayer. Barring a few online-only features, all other parts of this expansive title offers complete offline play. After downloading the app and the initial updates, you can even turn off your network connectivity and enjoy the gameplay without any interruptions.

Easy to Learn Controls

While most roleplaying games today tend to overcomplicate the control scheme, Eternium mod follows an opposite route in this regard. Players can simply tap the screen to move to a certain location. Similarly, drawing signs and attacking enemies is just as simple with simple gestures.

Apart from significantly reducing hassle for the player, this intuitive control scheme for the game remains true to older point-and-click games that it draws inspiration from.

Getting Started

After Eternium mod installation and app launch, you will need to select the gender of your character in the game. Next, choose the hero class of your created character. Players can choose from three options, namely, Warriors, Mage and Bounty Hunters. Lastly, pick a name for this character or use the auto name feature if you cannot come up with a heroic name. After this initial setup is complete, you are free to delve into the adventures that await you in the world of Eternium mod.

Eternium mod ios

Gameplay and Story

Players can start their gameplay with the impressive campaign mode, divided into three acts. Each of these acts takes place on a different planet. As you proceed through the story, the overarching goal remains the defeat and destruction of your arch-nemesis, Ragadam.

Go from one planet to another, stopping Ragadam’s evil plans, ultimately coming face to face with the villain himself in a historic battle. As the game progresses, players will meet companions who will tag along for the rest of the journey. These ranger, tank, and healer companions are extremely effective in combat, helping take down even the most dangerous enemies.

Apart from this story mode, players can also engage in Trial Mode, once they attain level 10. In this mode, levels and enemies are randomly generated and players need to vanquish all foes to clear the trial.

Inventory management is crucial in Eternium mod since it follows a classical RPG-type inventory system. The player has slots to equip different armors, ranging from trousers, chest armor, capes, helmets or hats, rings and more. Similarly, weapons can be equipped to the character by selecting an acquired weapon and dropping it in the appropriate slot.

Apart from equipping gear, you can also sell items, drop items, stash items and buy items. Both the inventory and stash capacity can be increased with the help of gems.

One of the most crucial aspects of a good roleplaying game is character progression. Eternium is equipped with an excellent leveling up and ability system. Players can spend gold coins, which they acquire from fallen enemies, to unlock new perks and abilities. These abilities are vital when fighting progressively stronger enemies.

After a player reaches level 70, experience points go toward the Champion abilities. These unlimited stat upgrades can significantly increase your character’s power.

Eternium mod apk

In-game currency

While the game does allow players to buy certain items using real-world money, most of these are cosmetic items that players can acquire by simply playing the game as well. Additionally, apart from gold coins, the premium game currency is gems. However, unlike most other current games, players do not need to purchase gems with real money. Instead, these gems are dropped by enemies within the game for the player to collect.

Moreover, there is no energy system in the game to limit the players’ progress. You can play as long as you like without worrying about energy depletion and recharge.


An area where Eternium stands apart from other games of this genre is its crafting system. If you can spare three unnecessary items from your inventory, these items can net interesting and rare weaponry or armor. Players can check what kind of item the three chosen items combined may produce at the crafting screen.

Keep in mind that crafting generally takes a few minutes. However, you can speed up the process or complete it instantly using gems.

Eternium is constantly receiving updates to introduce new content. Additionally, the developers are dedicated to eradicating any bugs or glitches that run the chance of hampering a player’s experience. Keep in mind that the game requires at least Android 4.0 or iOS 9.0 devices to play.

Additionally, players should have a strong Wi-Fi connection when downloading and launching the game for the first time since it involves a data sizable download.


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