Family Guy The Quest for Stuff MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Clams)

MOD Features: Unlimited Clams, Unlimited Coin, Unlimited Moon Idols & Infinite EXP
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Get the sandbox game that gives gamers all the laughs, Family Guy The Quest for Stuff mod apk for Android and iOS. Get Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Clams, Unlimited Moon Idols resources on your game account, and Infinite Experience (EXP, XP).

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff MOD App Information:

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff mod

App nameFamily Guy The Quest for Stuff
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Clams, Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Moon Idols, Infinite EXP
PlatformAndroid, IOS
SizeVaries with device
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Clams
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Moon Idols
  • Infinite EXP
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

As a gamer, you will be asked to collect objects as well as build different things on your quest here. There are heroes as well as villains that you will encounter in the course of this game. One can choose any of their favorite characters from the show and start playing the game, where you get to save the city by being in a hilarious ride of adventure and non-stop activity. Family Guy the Quest for Stuff, gives back to the gamers, an experience that they will never regret having.

Game features

The game is completely free for you to play and carries on at a sweet pace. One also gets the opportunity to build a quahog that fits quite comfortably in the pants. There are lots of fun outfits that you can collect on the course of the game for the different characters, including Mermaid Peter or Rambo Lois. You will be able to cover your town in different decorations of Peter, including petercopter or pterodactyl. Lots of classic animations from the show find their place within this game too. The game here has been made in the same mold as the Simpsons game. The city in both these games requires a certain degree of rebuilding.

Beginning of the game

Being a game based on the popular show, Family Guy The Quest for Stuff mod begins with a scene where Peter Griffin and Ernie are engaged in a fight until deathmatch. However, both of them survive this ordeal bringing about an anti-climax situation. Peter, soon begins to talk to the gamer on the other side of the screen and asks you to do certain things.

He asks you to rebuild the house so that he can find his family. Once this gets over, in comes Chris Griffin and provides you with two new characters for earning more money. On your way through this game, you can earn currency as well as XP.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff mod ios

City building

Like most of the city builder games, here too you can wait for a certain period of time for the different characters to do things for you. Some of the tasks may require the gamer to wait for as long as two hours to get it done. One can also speed up this process by making use of the currency called Clams or simply wait for the task to get over. People mostly end up doing other things while a particular task is in progress. You should try our latest Spongebob Mod Apk.


Other than the main experience bar, each individual character in the game also sports their own XP bar. The XP bar of an individual dictates the kind of job that they are able to perform. The main XP bar usually unlocks new areas and buildings for the gamers. For doing a particular task, one has to tap on a character which in turn opens up a menu having the lust of tasks on the right-hand side and the character on the left. One needs to drag the task above the head of a character in order to make him or she does it. this is really helpful for all those playing Family Guy The Quest for Stuff mod, as one wrong tap may cause you to lose that character for hours at a stretch. The list also tells the gamers what kind of items it will give them.

Items in the game

Different items present in the game are used for unlocking various characters in it. Certain characters will always be looking for a specific number of items for completing their task. This part can also be skipped by using the in-game currency. If one does not wish to spend the currency, then he may have to wait for a few hours, since items get dropped for the characters in a random manner. These items can also be used for unlocking the costumes of the characters, which in turn provides them with more jobs.

In-game humor

There are plenty of humorous takes, strewn regularly through this game. The type of humor is of course adult in nature. However, nothing is excessively adult about this game, meaning the kids can definitely play it. You can visit other towns for getting coins as well as gaining new experiences. This is achieved by tapping on the other residents.

When you are in these towns of Family Guy The Quest for Stuff mod, certain quests open up that you must compulsorily complete. This may include sending out invites to your Facebook friends. The characters are definitely very well written and are updated periodically by the writers. The different characters have a definite voice of their own. You can also visit the different quahogs as a part of the multiverse.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff mod apk

Graphics of the game

The graphics associated with Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Mod is extremely smooth in nature and quite similar to the source. There are many decorations present within the game that are animated in nature and can even end up exploding if you tap on it. The different characters in the game, are not at all restricted to function in a certain environment and can walk around everywhere.

However, walking on the road is easier than the rest. Gamers can also drag buildings around and place them. It is a hit-and-miss kind of situation, meaning it will take a few tries to get things in the right place. This is just a minor blip that will surely be addressed with time.

Enjoyable game

It goes without saying that Family Guy the Quest for Stuff mod, is a thoroughly funny and enjoyable game. Over time, it will definitely grow beyond the nineteen characters and six districts that it currently covers. The developers are also expected to conduct seasonal events within the game, which will make things even more exciting for gamers.

The tapping zone or the hitting zone on the characters as well as buildings need to become a little more accurate though. Overall, this is definitely a game that will leave you in splits, just as the TV show.


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