Football Manager 2023 MOD APK/IOS (Unlock All Items Bundle)
14.0.4 (All)

MOD Features: Unlock All Items Bundle, In-Game Editor, Free Gold Coaching Badge, Sugar Daddy
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Nov 22, 2022
87 MB
14.0.4 (All)
5.0 and up
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Football Manager 2023 MOD Features

  • Unlock All Items Bundle
  • In-Game Editor
  • Free Gold Coaching Badge
  • Sugar Daddy
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Football Manager 2023 Mod file is easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!


A Football Manager app, otherwise known as a “Football Manager 2023 mod”, is software that allows you to create the team which you manage, or the victim of your managerial prowess. These mods allow you to play with tactical setups that are not possible in the original game, as they have control over new members of every club and league in FIFA 2023.

It also gives players ability choices such as starting with Neymar Junior instead of Lionel Messi Jr. It’s up to you to decide whether or not this changes your game entirely!

Football Manager 2023 MOD

What is the Football Manager 2023?

Football Manager 2023 is available on Android and iOS devices. It is a renowned football management simulation game that has been played by millions of people around the world. Developed by Sports Interactive, Football Manager 2023 is an annual installment in the Football Manager series.

The new graphics engine delivers improved graphics, animations, and lighting. This means players can now witness stunning visual representations of their clubs both on and off the pitch.

In order to cater to modern gaming habits, FM2023 introduces multiple customizable shortcuts that allow players to customize their controls to best suit their individual play styles.

As always, there are several other tweaks and improvements that have been made to this year’s edition of Football Manager including:

Real-world clubs are licensed in FM2023, meaning that all official data from the club is included in the game – including squad sizes, training methods, financial budget, etc.

In addition, all transfer dealings between clubs are handled via a streamlined negotiation system that takes into account countless variables such as form, past results, and team chemistry. Players can also build relationships with managers at rival clubs in order to obtain valuable player contracts or transfer targets.

As you progress through the game you will be able to take control of your own club from its humble beginnings right through to European Championship glory!

Football Manager 2023 Mod Apk

What are the reasons for downloading a Football Manager 2023 MOD?

The Football Manager 2023 Mod Apk/iOS is a downloadable file that allows users to modify the game in various ways. The benefits of downloading a mod apk over playing the game as it is released are manifold. Players have greater control over their game, making tweaks and changes that they feel improve their experience.

Additionally, mods can be made available that add content not found in the base game, such as new stadiums, players, or managers. Customization and innovation are two important factors in enjoying a video game, and mods give players a greater degree of autonomy over how they play the game.

In-Game Editor

Football Manager is a popular football management simulation game. The developers provide an in-game editor which allows players to create their own scenarios and teams.

This allows for a large variety of custom content to be created, which can be shared with others online. It can also be used to experiment with different strategies and tactics.

Downloading and Installing the football manager 2023 mod apk

If you’re looking to add some extra content and spice up your football manager game, look no further than the Football Manager 2023 MOD APK for Android and iOS. Available as a free download, this mod gives you access to new character models, stadiums, rule changes, and much more.

In this Mod Guide, we’ll outline everything you need to know about installing it and getting started playing.

To download and install the Football Manager 2023 mod apk, just click the download button below, and select APK or IOS versions..

The app will then open up in a new window and ask if you want to install or update it. Tap on ‘Install’ and follow the prompts – once complete, you’ll be able to launch the mod straight away by tapping on the three-dot icon in the bottom right corner of the main screen.

As well as adding new content and features, FM2023 also includes several bug fixes which should improve your gameplay experience.

Football Manager 2023 Mod iOS

How to use the Football Manager 2023 Mod Apk?

There are a few ways to use the Football Manager 2023 MOD, depending on what you want to achieve. The most popular way is to create a custom save file and play with different teams and tactics over multiple seasons. This is the approach we’ll take in this guide.

How to create a custom save file:

1. Open the Football Manager 2023 mod apk on your Android device.

2. Click on ‘Settings’ in the main menu.

3. Select ‘Profile’.

4. Click on ‘New Save File’.

5. Enter a name for your save file, select a location on your device where it can be stored, and click on ‘Create’.

6. You will now be able to load your custom save into the game by selecting it from the Load Game screen or pressing L+R (or whatever button is assigned to this function) at the start of a new game.

Sugar Daddy: Football Manager 2023 MOD

Sugar Daddy is a brand new mod for Football Manager that introduces a brand new career mode where you can become a Sugar Daddy and control teams of young footballers. You will have to pay your players well in order to keep them happy, win matches, and attract the best players to your team.

There are many different ways to make money in this mode, so whether you are a shrewd businessman or just want to show off your wealth, Sugar Daddy is perfect for you!

Benefits of using a Football Manager 2023 Mod Apk

If you’re a football (soccer) fan and want to take your game to the next level, you’ll want to download a Football Manager 2023 Mod Apk iOS. Mod apks are unofficial applications that add extra features and changes to the games they’re downloaded from. This is because game makers typically don’t give away official updates or mods, but instead leave these responsibilities up to the user base.

In short, using a mod apk can give you access to new modes, changes to the game’s mechanics, and even whole new leagues! There are loads of benefits to downloading one – so why not give it a try? Here are some of the key reasons:

1) More Options and Customization

With a mod apk, you’re able to customize your game in ways that the official release never will. This includes things like changing how teams play, tweaking player stats, and even creating your very own tournaments.

2) Better Game Experience:

A lot of mod apks focus on improving the overall gameplay experience. This means fixes for things like crushing bugs, making training more interactive, and adding new features such as commentary during matches. Basically, this means that if you’re looking for an improved footballing experience then a mod apk is perfect for you!

3) Greater Customizability

Not only do mod apks offer greater customization options but they also allow you far more control over how your team plays than the original game does.

4) Incredible New Modes

Whether you’re a competitive player looking for new challenges or just want to try out something different, mod apks are perfect for you. Some of the most popular include Manager Mode’ and ‘Tournament Mode’.

5) Increased Engagement

One of the main benefits of using a mod apk is that it often encourages players to stay engaged with the game. This is because it provides them with an immense level of customizability, giving them a true sense of control over their games.

Football Manager 2023 Mod Apk iOS

How to Unlock All Items Bundle?

If you’re looking for a football manager mod that provides everything, then you have found it! This bundle unlocks all of the items in the game, including unheard-of club badges and stadiums. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to update your arsenal, this is the mod for you!

To use this bundle, first, make sure you have downloaded and installed Football Manager 2017. Then open up the game and click on the ‘Mods’ button in the main menu. From here, scroll down until you find ‘The Items Bundle’ and click on it. Once it is installed, Launch FM 2017 and start playing!

This mod is unique in that it not only unlocks all items in the game but also includes brand-new badges and stadium layouts that are not currently available elsewhere. If you’re looking for a comprehensive football manager experience with every available option unlocked then look no further!

Free Gold Coaching Badge

In order to get the free football manager coaching badge, you first have to complete a number of challenges. These challenges are available as pre-requirements for the coaching badge and can also be completed in any order.

After you have completed all of the required challenges, an online form will appear that you can complete requesting your coaching badge. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the required items, you can still request your coaching badge without completing all of the challenges.

Once you have requested your coaching badge, it will be sent to your email address. To add this badge to your profile, go to the “Coaching” tab in your management profile and select “Add Badge”. You will then need to copy the code that is presented and paste it into the “Badge Code” field on the “Add Badge” page.


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