Godus MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Gems)

MOD Features: Unlimited Belief & Unlimited Gems
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Dec 21, 2022
5.0 and up
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Godus MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Belief
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Godus Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!


With Godus, you can now craft your own living, breathing world with living, breathing people, and build a civilization and society right from scratch. Be a virtual God with Godus mod apk for Android and iOS.

Get Unlimited Belief and Unlimited Gems resources on your game account. Last day on Earth is also a cool game you should try playing.

Godus MOD App Information:

Godus mod
App nameGodus
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Belief & Unlimited Gems
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

About the game

In Godus mod, you are the all-knowing, awe-inspiring creator of things- God. As a God, you are entitled to the world, and the world is entitled to depend on you. It is your job to make sure that you make the world a place worthy of living in for your followers. You can shape and manipulate the world around you as you please to help your followers prosper.

As you make more progress, you will discover that the life of a God is not all sunshine and rainbows. With the coming of dark seasons and ages, you will also have to prove yourself to your people.

Use your God powers to get your followers to trust you. Choose the right words and suitable actions to get the people to believe in you. The more you help them prosper, the more they trust in you.

With Godus installed on your phone wherever you are, you can play God on the go. You can rule powerfully over your world in a simulation that has the most epic visual and tactile aesthetics.

On Godus mod, a normal player can go on quests to be a God for his followers and guide them through these quests to earn their trust.

Just as God intended for everything to be, even the game and its quests will evolve and progress as you keep playing. Your surroundings and followers will be nurtured based on the way you look after them. With careful determination and calculated choices, you can make the world your own.


The game starts off with you as a player rushing to save the lives of a pair of people- a man and a woman who are drowning. Once you save them, you lead them to a “promised land” where the couple will settle down and build a tent to live in.

This pair will “breed” a worker. And the worker will go on to build his tent. Through this process of breeding, the player will improve the population and go through the world.

In fact, as a God, you will be able to restructure all land levels at will- to your favor. To build and help in different land levels, you- as God, will have to reach and satisfy the different “beliefs” set for you.

After exploring one more world, you will be able to find and repair a ship through some collected resources. You will continue to voyage on the ship to unknown lands, where you can build more houses and help more people.

Once you help people in the game, your “followers” or “worshippers” in the game will rise. As your follower count increases, you will be subject to exciting rewards called cards. These cards will give you more power to expand your rate of followers. This card will also gift your followers with new skills and abilities.

Godus mod ios

However, what drives one to play this game are the followers. These followers will worship and pray to you as a God for your power and abilities. You can use these abilities to offer your help to these people. You can remake the landscape to give them homes. You can create swamps and grow trees to create nature.

Your job as God is to support these people in their lives. You can do this by shaping the lad into plat pieces on which they can build houses. These houses must be conjoined into settlements and civilizations that deal with basic survival activities like farming or building.

All work and no play will keep your followers dull and they will be quick to drop off your list of followers. To keep them engaged, you can unlock new and exciting lands for them to explore and colonize. Get unlimited gems with Earth WARS Retake Earth MOD APK/IOS.

Your resources as a God are limited to the “belief” you get from your followers. These beliefs and prayers are what will get you going whether you’re spending a day in the hot sun, pulling out grass, or fighting off members of a rival tribe who will attack your followers.

The easy secret to playing Godus is to keep up with its rhythm of life. You send followers to build houses, use their beliefs to create more land for more houses, and so forth.

What helps you progress is your access to virtual cards that gift you with powers, and your followers with skills and buildings, and so on. You can use these cards and unlock them through “stickers”.

You can find stickers by uncovering treasure chests or sending off your followers on adventures and voyages. Usually, a treasure chest is indicated on the screen by a sparkle in your surroundings. By unlocking your cards, you can help your followers and earn more belief.


The Voyages are usually level-based activities on which you can send your people. However, this little adventure requires you to use your land-shaping skills to protect your people.

You have to get your followers from one point to another without the inconveniences of swamps and enemies. To do that, you must activate your skills as God and save your people.

In these voyages, you can find instructions that help you uncover new paths to your destination. What you consider to be the fastest route to the goal might not be what your followers agree with. If disagreements occur, even riots can ensue. Thus, you must make careful decisions with their best interests in mind.

Godus mod apk

While on voyages, your followers can find themselves stuck in unlikely regions like mountaintops, etc. While being stuck, they could often come across the recurring thought of their fate is a deed of God. This can turn them against you in unfavorable situations.

Each player is given a piece of land extending to about 100 square kilometers. You may likely come across other players after about a week of playing. You can choose to play offline, and by yourself as a single God with the entire planet under your own rule.

However, if that doesn’t sound appealing to you- you can join the other players and form a band of cooperative Gods that work together to make the world a better place.

Game Features

  • In being God and crafting a unique world of unseen caliber, Godus Mod Apk/iOS offers you various features that take the game off the charts.
  • You can physically design, mine, and create your landscape. You can manipulate the landscape to your liking and preferences.
  • You can look after your followers and earn their belief. You can do this by building their houses, creating their environment, unlocking and discovering new lands for them to enjoy, and so on.
  • Play well and you will be rewarded with devoted and dedicated followers. These followers will worship you. You can watch them fondly as they learn and grow in your simulation.
  • Take care of your civilization through the dark and trying times. Like God, you will be there for people right from the start of time and lead them through ages that become history. You can bestow your knowledge of life and new technology upon them.
  • Being a God requires that your followers witness both ends of your stick. You can be a pleasant God by initiating good weather and pleasant surroundings. However, you can also spread fires and launch meteors at your people. The game requires you to be both at different parts.
  • In Godus, you can go on quests to adventure exotic places and discover the wonders of the planet. You can also send your followers on Voyages so that they enjoy the world as you do.

Playing God can’t be an easy task. With Godus MOD in your pocket, you can experience what it feels like to be the creator of a whole new world. All you have to do is tap and swipe in simple actions to perform the most complicated job of all be God.


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