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Hey, are you looking for a game that needs some kind of brain? You are in the right place; here you will be discussing a brain-teasing game that will keep you stuck into it every minute. The article describes Happy Glass, a brain-teasing game that has been developed for both Android and iOS. If you love to solve a puzzle related to maths and love to think outside of the box then this game is surely for you.

Happy Glass MOD Android IOS

How You Should Go With It

You might have come across various types of game, be it solving a puzzle, sudoku or fighting with arms. But Happy Glass is totally a new concept that you will love to explore. The game has different levels and as your level increases, you have to solve typical problems. Rather you have to scratch your head for hours to get a solution for it. But never mind you will always find a solution to it.

Some Other Benefits of the Happy Glass Android/iOS

Unlike other games, this game is very small in size but the game comes in a good display. The installation will not take much time and the size is small as compared to other types of games you play. So you do not have to worry if you have less storage in your phone, the small game will surely find a place in your phone storage.

The game comes with a lot of features and you can also play it with your friends. When you start the game you can solve each of the problems easily but as time goes and your level increases you will feel the real thrill of the game.

How to Get the Game

If you are android or iOS user it is very simple to download the Happy Glass Android/iOS. For the Android user, you can get the game available in play store. For more information on the game, you can scroll down and look upon the various reviews given about the game.

Upon downloading you have to log in with your Gmail, or Facebook account. Now you are all set to enjoy the jaw-dropping game brain game. Whether you are on a train or in a college, this game will accompany you to the end of your journey and help you to pass your time. You can exercise your brain with this game, the critical image problem might trouble you to find a particular solution for it but at the same time you will get an interest to find the solution. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to solve the problem.

What Is Happy Glas All About?

The game is all about filling the empty glass. You have to draw a line that will fill the glass up with liquid. You will see the glass get impressed when it is filled with water and it will response you with a smile on its face.

Initially, you will be successful in making the glass smile, but later on, as the level goes up you have to exploit your own strengths and use your mind to find a solution to it. It is always recommended to think outside of the box for solving the problems.

Getting a three star is a great achievement in Happy Glass and is challenging too. So when you start the game you will not have to use your brain too much and you can easily fill the glass. What actually matters is getting three stars and it will determine your intelligence if you get it. So never leave the game when you are stuck with a problem, use your brain and think of it thousand times to get a solution to it, challenge yourself to bring the three stars rating before your name and show the world what you are capable of you.

You can check your daily progress by checking your profile every time, the winner of the week is announced each week and that might fascinate you to improve your skill towards the game.

So are you still waiting? Get the game soon and take the first step towards it.

Clarify All Your Queries

It is not possible to understand every rule and every part of the game. Who will you ask, your friends? Do not worry, you can easily mail the team who developed the game and ask your queries. They will definitely find a solution for you.

Whether you have problems with downloading the game or with the version or with the installation they will guide you to avail the best service. So if you have any doubts about the game which might stop you to experience the mouth-watering game, then feel free to contact the team.

What Are The Features Happy Glass Game?

  1. The game is blessed with many features
  2. The dynamic mechanism, allows you to draw a line over the glass with great ease and complete
  3. Simple and fun puzzles but it will not be easy for you to crack it
  4. The game comes with a lot of levels and you will get regular updates which will add more levels to your game
  5. The fun and relaxing theme of the game will never keep your mind out of the game for once

Happy Glass MOD Features

Using our mod you can get almost unlimited coins on your game account. You can easily increase your level with our Mod. You don’t have to root or jailbreak your device in order for the mod to work. It is very easy to install and to use. It’s 100% safe with regular updates.

What’s New In the Game

The Happy Glass upon getting regular updates now comes with 40 levels. The update has seen a lot of variation in the game like changes in the water, glass, and pen has been observed. Initially, there were complaints that the game experiencing some bugs, with the last update all such issues have been fixed and the player mow experiences a smooth gameplay of the game.

Install the Happy Glass and update to enjoy more levels of the game. The beautiful theme of the game will definitely melt your hearts and will force you to stay in the game for a longer time. So do not waste your time just enjoy and conquer the small brain teaser game with your creativity

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