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MOD Features: Unlimited Cash & Unlimited Diamonds
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Be the leader of a mile-high industry with our Hempire mod apk for Android and iOS. Get Unlimited Cash money and Unlimited Diamonds resources on your game account.

Hempire MOD App Information:

Hempire mod

App nameHempire
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds & Unlimited Cash
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Hempire MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Hempire Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the Game

All you need is a strong enough network connection and you’re good to go!

Hempire is a spectacular pot-growing game that isn’t just limited to weed. No, Hempire requires you to go through the motions- harvest your plants, breed unique strains, make friends, and expand your small plot of weed into a raging empire and emerge a legend! In Hempire, you can play with your favorite and iconic characters to build and run a legacy of marijuana and become leave an empire of pot in your wake.

Through the game, you can meet and make friends with more stoners and brag to your friends about your hash. Can’t grow weed in your backyard? No worries, the Hempire mod gives you a full-blown experience of what it’s like to grow weed and make a living out of it- all in your phone!

Hempire was a game launched by British Columbia LBC Studios Inc. last 4/20 in honor of- well, weed. Hempire, or should I say- the best Weed growing game out there lets you live out your dream of growing marijuana among a community of stoners.

Hempire is more than just a game. You can live out your whole life as a weed manufacturer in the game. This means that you have to deal with challenges like rival manufacturers, cops, irresponsible workers. Nope, this isn’t just a good trip; it’s all right here, on your phone. You can play this completely sober, or spice it up with a joint- it doesn’t matter; you get a riveting experience anyways. Fight your foes and make friends to help you expand your cannabis empire into a worldwide phenomenon. Have iconic characters aid you on this journey. From bud to bud, you’ll never get tired of it.

Hempire mod doesn’t care for your age or the legality of weed in where you live. Hempire mod cares for your enjoyment and lets you virtually experience how the largest marijuana empire functions. The game itself starts with a loading bar that says “Rolling a joint…”, to spark up your nerves. Moreover, the game is supported by a quote from the ever beloved Snoop Dogg himself.

Hempire mod ios

You move on from the loading bar to become a growing machine. Who thought watering the soil and growing plants could be so much fun! You can also sell and deliver weed to your customers as per their preferences. As your empire grows and you are exposed to several buyers, you learn the management of goods and time along the way as you strive to deliver excellent material to your customers as they ask you. You can sell your wares throughout the city. If you like building cities games, Township is a great option you should try.

Moreover, the game also helps you learn a thing or two. After planting a strain, you can access small descriptions from the strain information card which can be quite educational. This card usually talks about the practical uses of strain in everyday life and can be applied to IRL.

In Hempire mod, you can go through the entire process of growing weed, selling it, making connections and partnerships, buying more strains, and so on as you increase your worth and influence as a Pot Casanova.  You can also compete against real-time players, and fight corruption as you make your way to the top of the cannabis food chain. The game is available on both IOS as well as Android.


The game begins with your dear Uncle Danny asking you to help him with his cannabis business. You start growing weed for him in a little shack in your small town and start selling to interested customers by overthrowing your competition. As you go higher, the competition gets tougher. To beat the other sellers, you have to grow really good weed. You can use the genetics lab in the game to experiment with different strains and combine them into something greater. Use your weed growing business along with your granny’s unrivaled baking skills to sell pot cookies and brownies to your customers.

The point of this game is to face real-time difficulties that actual weed entrepreneurs face as everyday challenges in their lives and see if you can pull it off. You can use your supply of cannabis and earn crowd support by donating resources to the city, changing the political scenario, and improving their surroundings. In fact, throughout the game, you are exposed to real brand Cannabis products that are used by manufacturers. Crop King Seeds, General Hydroponics, etc, are the most common names you’ll hear. All the nutrients, equipment, and work are all based on real-life processes.

You can also make your fertilizers; control the temperatures of your surroundings to create the best weed. Try our new Bid Wars Stars MOD.

What good is a marijuana game if it isn’t even a little bit mischievous and illegal? Let yourself get excited for pulling off some not-by-the-law ploys that could get you in trouble. Watch as your character sparks off the game itself by bribing the town mayor with illegally grown marijuana for a grower’s license.

Hempire mod apk

On the plus side, you can familiarize yourself with strains and the cultivation process and apply this to your everyday life too- in case you decide you want to grow actual weed. The game also brings in a scarily real retail aspect from which you can learn the ins and outs of the industry that gets you to sell the best.

With colorful characters and other online friends, you can impact your city and grow your empire through healthy competition and cooperation. On a deeper level, this game brings out the shushed benefits of a real-time legal marijuana industry in the world.

Game Features

  • In Hempire mod, your potential for growing weed is limitless. You can grow a large and versatile mount of it.
  • You can grow famous cannabis strains, including classics like Northern Lights or Chemdawg.
  • You can use the lab to breed and generate fresh strains that can become an instant hit. This way, you can grow your rep as a weed manufacturer.
  • Mix your marijuana extracts with snacks like cookies and brownies to heighten the experience and draw in more customers.
  • As your business grows, reward yourself by adding lights and new equipment to your lands and labs for better results.
  • Make and complete deals with game characters to access exciting new features and material.
  • Sell your product in the dispensary and get huge returns.
  • Develop your city by investing your money in it. Show the world that the marijuana industry can be generous despite the taboo surrounding it.
  • Compete against other players in “The Hempire Cup” to win trophies and high-quality strains to produce the best results.

Thus, with Hempire, you can invest one bud into becoming a billion-dollar enterprise that serves high and low. Satisfy the needs of millions of people across the world by growing the best weed and becoming the largest seller in the market. Experience the life of your regular weed manufacturer through Hempire.


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