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22 May 2023
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MOD APK iOS Features

  • Unlock Premium
  • Remove Ads
  • No need to root/jailbreak your device


Hole House is a simulation game that allows you to play the role of a human pleasure business savior. You are tasked with reviving the business by recruiting new girls, by whatever means necessary, to cater to the needs of customers, and bring back the glory days of the business. 

However, due to limited resources on the official app, achieving your objectives is quite difficult. Thus, the Hole House Mod APK iOS is a better solution.

With its remarkable capabilities, Hole House Mod Apk/iOS offers users the ability to unlock premium content and eliminate ads, providing a seamless and immersive entertainment experience. It allows you to enjoy the game better, and attain goals set by your bosses, with the unlimited resources it gives you.

This piece will delve into the features and benefits of Hole House Mod APK over the official Hole House app, and explore why it is a compelling choice for users seeking a superior entertainment experience. You’ll also get a guide on how to download the game.

App Name Hole House MOD
Latest Version 0.1.43
Platform Android, iOS
Requirement 5.0 and up
Root/Jailbreak Required? No
MOD Features Unlock Premium, No Ads

What is Hole House Mod APK/iOS?

Hole House Mod APK is a modified version of the popular entertainment application, Hole House, that allows users to play as a character with the aim of reviving a collapsing human pleasure business. 

It is a version of the game that is suitable for Android devices and offers users additional functionalities, unlocks premium content, and removes advertisements that would typically interrupt their gaming experience.

By bypassing restrictions and offering an ad-free environment, Hole House Mod APK empowers users to access the full potential of their character or achieve their objectives. 

Hole House Mod Apk iOS also ensures that you have all the tools needed to make your house ready for an improved appearance, an important criterion in determining if your business will thrive.

Hole House MOD

Features of Hole House Mod APK IOS

Hole House Mod APK offers several features that make it an enticing option for users seeking an enhanced adult entertainment experience. They include:

Date with Girls

As you’re responsible for revamping a collapsing brothel business, you need workers to satisfy your customers. One of the many ways you can get workers is by enticing girls to join your brothel by dating them. The more fun and assuring you are to the girls, the higher your chances of landing them as workers for your brothel.

Some of the features that will help you have successful dates with these girls include alcoholic beverages and other fun activities at the rooftop bar of selected venues. You can also take them shopping to convince them there’s money in the business.

Setting customization

With Hole House Mod Apk iOS, users gain access to premium features that are typically locked behind a paywall. With the premium features you get for free, you can customize different settings to tastes that you believe will help you to convince girls to accept your proposal of becoming brothel workers.

Setting customization will help you to advance your position with girls that are difficult to convince. You can choose to make an otherwise public place restricted to use for only you and your prospective working girl.

Hole House Mod

Remove Ads

Ads can disrupt the flow of entertainment and diminish your overall gaming experience. However, you can use the ads-off feature to disable ads while you play your role in the game.

Your Hole House MOD APK IOS may come with an auto ads-off feature that allows you to experience seamless gameplay. You don’t have to wait for ads to finish before you can continue your game. 

Offline Gameplay

Playing games with your mates is cool, but sometimes you need to be immersed in the gameplay all by yourself. With the role you’ll be playing in Hole House, you need to strategize and concentrate to avoid making the wrong moves, which is why you can play the game offline.

You can customize settings as you wish and save your progress without using the internet. It also offers you some convenience as you can continue your game even when there’s no internet connection.

HD Gaming Graphics

The quality of a game’s graphics affects how well players enjoy it. With the immense size of the Hole House Mod Apk iOS, you can expect that the graphics are crispy and clear and allows you to see details that may influence the success of your objectives.

You don’t have to squint to see details, and you can easily see how good the appearance of your prospects is and how they can affect your business.

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Hole House Mod iOS

Why choose Hole House Mod APK?

There are several compelling reasons why users should opt for Hole House Mod APK, and they include:

Unlock Premium

Getting access to otherwise premium features for free on Hole House Mod Apk/iOS is one of the major benefits of adopting it. You can easily get tools to customize venues that help you get closer to achieving your goals without any cost.

You can also gain access to characters with better abilities, charm, and appearances that will aid your mission.

Ad-Free Gaming Experience

Removing ads from the equation allows you to immerse yourself in your favorite role-play game fully. You can experience your characters’ success and failure fully without any interruption from ads.

The Convenience of Offline Gaming

Hole House Mod APK’s offline gaming feature enables users to continue their saved gameplay from where they stopped, even without internet access. It allows you to play the game anywhere and anytime you feel like it.

Hole House Mod Apk iOS

How to Download and Install Hole House Mod APK

Hole House Mod APK is relatively large and requires adequate storage space on your device. To download the game, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that you have over 60 MB of device storage space.
  • Click on the download direction given above.
  • Wait for the APK file to download.
  • Once the download is complete, allow installation through your device’s settings.
  • Install and enjoy the game.


You can get Hole House to play for free without purchasing tools and attire. However, you'll have to download the Hole House Mod APK to achieve this.

No, you can't get Hole House without downloading the app or APK file. Although the file may be large, you'll be able to play it offline and with more convenience if you opt for the mod APK version of Hole House.

Download MOD APK/iOS

Enjoying a roleplaying game like Hole House requires some experience and resources. However, Hole House Mod APK iOS offers an experience of the game for free. You can download this modified Android and Chrome OS version of the game on this website.


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