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MOD Features: Unlimited Gold Coins (Cash) & Unlimited Gems. Unlock All Buildings
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If you are a gamer with a flair for creating new things, then Hype City Idle Tycoon will appeal greatly to you. One might have always wondered what kind of city, he or she could build, after being given certain resources. You do not need to worry about such things anymore.

This is because, in this game, you can be a famous architect from the word go. You need to build as well as upgrade the city you have created, on a regular basis. If a gamer has accumulated enough cash, then that person can also move on to the next city and explore different parts of it.

Make your dream of building a whole city, come true with our newly developed Hype City mod for Android and iOS. You will get Unlimited Gold Coins and Unlimited Gems resources on your game account. Also, besides that, you will be able to unlock all the buildings from the game.

Hype City MOD App Information:

App nameHype City Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold Coins & Unlimited Gems. Unlock All Buildings
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Simulator game

The city building game is available completely free for you. As a gamer, a person can develop into the ultimate architect with the help of this game. There are many types of buildings that can be built by making use of different available resources in this game.

Each of the buildings therefore also has some unique characteristics. The manner in which you make use of your resources determine how good the city will ultimately develop. People, therefore, need to invest quite carefully in different cities.

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Hype City mod

Hype City MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Gold Coins (Cash)
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlock All Buildings
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Hype City Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

Creating a balanced world

As an architect in this game, one has the complete freedom to create as he or she wishes to. For example, a person can create a city where there are only hotels. One can also go ahead and create a city where a fair balance between the numbers of buildings exist. In Hype City mod, one can build hotels, houses, restaurants, and other such regular buildings.

One needs to understand that he or she may end up creating a very rich city, or one where people can have a lot of fun. You will be earning money for upgrading the city regularly and soon enough to develop your own style of playing and creating cities. The cities that you create will, therefore, bear your distinct style and signature of creation.

Various features in the game

One can start to build the city, right from scratch here. Different types of new buildings will be unlocked, after the completion of various puzzles. Play our new Megapolis Mod with Unlimited Coins.

You have the freedom of choosing your constructions as well as various updates that you plan to install on existing buildings. After you play this game for some time, you will soon realize that there is a kind of uniqueness about each building that you create here.

Hype City mod ios

Tension-free playing

Hype City Idle Tycoon mod, as the name of the game goes, will allow you to make profits even when you are not playing the game. Thus one earns profits while being idle in this world. The profits get collected into your purse in an automatic manner.

The city managers that you can hire, are extremely smart in nature and can really help gamers with their quests. Al the new cities that you unlock on the course of this game will have their own unique style. One simply needs to earn lots of cash and unlock various interesting items in the game. One has the opportunity to become the richest and very creative architect in this gaming world.

Expand your city

You can build an entire city now in a really fast manner. The different kinds of complex constructions that one can undertake in this game, is simply mind-blowing.

This is a classical builder game where you have the clicker as well as a simulator approach to the gameplay. By building normal houses, one is able to expand the territory to a large extent. The entire fate of a city, in fact, several ones rest in your hands.

Building on the dreams

A player needs to manage the building of the city as well as the idle profit being generated on the course of the game. There is a complete empire that one is able to create as one goes deeper into the Hype City mod apk.

There are houses, banks and even factories for you to build here. The houses are constructed for different citizens. Factories will definitely generate more income for the gamers.

Hype City mod apk

There are many unique towns that players can create here. One always needs to make smart decisions to keep the citizens happy, as well as to keep growing the business. This simulation game is extremely addictive in nature. A person needs to make use of the best strategy to keep the city growing.

A lot of entertainment

The concept of building cities is easy to grasp.  There are lots of beautiful towns to create after making a few clicks. The gameplay is in a way intuitive in nature. The different tasks given to the players are challenging in nature. There are many rewards and achievements to rake in here. The idle cash that keeps accumulating without any effort from the gamer’s side, is quite pleasing for some people.

The journey of being an ordinary architect to one of the leading ones in the gaming world is really an achievement in itself, savored by many.

Keep on building

The premise of this game is really simple and hence appeals to a wide variety of gamers. Resources help you in construction and these constructions also, in turn, produce more resources for the gamers. People often have to start off in Hype City mod, with shacks and develop them into the Town Hall or complex apartments. There are lots of blueprints available for you to work on, from factories to supermarkets or even gas stations.

Grow in experience

Each of these buildings requires you to spend considerable resources on completing the construction. As a player, you will be gaining experience slowly but surely. The currency generated by a building goes into the account of the player. It is up to the player to now decide the way in which the resource is to be spent. Also, you may want to play our new World Chef Mod Apk.

Improving the stats of any of the constructions in the Hype City mod will make it generate more resources. Therefore, gamers need to keep upgrading the buildings, whenever they get a chance.


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