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Do you love ice cream and want to play a game that revolves around it? Then you should learn about Ice Scream Episode 2. It is a very interesting game that has got extremely shaded characters. Go through this article thoroughly as it contains valuable information about the game. Play this game using our newly released Ice Scream Episode 2 mod apk for Android and iOS. You will get immortality mode.

Ice Scream Episode 2 MOD App Information:

Ice Scream Episode 2 mod

App nameIce Scream Episode 2 Mod
Mod FeaturesImmortality Mode
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Ice Scream Episode 2 MOD Features:

  • Immortality Mode
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Ice Scream Episode 2 Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

A brief description of the game

Everyone loves having ice-creams and thus the person selling them also becomes a favorite one. But in this game, the ice-cream seller is the real villain who has kidnapped and frozen a small child in his van. The player will have to play the game with the sole intention of saving the child from the control of the bad ice cream seller.

The game unfolds with an ice-cream seller coming to the neighborhood for selling tasty ice creams. All the children, as usual, could not resist buying one and they ran to the ice cream van. The ice-cream seller was however evil-minded and taking the chance of the innocence of a child he has kidnapped him. This whole episode happened in a quiet manner and only two people could register it. One between them is a neighbor named Lis and the other is the player himself.

In this game, Ice Scream Episode 2 mod, the small child who is kidnapped, happens to be the player’s friend. He has been trapped in the van and frozen completely by the seller who used some of his superpowers for doing so. The van has been taken to an unknown location and the small kid has been traveling along with it.

The player suddenly finds his friend to be missing and then he decides to search for him. There can be more such kids who must have been kidnapped and trapped by the ice-cream seller. The player needs to find all of them out and rescue them.

Ice Scream Episode 2 mod ios

The seller is named Rod and he is a scary one but camouflages his real self with a different mask. He pretends to be very friendly to the kids and wins their hearts with his clever tactics. The ice cream seller has got a lot of evil things in his mind and the player will have to unmask him. He also needs to find out the exact location where he has hidden the small kids for getting them out of his trap.

There is only one known fact in the game Ice Scream Episode 2 mod and it is the ice-cream seller takes the children along with him to the van. But the children disappear after that and no one knows where to find them from. To find out the children cleverly, the player needs to apply the correct trick. He will have to hide inside the van and see what happens within it.

The player will have to showcase his skills and solve the mystery of the van properly to reach out to the kids. While doing this, the player will have to face a lot of unfavorable situations and solve numerous puzzles. If he manages to get them done correctly then all the frozen children will get rescued from the trap of the evil ice-cream seller.

This game may seem an easy one but there are many shades in it. The player will have to be careful before taking any step as the lives of all the trapped children are at stake. He will be monitored and watched thoroughly by the ice-cream seller and that is why he needs to be extra cautious. There is no scope of taking a wrong step in the game Ice Scream Episode 2 mod or else everything shall end for the player.

Features of the game

  • The game revolves around an ice-cream seller who has got evil plans on his mind
  • He traps small kids who come to him for buying ice creams
  • The player will have to solve the mystery of the ice cream van and rescue the small kids who have been kidnapped and frozen by the seller in his van
  • This ice-cream seller is named Rod and he keeps complete track of the player

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Ice Scream Episode 2 mod apk

  • The seller will monitor the movements of the player but the latter can hide him using several tricks
  • There are many scenarios that the player will get to experience after getting into the ice cream van
  • He will have to travel from one scene to another and resolve all the mysteries for winning the game
  • The player will get to discover many secrets that lie within the ice cream van
  • He will have to solve all the puzzles that are served to him in the game Ice Scream Episode 2 mod
  • On solving these puzzles, the player will get to rescue his neighbor cum friend who has been kidnapped and frozen by the ice cream seller
  • There are three modes in the game, namely, Normal mode, Ghost mode, and Hard mode
  • The difficulty quotient of the game shall increase with the levels and the player will have to face different sets of challenges in them
  • This game is all about horror scenes and blood everywhere and the player will have to deal with them throughout
  • All the features of this game are meant for all types of players and they shall add to the excitement level to a great extent
  • There is a complete balance of three elements in the game and they are fun, horror, and fantasy

All about the fantastic gameplay

The game Ice Scream Episode 2 has got several interesting features that make it a favorite of the players. It has been designed with mind-blowing graphics that attract the eyes of the player. The sound quality is top-notch and one can get a better experience of playing with headphones on. There are easy controls that are effortless to handle and make the game smoother.

Ice Scream Episode 2 is available for free on the play store and has been downloaded by millions of game lovers across the globe. If you also want to experience a high dose of horror and fun combined together then download the game at the earliest.


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