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Enlighten yourself with useful information about the game Johnny Trigger mod apk for Android and iOS. Get Unlimited Money resources on your game account.

Johnny Trigger MOD App Information:

Johnny Trigger mod

App nameJohnny Trigger Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

This game is one of the latest additions to the Android and iOS play stores. Here the player will have to shoot his enemies just by tapping on the screen. There are many levels in the game and the player will have to fight his enemies for completing each one of them. He will get upgraded to the next level on completion of the previous one and there will be more challenges awaiting him.

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Johnny Trigger MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Johnny Trigger Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the Game

Are you an action game buff? Have you ever played the very interesting game Johnny Trigger? If not yet then you should surely download it and start enjoying its exciting features. But before playing the game you need to learn all the important details about it and this article will help you completely in the process. Go through each point mentioned below and you will get an insight into the game.

The character played by the player in the game Johnny Trigger mod shall carry on with his spin moves. He shall only take his shot as the laser passes through. There are many hostages captivated in this game and the player will have to set them free. He can also blow up various implemented structures that will cause a higher amount of damage to the sites of the enemies.

The player can buy him new outfits and there are numerous options to choose from. He can also get new weapons for fighting the enemies and buy several other objects as the game proceeds. To win the game, the player will have to apply the correct tricks and use proper tactics for defeating the enemies effortlessly.

One can play the game very easily as he need not be highly skilled with his shooting aim. The player will have to aim and shoot his enemies without being 100 percent accurate with his tip. He will just have to point the gun at his enemies who pass by and press the trigger on time. If he misses by at any one of them then there are risks posed at his life.

Johnny Trigger mod ios

The enemies are scary and they can take revenge against the player by killing him and this will end the game for the player. He will have to start playing the game Johnny Trigger mod afresh from the very first level. This is surely annoying and thus it is advisable for the player to hit the enemies as soon as he sees them.

There are many explosive objects present in the site of the enemy and they can prove extremely helpful for the player. These objects are TNT boxes, gasoline drums, and several others that are mostly in the color red. The player can aim at them and shoot them which will lead to a very huge explosion. This will kill all the enemies who were hiding around these explosive objects and thus the player will be able to save the bullets of his gun.

The explosives are powerful enough to blow up anything that is in close proximity. But if an enemy is a bit far away from the explosive then chances are less that he might be killed by the explosion. This is why the player should be careful that each and every enemy is dead and should not be just assured of a major explosion. If there is anyone alive even after the explosion then the player should make sure to kill him manually with his gun.

In the game Johnny Trigger mod, the player will have to face a boss after going forward with every 5 levels. He will have to shoot this boss every time he encounters him as that will bring down his health completely. Once the health of the boss is drained completely then he will become inactive and will not be able to shoot the player back.

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Johnny Trigger mod apk

If the player by any chance misses a single shot against the boss then he will have to face his tyranny. Thus he needs to be cautious while playing and tap the screen as soon as the laser passes over the boss.

There are several chances for winning a lot of cash in this game and that is by killing the enemies. If the player can manage to hit the enemy on his head then he will be able to earn a huge amount instantly. He can use this money for buying various kinds of guns. There are stores for buying powerful guns and the player will be able to locate them as he passes by each level.


  • The game Johnny Trigger mod is a complete action game where the player will have to hit his enemies by taping at them
  • There is a laser that shall pass over the enemies and the player will have to tap at the correct position for taking his enemies down
  • The player need not be extremely accurate with his aiming skills as the laser passing over the enemy has got a good amount of range
  • He cannot afford to miss out a single shot against the enemies or else they shall fight back
  • There are explosives present in various locations and on shooting them there will be a huge explosion that will kill all the enemies hiding nearby
  • The player will have to face a boss in every five levels and he needs to drain his energy by shooting him repeatedly
  • There are excellent chances for earning cash on hitting enemies and a headshot can earn the maximum
  • The player can buy guns with the cash and win outfits as a bonus

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Interesting gameplay

The game Johnny Trigger has got very interesting gameplay which is quite unique from the rest in its genre. Here, a player will be able to kill his enemies by tapping on the screen. The quality of graphics is very high and gives a completely real feeling of the whole scene. One can play this game easily with its user-friendly controls and that makes it extremely popular amongst gamers worldwide.

Therefore, you should download Johnny Trigger without wasting any minute and start enjoying its superb features.


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