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MOD Features: Unlimited JC & Unlimited Gems
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The human’s dream of being able to fly like a bird was realized when planes and helicopters were invented. But there is still a desire of flying without any mechanical support that is present somewhere in the mind of the human race. Although our physicality hindered us from being able to take strides midair like birds there are some pretty cool games to help us with that. Now fly like a bird and be a winner with our newly developed Kick-Flight mod apk for Android and iOS.

Kick-Flight MOD App Information:

Kick-Flight mod

App nameKick-Flight Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited JC & Unlimited Gems
PlatformAndroid, IOS
SizeVaries with device
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Kick-Flight MOD Features:

  • Unlimited JC
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Kick-Flight Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

Kick-Flight is one such game that provides a unique experience like never before. Now you can fly anywhere and indulge in mind-boggling actions anytime, anywhere, virtually though. The game caters to the audience with its interactive gameplay and mechanisms. The name itself suggests exactly what are the main components of this game – ‘Kick’ and ‘Flight’, a perfect recipe for a superhit game. So read this article till the end to know more about this awesome game with a lot of cool features.

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The game is developed by the Japanese game developer Grenge.Inc and is another superb addition to their cavalry. The game is an anime-styled 360-degree mid-air action game. The game spawns the players or a squad in the middle of a confined area as they fight among themselves to win the match. Just by the visual quality, the game looks like a thousand bucks and is sure to provide a kind of premium feel to the users.

The different arenas showcased in Kick-Flight are in the form of hi-tech stadiums or ancient ruins and Japanese temples. The game can be played in a 4vs4 squad matches with a time limit of 3 minutes. Defeating or outmatching the opponents is the main goal and the user must very strategically outsmart his or her opponents to be declared a winner.  Although the maps provided are small and confined, a player’s imagination is not restricted because of this.

The 3D game provides one of its kind experiences to the users. With a variety of different characters and modes available and waiting to be explored, individual players must find their own style of battle to be a champion. The different characters are created in such that each and every one of them possesses unique skillsets and powers thus providing a gamer with a wide array of choices.

Kick-Flight mod ios


Kick-Flight is a game that justifies the hard work and time invested behind such an endeavor. With highly anime-inspired character and environment designs, this game is sure to be one of the favorite games of anime lovers. The graphics look ultra-cool and scores high marks in all aspects like color production or movement designs. Even the music and sound incorporated with this game is one to be cherished.

The game pits the user and his squad of four members against another 4-member squad, thus creating the prospect for a real epic 4vs4 showdown. The squads are thrown into a small confined arena where they must fight each other while flying in the air and collecting floating crystals. The squads are marked by blue and red colors with the user given the blue aura.

Kick-Flight is designed beautifully with the in-game screen displaying important objects, statistics, and also at the same time providing enough space for a user to enjoy a completely immersive experience. The timer for each game and the map of the arena is placed at the top center of the display. The teams along with the health bars of each of the members and thumbnails of their avatars are aligned vertically in the top left and right section of the screen.

A player can switch between the characters of his or her squad flawlessly through the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen that displays the four characters being used. Collecting gems grants points to the squads and the side with the maximum points at the end of 3minutes is declared the winner. You can also play our new Modern Strike Online Mod with unlimited credits.

The developers score full marks in the sound designing section as well. The game contains excellent background music that perfectly fits the temperament of the mood of the game. Each and every character of the game is been given unique voices. The various sounds associated with flight, booster, and attacks are very impressive. The dynamic visuals graphics and unique sound mechanisms guarantee maximum enjoyment to the users.

Kick-Flight mod apk


The game can boast of many unique and awesome features that may provide a pivotal point for Kick-Flight’s success. Some interesting features are

  • The game itself with a 360-degree 3-dimensional flying experience is one of the biggest plus points for downloading the game. A player can showcase multiple acrobatic movements while aerial combats.
  • The game contains a wide variety of characters, with each of them being very strong on their own rights. The characters range from kids, teenagers, grownups, and even animals and robotic creatures. With such an amazing range of characters, the game also provides multiple awesome attacks and special skills to these characters that can be fully exploited by a gamer to win matches.
  • The matches in the game are short and crisp and can be played within 3minutes, thus can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. The game also provides various modes to the users that can be enjoyed through 4vs4 matches.
  • The players must find their individual techniques and fighting capabilities to reach the top spot and be a master of the game. As a gamer plays the game for a long period, his or her skills are sure to get refined and more polished.
  • People who got a liking for animes and mangas are sure to like this game owing to its Japanese roots and a very elaborate anime-styled mechanics. The game provides beautiful graphics experience to the users along with immersive sound systems.

Kick-Flight mod thus can be touted as a perfect game for people who do not want to miss out on the fun of flying as well as competing for dominance. The game has all the qualities of a great past time game and is sure to set an example for future games. The uniqueness of the concept of the game is what makes it worthwhile for a user’s time.

Kick-Flight is now available in the Playstore for pre-registering and will soon be made available. So hurry up and check it so that you don’t miss out on the fun of an action-filled flying game.


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