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Mod Features: Unlimited Gold & Unlimited Crystals, Unlimited Cheer Tickets & Chips. Free Crafting Cards and Tower Store. Unlock Everything
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Once again the experience of gamers is going to be filled with utmost excitement and fun. Sega corporation, the renowned game developers have once again launched a crisp new mobile game named League of Wonderland.

Enjoy playing the game with our new League of Wonderland mod apk for Android and iOS. You will get unlimited Gold and Crystals on your game account. Also, Unlimited Cheer tickets and Cheer chips. Moreover, you will get free Crafting cards, Tower store, and unlock everything in the game. Read more in this article.

League of Wonderland MOD App Information:

League of Wonderland mod ios

App nameLeague of Wonderland Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold & Unlimited Crystals, Unlimited Cheer Tickets & Chips. Free Crafting Cards and Tower Store. Unlock Everything
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

League of Wonderland MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Gold & Crystals
  • Unlimited Cheer tickets & Cheer chips
  • Free Crafting cards & Tower store
  • Unlock Everything
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • League of Wonderland Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

This mobile game is available for iOS as well as Android users. It is another part of the Wonderland of Wars series and is conducting an open beta test in some particular countries so that they can get ready for its lovers.

League of Wonderland is set advanced in the virtual reality of understood fantasies such as fairy tales, recorded and legendary character play is engaging against one another for battling. All these characters with their original stories are going to create rivalry and perform battles against each other for your entertainment.

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League of Wonderland will engage the players who will utilize a deck of 8 cards, formerly with their unique qualities and shortcomings.

The victory of the game will be assigned to that player who pulverized their rival’s tower within 2 minutes. Whether it is about assaulting, shielding or punishing their units to win this game is to think as quickly as possible and make quick decisions.

2 minutes of quick-paced one-on-one vital fights

With the help of quick decision-making and calculated moves, you are going to experience two-minute fights. The basic principle to follow in this game is — the primary player shall win against two out of three of the rival’s towers for making your place to the next level.

There are followers named Minions, and common towers, tricks in the map, and an assortment of extraordinary components that will make another style of ongoing processor gaming.

League Of Wonderland mod

Game Features

This real-time strategy game contains various characteristics and features which will enrich your gaming experience.

  • You can be a playing spectator

While utilizing the viewer’s slot to watch different players’ continuous fight and you can invest in the champion in the battle to win in-game prizes.

  • Your “draw shots” will attract your triumph

Draw shorts are the abilities that are enacted by drawing on your console in the battle. Impacts fluctuate from puncturing and reason assaults to your opponent. The utilization of these draw shorts relies upon you. It is all your decision to use it as per the need.

  • Perfect use of draw shot

In the league of Wonderland game, the perfect use of draw short can be used by being a beholder of a greater winning chance. The player can abstract your adversaries draw shot by striking your draw short first.

A detailed description of the game

This game has a variety of components to play with, here this article can help you if you are playing League of Wonderland for the first time.

  • Pack of cards or deck

The pack contains 8 cards and 1 SP tower Point with the limit of draw units and the team unit, the player has to choose 8 cards. The Deck menu has the option of edit and view. The special ability to draw unit deals with healing and helps in curing of damage, etc.

That menu has the option for editing the Deck point you can select a card from the list of cards then clicking on the card that you want to replace will get replaced with the selected card. You can create a different combination of cards at a maximum of five distinct sets of the deck.

  • SP tower

League of Wonderland game has four types of SP tower, they are – HP e, MP, ATK, and minion. The combination of this quad tower at the start can get a passive buff.

Hp tower—the player will be to see this HP boost at the start.

Minion Tower – it is available on the C2 league and encourages the volume of Minion on the battlefield.

MP tower – it has the function of generating or restore or boost of the tower. It can get unlocked in B1 League.

ATK Tower – this tower will boost the power of ATK and is available in C League.

League of Wonderland mod apk

  • Levels for Player

The current level can be checked at the top center in the home console. The Minions statistics can be raised as the player level increases.

Player level up can increase HP, damage, charge damage as well as the tower statistics. 3 persons are also available on leveling up. Player EXP is necessary to make progress to the next level. Leveling up of cards can help you to get EXP.

  • Card Level up

You must have a certain amount of gold coins and duplicate cards to level up a card. The gold coins and cards are available from loot crates and the shop.

  • Currency in-game

There are many currencies used in the league of Wonderland game and they are mentioned below-

  1. Gold
  2. Crystal
  3. Tower store
  4. Cheer ticket
  5. Cheer chips
  6. Crafting cards
  • Crafting card

It helps in card craft, can replace useless cards to fetch crafting cards.

  • Live Wonder Battle

Cheer chips and tickets are used in this game. As stated earlier, in the League of Wonderland game, a player can share the other players and can watch the battles live. You can get cheered chips if your supported player wins. you need cheer tickets to share any player and live wonder battle point at the shop or daily item tab, you can claim the cheer tickets.

  • Teams

The two leagues have two new functions; rivals and team, you can unlock this when you will reach the B2 league. The team signifies the creation or joining of the group. The total power of members will decide the team’s power. Today’s your team power and to get stronger it can be enhanced by craft box. The team joining is necessary to earn support, trophies, and awards from your members of the team.

  • Room match

You can enjoy some private matches with your friends also. To get into that option of row match, click on the room AC option and create a room on the home screen. A room number will be created and shown on the screen you can share it with your friends to join in.

League of Wonderland mod is a game that checks the mental skill of the player. A place where many characters with their history and myth of culture will create the battle and the crowd will go wild.

The game of fight to chase victory and glory. The short tenure of fights will keep the player engaged. It is a perfectly developed game for skilled players with a bunch of extra features.


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