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Lock’s quest is an engrossing game with a story that enhances the mental skill of players by defending and building fortifications against a Clockwork Assault. A 19-year-old Nintendo DS game called Lock’s Quest has been given the HD treatment. it is one of the long-forgotten gems, which is going to be pulled out of their bag.

Enjoy playing the game with our new Lock’s Quest mod for Android and iOS. You will get unlimited resources on your game account. Read more in this article.

Lock’s Quest MOD App Information:

lock's quest mod apk

App nameLock's Quest Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Resources
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Lock’s Quest is a missed generic strategy title in which the mainstay of the game plays out over two separate stages. it is all packed in a beautiful pixel out, style and presented alongside a fantasy story. it is a remastered port of the game that originally came out on the Nintendo DS in which Lock is the protagonist of the game.

This is from the 5th cell developer, the Washington-based studio that brought us various popular four key games. is a constant procedure tower guard computer game created by 5th cell and distributed by THQ. Being a sheer euphoria to play. You should also try playing Avakin Life.


The game is ready in a popular kingdom that was built using a peculiar substance named Source. One of the dramatic stories with a perfect communicating tutorial to guide you. The builders of this kingdom are known as Archineers who have gone through the knowledge of the source while understanding its attributes.

Agonius was the greatest archive, who learned a characteristic of source that was bewildering. That characteristic of the source is that it can reproduce life. He started making exact creatures from the source. The king requested Agonius to stop the creations of these creatures, as the king understood the threat of this.

Agonius denied accepting the command of the king so he got punished by getting exiled from the kingdom. In the fire of retribution, Agonius was burning brutally in it. So he decided to take the position of Lord Agony and started creating an army for revenge from the king. A war followed, with substantial losses on both sides.

The two archineers namely Jacob and Kenan deluded Lord Agony’s stronghold leading to a series of happenings in the game. The game started again after a few years where a Lock is a juvenile man residing at the seaside town. Then another military of clockworks assaults the kingdom again under the other Lord Agony. Locks opt to fight with the clockworks to save the kingdom.

Lock’s Quest MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Lock’s Quest Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

Lock’s Quest is a battling game based upon the art of mind to play. One of the best rivalry battling systems that require the full attention of the player makes it more interesting and engaging. The story lies between a young lad who is protecting the realm situated near the beach. Lord Agony and his clockwork army are on the mission to destroy the building and want to win the kingdom which that he helped in building.

You can feel the grief of Lock’s sister’s missing incident. The lock has to protect his kingdom from the continuous attack of clockwork by building walls, towers, and weapons.

At the same time Lock’s sister goes missing. Concerned lock about his family, now he is set out to find her. and he figured the strategy to fight with the clockwork army which is made up of robots. As we acknowledge ahead in-game that, the lock’s job is to save the territory by creating buildings and weapons and has to kill the clockwork army while saving the energy reserves also.

lock's quest mod ios

How to play

As mentioned earlier, that the game is divided between two distinct stages where stage 1 compiles to build defenses like gates, walls, traps, and turrets, and stage 2 deals with your control on characters it has to face a horde of enemies at you. You have to keep on defending the new construction.

The defensive part appears when having only two minutes to get ready for fighting with a cluster of the enemy surrounding the place. as soon as the round starts, Lock has to keep on punching enemies and have to repair the equipment that is damaged. After the completion of one round, you have to reconstruct the base while surviving from a few more, once you have done all these things you will move to the next level with a new fight.

While not constructing the building walls, you will move here there to fight with the clockwork army. being a classic defense game work, you have to keep on fighting with the army coming with a new twist every time. A perfect brawling game where you have to prepare your defenses and battle against the clockwork robots.

Lock, the hero of the Lock’s Quest mod story can hit multiple times by responding through continuous happening events. In this game, all you have to do is to find maintain the equilibrium between a fight with enemies by chanting the magic spell and depending on the bunch of gun combat vehicles to perform their task.

It is all about creating new types of weapons, learning different spells comma meeting, and fighting the usual enemies. There is a lot of stuff to maintain upon the game such as defending your realm, building the strongest structures, and many role-playing parts.

Lock’s Quest’s Features

lock's quest mod


  • The attractive thing about warfare discloses is – how it adds a twist every time.
  • The combat will make the transition in things and will make the player reconsider its strategy.
  • The Lock’s Quest’s mod characters’ background and enemies are all nice and crisp.
  • The timeless quality of the presentation is beautiful.
  • Building fighting and reciting magical spells will keep the player engaged.
  • It contains a striking pixel art design that looks amazing.
  • A little more variety in each battle scene seems engaging for the player.
  • Uses dozens of unique maps, traps, turrets, and special attacks.
  • Super high-resolution portraits.
  • Clear sound quality.
  • It can be played on a tablet.
  • Superb playing experience without the interruption of advertisement.

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We can enjoy this game by its appealing features by creating a kingdom and protecting it from the enemies for life in the realm. One of the best game plan characters playing the game in this era.

Lock’s Quest mod can be an addictive game for the players as it will keep on engaging them with a variety of twists.

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