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Massive Warfare: Aftermath MOD APK for Android/IOS

Massive scale war! Shooting down enemies! Taking control of military artillery!

This is what Massive Warfare: Aftermath is all about!

The game is for Android mobiles by TinyBytes to fight against numerous players across the globe. It is a brand new multiplayer fighting game filled with action, tactics, and operation.

The online PVP game aims to strike down vehicles of enemies and stay at leaderboard’s top position. Gamers battle across land, air, and sea, in ships, tanks and aircrafts living the simulation of a battlefield in a Third Person Shooter perspective.

Download Massive Warfare: Aftermath MOD APK for Android

Basics of the game

As usual, this game starts off with a tutorial, in which players can learn the elementary things of the game. In simple terms, gamers get the know-how of playing the game. Players learn about the gaming controls, how to shoot, tank controls and ample more.

More importantly, the tutorial guides players about the in-game system upgrades. The essential step that gamer needs to take in Massive Warfare: Aftermath is choosing the correct vehicle to attack.

Military Vehicles to choose from

Each player has three option of artillery to choose from; a helicopter, hovercraft or tank. Gamers need to select their vehicle exceptionally wisely. As later on, they will have to pay in-game currency (gold) to get another mode of the vehicle, if they so wish to.

It is advisable that a player takes either a hovercraft or helicopter to better help them as the game progresses. Both of these vehicles are advantages as they have better speed movement than a tank. As speed matters quite a lot on the battlefield, these vehicles will assist players in gaining a boost over the competition.

Main objective

The primary aim of Massive Warfare: Aftermath is to shoot down as many enemy vehicles as possible tactically. In doing this, players will earn much necessary EXP to advance to other battles and of course leveling their in-game characters up.

Also, gamers are rewarded with crates and cash, if the essential objectives have been met. This helps players in upgrading their military vehicles to win battles even further.

Guide to Massive Warfare: Aftermath

To better understand the game, one must know how to play it and win battles. The way to go about is to learn more about the vehicles, which are the best among them, certain upgrades, tech, stickers, and much more.

  • Guide to vehicles –

As mentioned before, there are three military vehicles that a player can choose from before setting out for battle. They are the helicopter, hovercraft, and tank, whose attributes are:

  • Attack – The damage rate of a vehicle is determined by this attribute.
  • Fire Rate – Rage of a shot of military artillery is known by this attribute.
  • Armour – This attribute helps in determining the defensive prowess of a vehicle.
  • Movement – The speed of a vehicle can be determined by this attribute.

Among all of the said attributes, the speed movement attribute is of utmost importance. As, having a vehicle which has good speed, it helps in avoiding enemy attacks quite easily.

While, vehicles with relatively slower movement speed, will be an easy target for enemies. Moreover, it will be tough for a player to dodge attacks and escape from enemy territory and range.

  • Unlocking new vehicles:

To check out all the unlocked vehicles in the Massive Warfare: Aftermath game, one must look at the vehicles tab. Players can unlock new vehicles by ranking-up by winning battles earning victories and collecting rank points. Once a player has reached the limits of a particular level, he/she will be promoted to the next stage.

  • Using techs:

Before going out for battle, a gamer can choose to add techs. Now, techs are in-game add-ons that are beneficial to the user in numerous ways. For example, a Repair item kit can quickly repair the health of a vehicle by 50%.

There are other such tech items as well such as a Shield kit, which protects a vehicle for the first 10 seconds in a battle. These items are inside crates and chests.

Obtaining victories in battles and staying at the top of leaderboards are ways of acquiring these chests or crates. Moreover, a player can buy a chest in exchange for gold or directly obtain tech items for in-game currency or cash.

  • Stickers and Camouflages:

These are another type of upgrades or in-game items which helps in increasing a player’s vehicle strength. A gamer can set these items on their vehicle by going to the paint tab, then choose and confirm the element.

To acquire these items, one must have gold. In short, these specific items can help increase the attributes of a vehicle. It improves power and attack of military vehicle and assists in strengthening shield and armor.

  • Alliance mode feature:

At the start of the Massive Warfare: Aftermath game, the alliance feature is locked. The way to unlock this particular mode is by winning battles, completing set objectives and leveling up.

  • Levelling-up:

Players require EXP or commonly known as Experience Points to level or rank-up. The fastest way to do that is by striking down as many enemy artillery as possible in battles. Gaining victories in battles and meeting objectives is how a gamer can obtain the necessary EXP to rank-up in Massive Warfare: Aftermath.

  • Guide to battles:

As mentioned above the primary objective is to shoot and strike down enemy vehicles. The more a player kills and destroys the more rewards will be earned. The top-left side of the screen shows a mini-map so that the gamers can keep an eye out for enemies nearby.

There is also a health bar near the map, showing the status for your military vehicle. Once all the Health Points have been lost, one can re-spawn to enter the battlefield again, to continue destroying enemy vehicles.

The bottom-left side of the screen has the joystick, which players can use to control and navigate their vehicle. Moreover, if a gamer presses down on the screen at the right side, it can change the camera view.

This feature also, allows one to aim manually and shoot rather than using shooting assistance. There are a plethora of other combat options as well like, zoom in-out, equipping a booster and fire button.

Massive Warfare: Aftermath MOD Features

Massive Warfare Aftermath Mod is available for IOS and Android devices. Just download the file from the buttons below and follow the instructions. It is very easy to install and to use.

How to download and install Massive Warfare Aftermath MOD for Android/IOS

  • Click on the button below to start downloading Massive Warfare Aftermath MOD.
  • Click on the OK and the download process will begin immediately.
  • After the download is completed, the installation page shall open up.
  • Press Install and follow the instructions.

Game Screenshots:


Gamers who like playing Moba action or MMO games, Massive Warfare: Aftermath is the game for them. With an arena shooting features and upgradable features, this game is hugely becoming popular. It is battling at a global level by forming alliances and acquiring an army. So, become the ultimate general by assisting your crew to transform into a disciplined army that can take on anyone.

Download URLs (Android & IOS):

Massive Warfare Aftermath MOD APK for Android

Massive Warfare Aftermath MOD IOS


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