Ninja Prime: Tap Quest MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Shards and Credits)


MOD Features: Unlimited Credits & Unlimited Shards
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Get our newly released Ninja Prime mod apk for Android and IOS devices with unlimited Credits and unlimited Shards resources on your game account.

Ninja Prime MOD App Information:

ninja prime mod

App nameRebel Racing Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Cash Money & Unlimited Gold
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Ninja Prime MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Credits
  • Unlimited Shards
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Ninja Prime Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

The Ninja Prime: Tap Quest is creating all the right buzzes for now. The RPG genre always enjoyed steady popularity in the gaming fraternity over the decades. The genre has some of the all-time best games for the Windows pc and PlayStations. Ever since the rise of popularity of the Android platform, a number of developers have stood up and taken notice of the changing scenario.

In a very short time, the platform got flooded with some of the best games one could have never dreamt of a decade back. With the affordability of high-end Android devices coupled with cheaper connectivity, the sky is the horizon for the platform.

Several games developing brands like EA, Rockstar, which exclusively dedicated them to Play stations, and PC had set up a new division to capture the growing Android market. The lenient third-party access feature of the Android made things a lot less complicated for small-time developers to express their creativity on a limited budget.

The buzz surrounding Ninja Prime:

  • Tap Quest:

The game Ninja Prime: Tap Quest from the Iron Horse game developers is creating all the right noises before its release over the last few days. The game belongs to the famed RPG genre, which can boast about some of the all-time bests belonging to them. The simple storyline of the game will surely attract a lot of people towards the game.

The videos released by the developers from time to time kept the fire ignited in the minds of every gamer for the last few weeks. A recently launched video gave a little glimpse of the controls of the game, which looks a lot less complicated than generally expected from RPG games.

  • The storyline of the game:

In the game Ninja Prime mod, the protagonist of the story is set on a mission to retake his homeland. In his journey of retaking his homeland, he comes across some seriously tough challenges which get harder to fathom with every passing mission.

The protagonist will explore through the galaxy, use his ninja skills, and take on his ruthless opponent Shogun mercilessly. He will get the opportunity to finish off dark space horrors and a beautiful opportunity to take his revenge for the betrayal in this game.

The Ninja Prime mod ios

  • The space exploration aspect will excite many sci-fi geeks:

The game will excite some sci-fi geeks as well, as it is one of the few space RPG games available in the market, which included space explorations. In the game Ninja Prime: Tap Quest, the user needs to put his character through rigorous practice sessions to keep him sharp for his battle against ronin.

A blunt ninja will not put a smile on the user’s face after all. The game will allocate reward points and coins on completion of every mission, which can get used for upgrades of weapons and armory.

The upgrades will come in handy in the later stages of the game when the showdowns with the Shoguns get harder with every passing mission. The Ninja Prime mod developers sparsely supplemented the game with exciting gifts and rewards for loyal players as well to keep them glued to the game as long as possible.

  • The users need to improve their tap skills to master the game:

As the game is yet to get launched for Android users with no official date yet, the RPG geeks need to hold on to their horse a little longer. The description provided by the developers looks seriously promising and can prove to be a strong contender for the game of the year. The protagonist will face some other enemy alliances like Space Mercs, Cosmic Cult Ninja, and Technocrats, along with Shoguns.

The player planning to play Ninja Prime mod needs to put unparalleled attention in developing a strategy for tap skills for each mission. The rare loot hidden at the end of almost every mission will surely excite a lot of people after a gruesome triad with Dark Shoguns.

The explore feature provided in the game is another feature that people do not generally find in a moderate size RPG game. The exploration will lead to the reclaim of new planets and game-changing mechanics, which in the process helps the user to complete the tougher missions. The resources claimed from various planets will get used for the up-gradation of weapons and armory and unlock new tap skills for the ninja.

The Ninja gears provided in the game will help the user to multiply his power in the game, making him too much stronger for the Dark Shoguns. The game Ninja Prime mod looks promising from the little information we gathered from various sources. The loyal RPG geeks will find it hard to put down this quest filled the challenging game. The graphics of the game look moderate and RPG geeks will not heed much attention to the graphics.

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ninja prime mod apk

  • The room for improvement:

The moderate size of the game will attract a lot of people playing on their mobile data. The presence of mild violence in the game makes the game unsuitable for children less than seven years of age. One of the biggest challenges the developers will face after its release is their preparedness to tackle such a massive crowd.

The consistent updates need to get rolled out at the end of almost every month to fix bugs and glitches, which eventually will arise in the game. The timely fix of such issues will help the developers to maintain a good image among the gaming fraternity. The developers are yet to release the permission grating section of the game, which many people do not find it pleasing. The game will get sparsely polluted with advertisements, which again irk many gamers while playing.

Finally, the question comes, “Is the game worth clicking on the Pre-Register?” The question is really hard to answer in one or two words, but the game is showing a lot of promise before its release. The videos released on various video streaming platforms look exciting and worthy of any RPG geek’s time.


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