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OSRS or commonly known as Old School RuneScape is an online role-playing game with multi-player features. It was developed and launched by Jagex in reaction to reducing player base and negative reception of the update of the original and present version of this game.

The game was an exact copy of its previous version of RuneScape which was released in August of 2007. Since, then the game has undergone multiple engine enchantments, improvements in life patches, and the addition of new content.

The projected updates on the gameplay are only implemented only if 75% of players who are active accept them. Even though the game’s developer has a small staff and relatively slower update program, by the end of 2017 OSRS had more active players than RuneScape.


About Old School RuneScape

It is an MMORPG that takes place in a fantasy realm divided into cities, mythical kingdoms, and regions. There is no story set at the start of the game; players can start their individual adventures and create their own stories.

Old School RuneScape is a game based in medieval times where gamers need to kill and destroy monsters, trade with others, craft weapons, and much more. Players in this mythical world require racking up experience points to level up. Also, they have to collect various skill points to perform actions such as harvesting and mining better.

With the skill levels going up, players get better access to retrieving raw materials and have more combat capabilities. There are numerous skills that a gamer can acquire with having the freedom of choosing their play style. The system of class-less skill means that there is no restriction on the kind of character a player shapes into.

Since there is no limit of character type; players can mold their characters into anything they want. They can become a home-maker by cutting down trees or be a fighter and kill mythical monsters. Gamers can also form partnerships with budding adventurers and test their abilities in PVP combats or take on boss monsters.

Characteristics of the game

  • A massive open world filled with expansive environments.
  • A variety of skills are there ranging from magic and swordsmanship to cooking and fishing.
  • Tons of quests are there including specific storyline-based and certain side quests.
  • Old School RuneScape has continuous updates to expand game content and adds certain time-based events.
  • The numerous NPC’s with voice acting helps in fostering better NPC-player interaction.

Gameplay features

The primary input mechanisms are point and click. Gamers control their characters and interact with numerous objects, NPC’s, and entities via clicking. Also, certain objects provide multiple interaction options that a player can choose from.

As the game has simple gameplay mechanics with a user-friendly interface, the Old School RuneScape attracts a host of gamers. Moreover, it is less complex than most MMORPG’s and has a large free-play world making it hugely popular among gamers.

Performing well in here depends on how well a gamer knows the game, its ins, and outs, what to do, and where to go.

Hence, the following will guide a player to do well in the game.


Guide to the Game

The first and foremost thing is to create and customize a gamer’s avatar and land on Tutorial Island. Players gain a lot of experience and know-how about the game here. Numerous local tutors will help in guiding players through the basics of the gameplay.

Gamers learn the combat functions, skills, and interface mechanisms here. Moreover, the tutorial teaches players about the various types of survival equipment as well. Once a gamer has passed the tutorial phase, he/she then moves on to Lumbridge where all new players meet.

Also, if gamers have certain queries regarding the combat system and skills, they can seek out various other tutors around for assistance. One more thing every player must do before playing the game is to set up a security pin.

This helps in protecting items of a character if a gamer’s profile is ever compromised. The players can go to the bank which is located on top of the Lumbridge castle and avail the setting option there.

Old School RuneScape MOD Features

With our Old School Runescape Mod, you will get all items unlocked, and also unlimited resources. It is available for IOS and Android. You don’t need to root or jailbreak your device. Just download the file from the button below and follow the instructions. It is very easy to install and to use.


Skill improvement

Old School RuneScape has round about 15 skills that players can use from magic to wood-cutting. If a player points the cursor on a specific skill, it will tell what the experience necessary to reach the next level is. Moreover, there is an option to see which abilities and items will be unlocked at every new level.

For the first dungeon adventure, players can go west to the Village of Barbarians to find the Stronghold Security. This dungeon is based on the Apocalypse of the Four Horsemen having four floors and containing various monsters of different experience levels.

It ensures a tough fight, no matter the combat level of the player. Now, each of the levels of the dungeon has a hidden prize room that gives numerous rewards and lump-sum in-game currency such as coins.

However, if a gamer tends to find the fourth or the final prize room, he/she has the option then to choose from a pair of fancy or combat boots. After this, players into combat and fighting then head towards the east, crossing the River Lum to battle goblins. Here, gamers can hone their combat skills through melee and magic spells practice.

The game has many journals recording a player’s adventure and also assisting them if there is a requirement for it. These journals in Old School RuneScape mention the various objectives that need to be met to level up and obtain specific items.

Moreover, players can ever refer the OSRS Wikia for any other assistance and help. It assists gamers if they get stuck on a particular quest by providing useful information on that particular quest.

Players can also ponder on getting a membership by upgrading, taking the Twitch Bundle of RuneScape as a try. It will give them access to a wide range of quests and skills. This was the know-how on the game, and now gamers can jump right in and go for an adventure.


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