Pico Tanks MOD APK/IOS [Unlimited Coins and Gems]

MOD Features: Unlimited Gold Coins, Unlimited Gems & Unlimited Potions
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Play endlessly with our newly released Pico Tanks mod apk for Android and iOS. Get Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Gems and Unlimited Potions resources on your game account.

Pico Tanks MOD App Information:

Pico Tanks mod

App namePico Tanks Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold Coins, Unlimited Gems & Unlimited Potions
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Pico Tanks MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Potions
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Pico Tanks Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

The gaming industry is flourishing with new games almost every day. Today, you have hundreds and thousands of games to play. These games belong to different genres.

The one game we are talking about here is Pico Tanks. If you are into gaming then you must have already heard about it. This is a popular multiplayer game that can be played as dual, 3vs3, and 2vs2 matches. If you wish to know more about the game then you need to read the text below.

Pico Tanks is a multiplayer arena game by Panda’s Arcade. You can play this game in different modes including 2vs2, 3vs3 and dual. The game has got a vibrant color scheme which makes it look more attractive to the players.

Every match takes plays in a colorful arena which can range from the lust forest groves to yards stocked with containers. One thing to notice here is that the objects within the arena wobble shake or rock. This happens as a reaction to the mess you create.

The most important thing in the game is customization. You can customize the tanks in two main ways. Other than that you will also find a lot of weapons in the game. This may range from rail canons to Gatling guns. The game allows you to load them through certain special moves.

The best thing about the game is that it will be made available for both ios and android platforms mean everyone can play it. However, the game is in beta stage right now. It is going to be launched on January 31st globally.

Pico Tanks History

The development of Pico Tanks started in 2017. It was first unveiled at PAX Australia 2017 with movement, networking, combat and user interface. In the following year, new game modes and maps were released. The developers also released several customization options, metagame, and adjustments for gameplay.

In December 2018, the game moved into its second phase of development with the start of a closed beta program.

In 2019, the game was developed rapidly by getting feedback from the beta users. Pico Tanks also bagged an award at SXSW for Best Indie Mobile game. Not just that but it was also chosen as one of the finalists at Casual Connect London. It was October that Panda Arcade finally announced the arrival of the game in the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. It is expected that the game will be launched in early 2020.

Game Features

The game comes loaded with tons of features. The developers have tried to incorporate many useful and exciting features that will attract the players. If you are eagerly waiting for the game to launch, here is a sneak peek of the features that you will get along with the game.

Pico Tanks mod ios

  • Multiplayer game

The game offers you several customization options. You can use these options to customize your tank. You can do so by selecting a weapon, a base, different special abilities, and a wide range of other cosmetic items.

  • Different game modes

In 3V3 team battles, you are allowed to choose a different game mode along with a diverse selection of maps.

  • Cute art

One thing you will surely like about the game is the adorable art that they have used. It is simply hard to resist the little tanks in a cartoonish world.

  • Short sessions

Pico Tanks mod is one of those games that was designed for short gameplay sessions. But that doesn’t sacrifice the fun quotient of the game. With all the interesting elements, everyone will thoroughly enjoy the multiplayer mayhem game.

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Pico Tanks mod apk

  • Thrilling experience

The game is designed to give you a thrilling experience. No computer-controlled enemy can recreate the satisfaction and excitement of outsmarting a real human.

  • Teamwork

The game is known to promote excellent teamwork. All the major decisions taken in the game has to be based on teamwork.

  • Positive experience

This game is built to give you a pleasant gaming experience. The matchmaking system of the game reduces frustration by allowing players of the same skill levels to play. The game also has a post-battle feedback system which highlights the contributions made by the players. It doesn’t matter whether you have made a small effort or a big one, it will still get highlighted by the game.

  • Lots of rewards

This is a very rewarding game that you will enjoy playing. The interest to win more rewards makes every battle worthwhile. You gain a new and exciting experience after unlocking new game content. You can also collect new components for your tank in the game.

With all these features, you are sure to enjoy the game. If the sources are correct then you are just a month away from trying out this new game.


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