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Pocket City is a must-have mobile game, under the genre of simulation. It is very much like the mobile version of the evergreen Sim City game. You are going to enjoy playing this game immensely as you literally build a city right from the scratch and live to see it grow up and transform into a bigger and more beautiful place.

All this takes some time of course but the experience in itself is really rewarding for the gamer. In this game, you are actually the newly elected mayor and you are going to build this city as you wish to.


Creating Zones

In the course of building this city, you have to keep the needs of all the residents of the area. Like any other city in the real life, this place also needs to have distinct zones. There are residential zones, commercial zones as well as a hub for industries to flourish. Just as any real human being would require some time for recreational activities, people in your pocket city too have similar needs.

Hence you require building parks as well as various recreational spots through the Pocket City Game. The occurrences of different crimes as well as man-made or natural disasters are also a part of any city. You have to build your teams for providing such responses.


Other than simple city building, you can also literally make things happen in your city. You can cause disasters like tornadoes or opt for the creation of events such as parties through a block. There are certain quests that you can complete in order to earn more money as well as XP.

You will always like to make your buildings bigger and more complex in nature. In order to create buildings with complex designs, you need to increase your level in the game. As the level gets increased, you will also come across different kinds of lands suitable for different purposes.

Road to success

You can become really successful at this game by ensuring there is a steady flow of cash through the city. The residents should be happy and be able to travel as they wish to. The Pocket City Android Game is very much like a real-life city, where the mayor needs to keep the citizens happy. Your city will always remain quite lively and dynamic in nature.

There needs to be no dearth of animated things. People, animals, vehicles all should be in full flow. You can always save the details about your city by uploading it to the cloud or even transfer it to your friend’s phone or device. Or just download our Pocket City MOD and get unlimited resources to build your city.

Simpler game

The people, who have already played the Sims game, will obviously understand that Pocket City is actually a simpler and more entertaining version of the former. The objective though remains the same as always. You build a city from the scratch. In the beginning, you will only have a little bit of cash.

Hence you get on with the creation of zones and laying down of some basic roads. You only need to give the game a few hours of time to get your basic city transformed into a throbbing metropolis. The population, in the beginning, will although remain quite low.

Great controls

As you progress through the game, you will have to find the means to improve the financial condition of the city and try to remove all kinds of causes of congestions. The different zones on which the Pocket City essentially stands are created one square at a time.

You can always hold the touch screen and drag your finger to create as many squares as you want in one go. The touch controls provided in this game are really good. You can build or remove things quite easily in the course of playing the game using the smooth touch controls.

Keep city running

To keep your city running is not a difficult job. All things get transported and through your city with the help of the roads. The power plans generating energy for running the city as well as pipes from the water tower are all built through roads of the pocket city.

The various buildings you create therefore need to be within the range of these roads to get the supplies and keep it running. All buildings in Pocket City, require power, water, etc. Only the trees do not consume resources here. Hence it is advisable not to try and build a park in the middle of a housing or industrial hub.

Unlocking new components

When you progress through the game, you will realize that you have to unlock newer components to improve the prevalence of safety as well as recreation in the city. You can charge higher taxes to increase your revenues. This can, in turn, result in people leaving your city.

Hence you will have to find a balance. Your tasks will include ways of improving the condition of your city or simply getting rid of the unwanted elements from the city.

Pocket City Mod Features

You can download the Pocket City MOD for the game from the link below. Using the MOD you will get almost Unlimited money on your game account, so you can build your city the way you want.


There exists one campaign that you can play in Pocket City. There are various difficulty levels in which you can play this campaign. In the easier levels, you will have lots of cash in your hands and the level of difficulty is too low for serious gamers to enjoy. In the other difficulty levels, you may require taking loans from banks in order to fund operations in your city.


While playing the Pocket City game, you will, of course, have a miniature depiction of your city in form of a map. You will have the chance of completely filling up this map as you touch level 50. There is a certain point in the game, after which you do not have too many quests for raising your XP. During those times, you can look forward to rebuilding parts of your own city. This game can definitely provide you with a lot of entertainment in a short period of time.


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