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Tens of thousands of Angels are locked in the war of the millennium in order to reign supreme throughout the cosmos. And in the process what does it bring to mankind other than misery, sorry and doom.

Play this highly rated game, in the genre of RPG, with our Realm of Chaos mod apk for Android and IOS. Get Unlimited Gold Coins and Unlimited Diamonds on your game account.

Realm of Chaos MOD App Information:

Realm of Chaos mod

App nameRealm of Chaos Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins & Unlimited Diamonds
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Realm of Chaos MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Realm of Chaos Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

The world has already exploded into uncontrollable mayhem and what will be its outcome? Well, it is for the men who survive will hold the cup of fortune for the future generation of catch a glimpse of this historic warfare the intellect of their surviving forefathers. Will the outcome guarantee peace?

Well, the answer will be delivered in the future releases for sure, but the latest inclusion of Realm of Chaos promises nothing other than outright chaos.

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Even beyond the confinements of physical space where time and causality are boundless, there exists a powerful realm which is incomprehensive to the ideologies of mortal souls. This side of the realm is located at the opposite end of nightmares and dreams.

The cosmos is infinite and the form is boundless. Within, powerful psychic energy has made its way in the form of love, fear, hate, anguish, hope, ambition and desperation. Even this powerful combination of energies does not successfully transform the realm into a caring or emotional soul thriving enigma of space.

It is the location where legendary gods are busy waging war against their enemies in the quest of taking down the almighty. And what is it that they are fighting over in Realm of Chaos mod?

The element of creation. At times the battle reaches out of the event horizon of the chaos realms and props into the mortal territories which are predefined as real space.

This leads to an outbreak of terrors and causes nightmares to become reality in the world of aliens and men. The armies of cavorting warriors, slavering fiends along with the likes of blood-red warriors and brazen wraps of war machines are engaged in the deadliest of war known to mankind.

Realm of Chaos mod ios

Land your angel in the Invisible fortress and seek immeasurable power

The impossible fortress stands tall in the entre of the maze which is quite adequately hidden from the sight of mortals without any lunatic insight. The twisted spires of crystal and the blue tower radiate pink flame which bursts from the core of majestic fortress. These flames do not last long and eventually fades within a fraction of seconds where they are replaced by newer sets o architectural marvel.

The warp which is present at the core of the impossible fortress in Realm of Chaos mod is not constrained by the boundaries of time and space. It is quite possible for an angel to loam around the fortress for weeks only to find out that they have remained in the chamber for not more than a thimble.

It might also be possible that with small stride they are able to cover thousands of leagues. Thus, the magic of the fortress is immeasurable. Gravity shifts from time to time within the fortress and eventually disappears at times.

And for the mortals, this tower is totally impenetrable. Men are driven insane if they at all make it into space by some evil means. The rival gods are also at the mercy of the twisted fate of Invisible fortress.

The library is hidden with constant innumerable folds which are folded under the weight of its very own destiny. The chains of fire wrap around the walls, books, and parchments throughout this sanctuary.

Best RPG thrills

Which side do you want to choose dear warrior? Are you the angel of heart or dooms reckoning, you are the one at the deciding end in Realm of Chao?

Realm of Chaos mod apk

  • The visuals have been able to capture the imagination of a lot of fans as they will totally love the latest 3d graphics. The animation features are spot on with lots of fantastic drafts and character specialties.
  • Get empowered in the boss raids with an epic collection of angels and march on with your friends all over the globe in order to bring down the dungeons and cure the civilians of their menaces.
  • Try to mix the uniqueness of your skillset with over 20 different skill choices belonging to each class.
  • Try to join a powerful clan and get ready to fight on as a unit.

Hunt down the brutal bosses

In order to prove you might take part in over more than 60 boss battles. Implementing battle skills flexibly will help the playing angels to cross the 100+ tower mark of a dungeon.

The war is set up between 7 groups of legendary archangels where the players can take down any number of warriors if they are tactically sound with whatever strategy they hope to implement. Players can also transform themselves into legendary celestial beings if they successfully collect the power angels.

Character customizations are to the point

In terms of character customizations, Realm of Chaos mod pull off the locker room of vendettas quite soothingly. Players will be given the liberty to make a powerful gimmick to their angels. They will have the option of building their own characters right from the very beginning. As cool as it may sound, this is not going to be a joyride.

Players will have to boost up to certain levels in order to access some of the limited items.  Thus, try to make the most out of the initial battles in order to gain a lot of control over your locker room of customizations from the very beginning. By getting the looks of a dominating angel, your battle will be won half the way.

Matchmaking servers scores at the right place

The player vs player battles is the most unbiased aspect of Realm of Chaos. This is because the unique AI and matchmaking server carefully analyze the skills and levels of the player in order to find the aptest match categorically.

Therefore, get the hence to showcase your talent in the grandest of battle arenas and control your impulses. The autoplay features are spot on as it will allow the players to spend more of their game time on exploring and finding new allies rather than wasting their time grinding.


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