Rise of Eros MOD APK/iOS (Unlock All Characters)

MOD Features: Unlimited Dream Crystals, Unlock All Characters, Unlock All Relics
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23 May 2023
76 MB
Android 9 or above
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MOD Features

  • Unlimited Dream Crystals
  • Unlock All Characters
  • Unlock All Relics
  • Free to download
  • Auto-update
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!


In the realm of mobile gaming, unlocking additional resources and characters can significantly enhance the gaming experience. You need to unearth some hidden abilities of your characters and discover new paths to increase your gameplay experience. 

However, in most games like the official Rise of Eros, you must pay a token to access these improved abilities and gaming experience. But the good news is that you can bypass the payment by simply downloading the Rise of Eros Mod APK iOS for free. 

With the same features as the official Rise of Eros, the MId APK version offers users the chance to enjoy unlimited tools such as dream crystals, unlock all characters, and acquire all relics, allowing them to delve into a world of unlimited possibilities and exploration of the world of desires.

In this piece, we will explore the features and benefits of Rise of Eros Mod APK and discuss why it is a compelling choice for adult adventure gamers seeking an enriched gaming adventure.

Rise of Eros Mod Apk

What is Rise of Eros MOD APK iOS?

Rise of Eros Mod Apk.iOS is a modified version of the popular mobile game, Rise of Eros, that offers users enhanced functionalities. It is suitable for Android devices and allows enthusiasts of the game to enjoy its erotic entertainment without paying to unlock the premium tools and features that their character needs to achieve their goals.

The primary purpose of this modified APK is to provide players with unlimited dream crystals, the in-game currency, and enable them to unlock all characters and relics. With these additional resources, players can progress, unlock exclusive content, and unleash their full potential within the game.

You’ll also get to enjoy the game better as you have no limitation of dream crystals to help you purchase attires and unlock doors to enjoy some erotic time with your goddesses.

You can also download Nu Carnival MOD APK/iOS from our website.

Rise of Eros Mod

Features of Rise of Eros Mod APK

Rise of Eros Mod APK offers several enticing features that make it an irresistible choice for gamers. The most popular among them is the unlimited game currency. However, there are other features, and they include:

Unlimited Dream Crystals

The Rise of Eros Mod APK provides players with an unlimited supply of dream crystals, valuable in-game currency. With an abundance of dream crystals, players can effortlessly upgrade their characters, unlock powerful abilities, and unlock various in-game resources.

With an unending possibility of how well you can improve your character, you can even the playing field by ensuring your character is up to par against their opponents as your level up.

Unlock All Characters

Rise of Eros Mod APK allows players to unlock all characters from the start. Instead of choosing the character you can only afford based on the number of dream crystals you have, you can unlock all the characters and choose whichever one suits you.

This feature grants players access to a diverse cast of heroes, each with unique abilities and playstyles, enabling them to experiment and strategize with different character combinations.

Unlock All Relics

Your preferred character may have all the skills to help you scale different levels. However, you’ll need relics to help you scale higher levels. The relics, which you can only get by excavating artifacts, help you to possess some powers of the ancient gods. The more relics you have, the better for you.

With Rise of Eros Mod APK, players can unlock all relics, which are powerful artifacts that enhance character abilities and provide various advantages during gameplay. Access to all relics empowers players to create potent character builds and dominate their enemies.

Enhanced Progression

By providing unlimited dream crystals, Rise of Eros Mod APK accelerates the progression within the game. Players can swiftly upgrade their characters, level up their abilities, and unlock advanced features without being hindered by resource limitations.

You don’t have to repeat a level more than is necessary before you can accrue dream crystals or relics. This ensures that you experience superior levels quickly.

Unleash Your Powers

With all characters and relics unlocked, players can fully unleash their powers and strategies, creating exhilarating gameplay experiences. The modded APK allows players to experiment and explore different playstyles, fostering creativity and enjoyment.

Rise of Eros Mod Apk iOS

Why choose Rise of Eros Mod APK?

Rise of Eros is a stimulating and engaging game. However, the modified APK is markedly better. Here are five compelling reasons why players should consider adopting the Rise of Eros Mod APK:

Unlimited Dream Crystals

With an infinite supply of dream crystals, players can freely explore and experiment within the game, without the worry of resource scarcity hindering their progress. It also means you have everything you need to enjoy the game.

Access to All Characters

Unlocking all characters from the beginning provides players with the freedom to choose their preferred heroes and discover synergies between different characters, resulting in dynamic and engaging gameplay.

Acquire All Relics

With access to all relics, players can enhance their character’s abilities and strategic options, allowing them to overcome challenges and dominate the game world.

Faster Progression

Rise of Eros Mod APK accelerates the game’s progression by providing unlimited dream crystals. Players can quickly level up their characters, unlock advanced features, and experience the full potential of the game.

Unleash Creativity

The modded APK unlocks all characters and relics, fostering creativity and strategic thinking. Players can experiment with various character combinations and build powerful strategies, leading to immersive and rewarding gaming sessions.

Rise of Eros Mod iOS

How to Download and Install the Rise of Eros Mod APK

To download and enjoy the immersive, erotic, and combative Rise of Eros, follow these steps:

  • Click the download button provided on this website.
  • Select your preferred storage location and watch the download begin.
  • Permit your device to allow the installation of the app.
  • Click on the downloaded APK file.
  • Click install.


Rise of Eros has some interesting characters. However, you're limited on the number of characters you can unlock and use if you're not willing to pay. You can unlock all characters of Rise of Eros with the Mod APK version. With Rise of Eros Mod APK, you have unlimited resources to unlock all characters.

Rise of Eros cheat will likely help you to open doors to access your goddesses and enjoy some pleasurable time with them. However, you can do without any numerical or alphabetical cheat by downloading the Rise of Eros Mod APK. It offers you unlimited resources to access every level and room in the game.

Download MOD APK/iOS

The Rise of Eros is a roleplaying game that also includes some combat. To scale levels, your character needs to improve their abilities, power, and attire consistently. However, you need dream crystals to achieve these.

The Rise of Eros Mod Apk/iOS, suitable for Android devices, offers unlimited dream crystals to help you achieve these.

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