Robot Crusher Battle Ballz MOD APK/IOS [Unlimited Credits/ Power-Ups]


MOD Features: Unlimited Credits & Unlimited Power-Ups
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Crush the Robots with our Robot Crusher Battle Ballz mod apk for Android and iOS. Get Unlimited Credits and Unlimited Power-ups resources on your game account.

Robot Crusher Battle Ballz MOD App Information:

Robot Crusher Battle Ballz mod

App nameRobot Crusher Battle Ballz Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Credits & Unlimited Power-Ups
PlatformAndroid, IOS
SizeVaries with device
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Robot Crusher Battle Ballz MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Credits
  • Unlimited Power-Ups
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Robot Crusher Battle Ballz Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

Robot Crusher Battle Ballz is a game of crushing. The game deals with the crushing of opponents in a rigorous battle. The battle is plotted in a field where the people have to compete for the challenges of the game. The person has to get the challenges overcomes or he has to lose. The gamer gets smashed into the broken fragments.

The player cannot choose between stages. He has to either go this side or the other. One being the dead end and the other is the field of the championship. The person has to get the zeal to complete the Robot Crusher Battle Ballz to its endpoint.

Why should the player take a keen interest in the game?

The player has an active role in dominating the enemies. The attack of the enemies is frightening. Though the player has to be a savior. He has to take the role of a retired corp who saves the people from the robots. You might also like playing War Robots Mod Apk.

The robots have their treacherous attacks on the people to give a massive blow. The retired corp flies his ship HT- Hornet to save the attacks of the robots which are devastating. The man flies his ship throughout the space to hunt for the robots and crush them.

The robot known as the Grand Orb is the main culprit. It destroys civilian transporters. There are thousands of transporter who fall prey to the deadly attacks of the robots. The work of the player is to locate the robot and destroy it. It should never escape the mighty hands of the player.

How is the player-led into the tough competition in Robot Crusher Battle Ballz?

It is a mission to oppose the enemies by entering the competition. The competition is the main moto of the player where the people have to do a tough battle with the robots. The robots pose a threat to the civilians and the player has to save them. From the tough battle of destroying them, the gamer develops a spirit to dominate the enmity in the game.

The collection of the bonus in the name of power-up helps the gamer to win against the people. Put the fire and weapons on the enemies. The weapons are powerful and help the person to put the foes in control. Play our new WAR OF THE VISIONS FFBE MOD.

Robot Crusher Battle Ballz mod ios

How are the weapons in the Robot Crusher Battle Ballz?

The weapons are explosive crates that can be dropped on the robots. It brings and large-scale destruction to the robots. Thunder and lighting can be called upon to bring hug destruction on the robots. These two weapons can bring big change to the fate of the player who is willing to defeat the robots.

He has another deadly weapon that is the freeze gate technology. This technology helps the player to bring ample devastation on the robots. The robots have the tendency to escape the weapons but these deadly attacks can never be escaped. They are deadly in all extents and produce massive destruction to the robot to decrease them in numbers.

The rules of the game are lucid

The Robot Crusher Battle Ballz mod is a tough technical game where the destruction is brought down on the robots. The robots are the enemies of the civilians. They have to be destroyed so that the civilians can enjoy their freedom. They should be released from the dominations of the robots. If they succeed to do so, it has the power to win or lose at the same time.

It is a game where the robot has to clear their way to the endpoint. Where is the endpoint in the game? It is when the robots can clear the four lanes and reach the last. The robot then wins the round. The ground clearance is important in this game. It makes the robot to reach near the win of the game.

We have developed a new mod for ROBO BLASTER. You can download it for free from our website.

What is a crusher?

It is the device that destroys the robot. If the gamer loses he has to also go under the crusher. In each lane, there is a crusher which is suspended by the magnetic levitation. The obsolete robots wait for the crusher and they get destroyed under them. The player has to be careful so that he does not go under it.

If the player loses the track, then he has to end in that crusher. If the opponent wins the player would be sent to the massive hydraulic press. If the player wins, it is on its side. The hydraulic press would destroy the opponents to the rubbish.

Robot Crusher Battle Ballz mod apk

The fast gaming is here to take hold in Robot Crusher Battle Ballz

The game has the rules and gameplay which suits it to be a game of explosives. It is full of sound and fury. It is a game where the devastation has been given a key role than saving the civilians. Thus the key factor which guides the game is destruction.

Thus a gamer with a mindset of ravaging the enemies can play the game to get the essence of the game. It can be best enjoyed when the player is in an aggressive mood or finding to do a task difficult. The credits and power-up in the game are the fuels that would help the player to end the battle in a destructive way.

The weapons are deadly and can reduce the number of enemies in minutes. The game designed by BigBoyPants based in New Zealand has set this Robot Crusher Battle Ballz mod. The winning can be sent to a hologram shop where it can be stored. If you like boxing games, try our new Real Boxing mod apk with unlimited coins.

The easy controls of the game like right thumb control the booster and the left controls the power-ups. Unique hand-painted arts and characters help rejuvenate the galactic war. It transforms the scenario into a spectacular one. The plus ten unique beats help to battle through the galaxy.

It is thus a perfect time for such fantastic players to play such a game. The game needs some players of its creed. The game waits for a worthy player.


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