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Play Rocky Rampage and assist boulder cobblestone, the style guru in his mission Wanderpants with our latest Rocky Rampage mod apk for Android and iOS. Get Unlimited Money resources on your game account after you download and install the mod.

Rocky Rampage MOD App Information:

Rocky Rampage mod

App nameRocky Rampage Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Rocky Rampage MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Rocky Rampage Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

Rocky Rampage is not only produced but also published by Joyseed Gametribe. In Rocky Rampage: Wreck ‘em Up (that’s what its full name is), which involves a treacherous quest to regain the stolen Wonderpants, players will have to roll, jump and crush whatever stands in the way of their progress. The game is coming for pre-registration on Android and iOS on the 9th of January 2020.

Meet Mr. Boulder Cobblestone

Mr. Boulder Cobblestone is the hero of an Arcade Game rich in features. The name of this game is Rocky Rampage: Wreck ‘em Up or simply Rocky Rampage. Mr. Boulder is the center of attraction. He has an outstanding fashion sense and is a lover of fashion and is the King of Fashion in the Rock Kingdom. In fact, he is the one and only champion of the Rock Kingdom. At his disposal, he had a brilliant collection of Wonderpants.

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The Jealous Empress

Those Wonderpants can only be perfect fitting for a courageous hero like him, and they are the trendiest ones. Others can rarely have one. He loved to show off wearing those Wonderpants. But one day his precious collection of stylish threads i.e. the Wonderpants got stolen by the Empress of Scissor. The latter was jealous of Mr. Boulder and his trendy fashion style which is displayed in his collection of underpants.

To be truthful, the Empress Clipper of Scissor is by nature a jealous lady! Otherwise, despite being a fashion fanatic she could not even think of stealing gents’ undergarments. Isn’t it? Fashion fanatics are found all over the world. After all, different people have different choices. But, in RockyRampage, the hero is stylish about his Wonderpants.

Just imagine, if his wonderful collection of Wonderpants gets stolen all of a sudden, what will be his position in his society? After all, he is the king with the image of a style guru to his subjects.

Mr. Boulder becomes enraged to the extent that he starts fuming in rage. Like a hurricane, he heads forward to the castle of the Empress. He had no other choice. Along all his way to the Empress’s castle, he had to face the Empress’s army.

But, besides being a style guru, he is a desperado that will get revealed in the course of the game. He, a good racer, started crushing those soldiers who came in his way. He had no other intention but to rescue his valuable undergarments. It may sound funny leaving one to wonder why the hero of RockyRampage mod is being so passionate about his underpants leaving other things of gents’ fashion.

Rocky Rampage mod ios

So, who is the real hero? Is it Mr. Boulder Cobblestone? Or is it the player, who is actually controlling his movements? Well, as a player you will have to place yourself in the position of Mr. Boulder even if you are not accustomed to going outside wearing stylist Wonderpants for a show-off. After all, Rocky Rampage: Wreck ‘em Up is a game that involves much fun and entertainment.

Well, this is only known to the makers of the game. One who will play Rocky Rampage mod will get into the shoes of Boulder Cobblestone. Playing the role of Mr. Boulder is a different experience. Pebble, his trustworthy and loyal assistant will accompany him. Together, they will begin the chase down to bring the trendy underpants back.

To get back the underpants, the player will break and smash all sorts of barriers and guards of the Empress to reach the castle of the Empress. To achieve this end if he has to reach the end of the world he will also do that. In short, he will do whatever is essential to accomplish his goal.


  • Deserve exceptional significance in playing the role of Boulder Cobblestone. Begin with an epic speed as if you are going to run a marathon race!
  • Destroy each and everything that comes as a barrier in your way. To endow yourself with such an ability you must build speed and maintain its pace. The barrier can be a huge wall or a crowd of enemies. To be clear the player should not let anything stand in his way. In one word he should be an ‘unstoppable’ champion.
  • A game like Rocky Rampage mod will provide the player with the scope to encounter interesting characters (enemies) in course of his way to the Empress’s castle. There will be some enemies whom he can ride thus riding at top speed to the castle!

Rocky Rampage mod apk

  • One who gets into the role of Boulder Cobblestone must complete his collection of Wonderpants. He will experience an incredible wardrobe, an ever-growing one. It is a wardrobe of the amusing and exclusive collection of Wonderpants.

The player should see that the game confers upon him the title of the most ‘Fashionable’ guy! You can download the game from GooglePlay.

There are quite a lot of upgrades as well as items the player will unlock along the way that can act as a guide to him in achieving his ultimate goal of taking back his loving Wonderpants. For example, he can unlock dynamite to make a blast! Dynamite will open before him the way to a further distance (than the default launcher).

Alternatively, the hero Boulder Cobblestone (or the player) might find a companion in a dragon. Can one imagine developing a friendship with a mythical creature like a dragon even in his dreams? There are doubts. Here, Rocky Rampage mod will provide him with that opportunity. He can make friends with a kangaroo too. It will carry him by hopping on to cover an extra distance.

Then, he along with his devoted sidekick will embark on a mission to ransack the Empress’s castle to find out the stolen Wonderpants.

Rocky Rampage mod is perhaps the rarest of the games that the mobile world has introduced till now. But its concept is entirely an original one. To be precise, Joyseed Gametribe’s newest casual game has recognizable cartoon art, but everything besides that is entirely new. So, what are you waiting for? Assist Mr. Boulder in his Mission Wanderpants!


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