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Mod Features: Unlimited Credits, Unlimited Money, Unlimited XP. Unlock Infinite Items (Ammo, Weapons, etc) & Unlock All Space Ships
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Enjoy playing the game with our new Second Galaxy mod apk for Android and IOS. You will get unlimited Credits, unlimited Money, and unlimited XP on your game account. Also, unlock infinite Items such as Ammo, Weapons, etc. Moreover, unlock all the Space Ships in the game. Read more in this article.

Second Galaxy MOD App Information:

second galaxy mod apk

App nameSecond Galaxy Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Credits, Unlimited Money, Unlimited XP.
Unlock Infinite Items (Ammo, Weapons, etc) & Unlock All Space Ships
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Second Galaxy MOD APK Features:

  • Unlimited Credits & Money
  • Unlimited XP
  • Unlock Infinite Items (Ammo, Weapons, etc) & All Space Ships
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Dead Zed Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

The Second Galaxy is a game produced by Zlong games. It is a brand new massive open RPG game. That is got the science fiction or sci-fi theme to it with under 5000 galaxies.

These games offering the best quality of scientific background with amazing gaming power at different levels will certainly fill you up with the zeal of space exploration. It is a game of power. People living in various galaxies are fighting for their survival.

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Are you a lover of adventurous games? Or maybe you like to play games that are full of dynamic changes. Here is one of the best space-oriented games. The Second Galaxy, as the name indicates it, is another galaxy for players to showcase their skills in the world in order to initiate a tour of deep space. This is a mobile game filled with science and fiction-based events on the mystery of space.

Many games are based on a space theme, that is acknowledged by many players. But the second galaxy creates a difference. As it says there are 50,000 stars available in-game to discover. It seems that this game is large for the mobile game. You can imagine the amplified version of weapons characters and spaceships to travel in another galaxy appears very interesting.

Traveling thousands of light-years in an instant using a network of wormholes to open new space routes to explore unknown civilizations. Each of these galaxies is explorable filled with cosmic dust, dark matter, wormholes, space stations, and other celestial bodies. When you will start exploring the game you can fly all kinds of spaceships and can team up with other players to form corporations and scope of resources throughout the universe.

You can also engage other corporations and trade with players from across the galaxy. There is unlimited freedom in this game with so many open galaxies to explore through space. Alright, so before we get into all those modes and the ships about that you can fly let’s talk about the background.


The Second Galaxy mod game sets 3000 years in the future with a parallel world. A world where you manatees civilization forms their empires among the stars. You can set out to colonize the entire universe. A second galaxy comes into being, with 5 developing Nations populate the structure of space. It is similar to the Aces of the Luftwaffe.

Each nation has an ever involving association with one another in this entertaining web of allies and enemies. Cooperating with them is fighting with them to keep all the destinations in the galaxy in check. it is a parking conflict that is now known as the largest intergalactic war of unprecedented scale.

As you explore the adventures of space, you will come across these designs. Also, you will have to form distinctive relationships for a combination of combats, exploration, trade, and strategy.

You will have a critical role in the game’s dynamic narrative. It is a second world where you can be anything you want to. You how to travel deeper into the galaxy to seek out its hidden truth. This world will ask the best decision of yours to make it through the end. In this world, you must choose your path and accept the consequences of every decision you make.

You can download the game for free from the GooglePlay store.

second galaxy mod ios

Gameplay Idea

You will get a better gameplay Idea through the various things to play while conquering various trades by your combat.

  • You have got spaceships, classes from the free gate with good mobility for acceleration due to their fast velocity.
  • Destroyers or weapons that are versatile for more adapt for battle scenes with a more well-rounded attack.
  • Cruisers are well-rounded in all categories, battle cruises are for battle with really strong attack defense and range. The weak point of this cruise is they don’t have the best velocity.
  • Battleship is of low velocity but its battle velocity is too good.
  • There are thousands of weapons in the Second Galaxy Mod with the highest functioning power. Weapons such as blasters, lasers, rail guns, launchers, etc to use in a particular mission, for particular spacecraft or to ruin your enemies.
  • Over more than 3000 spacecraft components. You have got the damage enhancers, range enhancers, shield enhancers, etc. best known for defending stuff from the enemies in a particular mission in the game.
  • According to the introduction of the game, it reveals the character of a spacefaring civilization. They just have to live their life with their combat.
  • You get four empires with open-ended carrier descriptions. You have to choose a character to play in from the various characters available with the diversity of career, nature, traits, and qualities.

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second galaxy mod

Game Features

  • The second Galaxy features over 50000 stars with a diameter of more than 1000 light-years.
  • You can explore an astronomical universe of unique galaxies.
  • The second galaxy mod immerses you in-universe with open-world elements. It simulates 4961 galaxies including planets stars, wormholes, black holes, and much more.
  • 5 unique types of spacecraft with 150 classes to roam within various galaxies.
  • You can discover a world of extremes science fiction technology with 5 series of ships across 3 specification levels.
  • This game contains customized thousands of different weapons, devices, components, and ammunition of types to produce your fleet of deadly class warships.
  • You can build your Empire through real-time dynamic trading.
  • Each choice you will make occur in real-time. Also, each action and transaction has a direct impact on the game’s universal economy.
  • In the second galaxy game, mastery of the art of trade can become the strongest weapon point in your arsenal zone. The game has made a significant breakthrough to overcome any technical barriers.
  • With a huge combination of equipment and components, it overcomes all the flaws of gaming.

This game contains various chapters with the tinge of different situations that you have to go through for your survival in this game. Targeting the enemy to destroy them for your survival this game will enhance the power of players by their commencement of the war. Having best-inbuilt characters and amazing 3D technology provides one of the best experiences in the game.


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