Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Gems)

MOD Features: Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Coin & Infinite Energy Booster. Unlock All Items
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16 Nov, 2023
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MOD Features

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Infinite Energy Booster
  • Unlock All Items
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!


Feature your own character with lifelike-animated martial arts in Shadow Fight 2 mod apk for Android and iOS.

Get Unlimited Gems and Unlimited Coins resources on your game account. Moreover, get Infinite Energy Booster and unlock all the items in the game.

Shadow Fight 2 MOD App Information:

Shadow Fight 2 mod

Unlimited Gems

Gems are one of the most important currencies in Shadow Fight 2. They are used to purchase equipment, weapons, and armor from the store, as well as to upgrade your characters. You can also use gems to revive a character who has died in battle or to speed up the process of training your fighters.

There are several ways to get gems in the game: you can either purchase them with real money, receive them as a reward for completing missions, or find them hidden in chests. The number of gems you receive as a reward is based on your player level.

The higher your level, the more gems you will get. So, it’s important to keep progressing in the game in order to get the most out of your gem rewards.

Download our latest Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk to get Unlimited Gems on your game account for free.

Unlimited Coins

Coin is an in-game currency in Shadow Fight 2 that is used to purchase weapons, equipment, and other items. Coins can be earned by winning fights, completing tasks, or selling items.

The number of coins earned depends on the player’s level and the opponent’s level. Coins can also be bought with real money through microtransactions.

With our Shadow Fight 2 MOD, you will get unlimited coins for free.

Unlock All Weapons

There are a total of 10 weapons in Shadow Fight 2 that can be unlocked. The first weapon is available from the beginning of the game, and the other 9 weapons can be unlocked by completing various tasks. You can use our Shadow Fight 2 Mod to unlock all the weapons available in the game.

The first weapon that you will unlock in Shadow Fight 2 is the Knife. The Knife can be unlocked by completing the tutorial. The other 9 weapons can be unlocked by completing various tasks, which are listed below:

1) Sword – Defeat Titan in story mode.

2) Mace – Defeat the Bull in story mode.

3) Warhammer – Defeat the Hermit in story mode.

4) Daggers – Defeat Lynx in story mode.

5) Katana – Defeat Shogun in story mode.

6) Claws – Defeat Widowmaker in story mode.

7) Spear – Defeat Butcher in survival mode.

8) Nunchaku – Defeat Wasp in survival mode.

9) Bow – Defeat Dragon in story mode.

10) Pistol – Defeat the Butcher in story mode.

About the game

Shadow Fight 2, the sequel to the famous Facebook smash hit – the Shadow Fight, is a nail-biting mix of the RPG (role-playing game) and classical fighting equipped with martial arts techniques, armor sets, and other lethal weapons.

The game comes with a complete package of action scenes and sequences along with lethal hand weapons. Shadow Fight 2 is inspired by bringing martial arts and techniques, as seen in the movies, into a more lifelike animation.

This simulated gameplay revolves around the classical fighting of the protagonist and his/her rivals. The unique aspect of this gameplay is that these characters, including the protagonist, are presented in the form of silhouettes!

So, you can deduce now that the game revolves around the classical fighting of characters in silhouettes. But, this gameplay comes with a motive! Of course, anyone would want a backstory sort of thing for such gameplays to make them addictive and this one is no different.

So, the installation of the game leads you to the game’s events which are presented as an estimated prologue. This is where the backstory of the protagonist is described.

The introduction begins with the narration of the main protagonist, Shadow, which obviously you are going to control. Here’s his backstory:

More about Shadow Fight 2

Shadow was formerly a legendary and powerful combatant.

On his quest of finding a worthy opponent, he comes across and opens the Gates of Shadows thereby defying the rules established by his ancestors. He, upon opening the gate and releasing the demons inside, loses his flesh and soul thereby turning into a mere silhouette of himself.

Realizing his mistake and with a motive of redeeming himself, he begins to travel the world to defeat those six Shadow demons (namely – Lynx, Wasp, Widow, Butcher, Hermit & Shogun), in addition to various other opponents and their bodyguards.

In his quest, he comes across and meets up with his allies, and tends to combat the adversaries who challenge him.

Upon finishing his motive, in an attempt to save one of his friends who gets pulled through the Gates of Shadows, he goes through the Gates to the other world where he now meets up with an alien warlord Titan.

With Titan being close to invading the world of Shadow, the protagonist now needs to save the world all alone.

Phew! That is some enthralling backstory, isn’t it? Well, there is nothing short in terms of gameplay, action, and thrill with Shadow Fight 2. Anyway, time to move on to its gameplay. Try our latest Shadow Fight 3 MOD (APK/iOS).


Continuing the same theme as its predecessor, the game commences by letting the players begin as unarmed silhouettes. The tutorials presented in the game can make you get familiar with the controls and the gameplay.

So, Shadow Fight 2 has a similar set of rules just like some other mortal combat games. The rule is simple. Each player must win the majority of the three matches that he/she plays with each opponent, be it the demons, their bodyguards, etc.

Although the characters are silhouettes, the animations won’t let you disappoint with their realistic and physics-based approach. So, as the player makes progress, he gets awarded with in-game currency in the form of gems, coins, and shadow orbs.

Upon defeating the demons, the player obtains seals from them as a mark of their win against that demon. The players can then buy and upgrade weapons, armor, skills, and magic using these rewards.

Players can at max play around 5 games until their energy is replenished back in time. One can turn towards limited video ads for more energy requirements. Apart from the main story, Shadow Fight 2 also offers several modes of play like Tournaments, Challenge, Survival, Ascension, etc.

The game also offers a multi-player interface wherein a player can work with other players to defeat the ‘Eight demons of the Underworld’. This mode is termed Raids as per the gaming name.

The game also comes with this new edition wherein the players can activate the state of Eclipse. This activation of the Eclipse state increases the difficulty of fights and allows the players to replay their completed fights with much stronger enemies this time.

Shadow Fight 2 mod apk

Game Features

As described before, Shadow Fight 2 Mod offers addictive gameplay of RPG and classical fighting experience. There are quite some unique features that surround the game.

  • The game renders astonishing life-like animations and graphics making its players plunge into unique combat experiences.
  • It comes with a delightful gameplay interface with intuitive controls designed specifically for touchscreen devices.
  • The game comes with this unique theme of classical fighting between the characters, who including the protagonist are presented as silhouettes.
  • With several modes of play, it is not short of versatility in providing its gaming experience.
  • Starting from martial arts techniques and skills to lethal hand weapons, armor sets, and magic, the game isn’t short of anything in terms of presenting you with the action sequences from a movie!
  • The game features upgradable weapons like swords, nunchaku, whips, and, armor suits which can be bought with the in-game currency.
  • With additional gameplay of an option called Eclipse, players can combat in an enhanced difficulty of fights if they intend for more challenges.

Overall, this dark-themed fighting game provides an awesome and addicting gameplay experience. With its realistic and physics-based interpolation of the classical fighting display, this game offers everything that one can experience in the shoes of a Ninja.

Now that everything about the game is done, including the backstory, time to present its taunts:

Do you have what it takes to kick, jump, slash, and punch your way to victory?”

“There’s only one way to find out!”

“Shadow Fight 2! Let the battle begin!”

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