Sssnaker Mod Apk/iOS (Poison Snake Gift)

Get Unlimited Gems, unlock Knight of the Holy Sword and Knight of the Holy Sword.
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29 Mar 2023
45 MB
Android 4.4 and up
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SSSnaker MOD Features

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Knight of the Holy Sword
  • Poison Snake Gift
  • Hammer Gift
  • Free to download
  • Auto-update
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!


Are you a fan of the classic snake game? Then you should check out SSSnaker. 

SSSnaker is an arcade snake-based shooter game, a more modern version of the classic snake games you are used to. This version is not only loaded with more features, but it also has unique and captivating graphics. 

If you are used to losing because you don’t spot obstacles easily, you can overcome these challenges with the neon colors filling the dark background in the SSSnaker. 

You can download Sssnaker Mod Apk/iOS from our website and get Unlimited Gems, Poison Snake Gift, unlock Knight of the Holy Sword, and remove all the ads in the game.

While many parts of the game have been updated, the fun of it, which is in the objective, remains the same. Control the snake, ensure it eats the dot and grows, and overcome the different challenges. 

You can download the official app on your PlayStore. But, to enjoy the game’s fun without restrictions, you’ll need to pay for an upgrade. However, if you want to still enjoy unlimited access without paying a dime, download the SSSnaker Mod Apk/iOS. More info coming your way… 

Sssnaker Mod

Features of SSSnaker

Sssaker is a strategic game with every level testing your reflexes and skills while navigating the snake and performing area attacks. It also has a rating system that allows you to track the width and length of the snake. Here are some features you’ll love:

Tactical Possibilities

One of SSSnaker’s most prominent attributes is its adaptability in terms of strategy. An intriguing aspect of the game is the ability for players to attack enemies and break through obstacles with their snake’s head. The only factor that could limit the game’s tactical possibilities is the player’s creativity.

You can also download Princess Tale MOD and Dan the Man Mod Apk.

A digital scoreboard

Players can check their position on the leaderboard online to see how they compare against other players. Players are encouraged to give their best and achieve the highest possible score.

Unique Graphics and Sounds

The visuals of SSSnaker are striking and fascinating. The distinctive pixel art distinguishes it from other snake games.

The levels in the game are vibrant and energetic, with a wide range of rich and distinctive backgrounds. Everything in the world stands out vividly, making interaction and exploration enjoyable. This includes useful objects as well as friendly people and scary enemies.

It also has unique audio added to each step of the way, making you feel like you are playing an arcade game. 

Sssnaker Mod Apk

Bullet Hell Integration

It’s a wonderful touch that SSSnaker has included the bullet hell components. Players have to dodge the attacks of their foes while dodging a barrage of gunfire and lasers coming from all sides. As a result, gaming is more fun and captivating, making you want to play more.

Beginner-friendly Interface

The game’s user interface is simple and takes no more than a minute to understand. A menu where you can make adjustments is on the main screen. You can select a snakeskin from the numerous choices on this screen if you like it.

Your score and a place to join the online community for challenges are located above the screen. The button to disable adverts is below the game screen if you find them annoying.

  • This game is awesome! I love the snake mechanics and the kaleidoscopic bullet hell. It’s so intense and the unlimited gems from the Sssnaker Mod Apk make it even better. Definitely worth downloaded!
  • I’ve been playing Sssnaker for weeks now and I’m still not bored. The levels are challenging and the roguelite elements keep it interesting. The modded version gives you unlimited gems.

SSSnaker Mod Apk/iOS

SSSnaker Mod Apk/iOS is the modified version of the SSSnaker, which gives you access to all features of the PRO version. In addition to the features of the SSSnaker app, here are the other advantages you get by downloading SSSnaker Mod Apk.

Unlimited Gems

SSSnaker Mod Apk iOS gives you access to unlimited gems for free. These Unlimited Gems allow you to cure yourself, become stronger, and acquire great power.

The original version of SSSnaker requires that you spend a lot of time and effort to get these gems, or you buy them by paying for the PRO version. 

You can either kill your adversaries and absorb their energy to acquire these Unlimited Gems, hunt for gems buried throughout the stages, or simply download this mod to obtain them for nothing.

New Additions

Another special advantage of the SSSnaker Mod Apk is the addition of power-ups. These power-ups are unique items randomly appearing on the screen, giving your snake momentary boosts. 

For instance, a speed boost can temporarily make your snake move faster, facilitating obstacle avoidance. You can jump over obstacles with another power-up, which is extremely useful in more challenging stages.

Another unique feature is the addition of different snake skins. You can unlock and select from several styles and colors to give your snake a different look. Also, there are several backgrounds and settings to play in, which enhances the game’s appeal.

SSSnaker Mod iOS

Knight of the Holy Sword

This intriguing video game character controls a lot of power. Thanks to the Holy Sword, the player can fight powerful adversaries that are difficult to take down. You can’t unlock this character if you don’t have enough cash and gems.

With the Sssnake Mod Apk/iOS, you can access unlimited coins, which means you can get the Knight of the Holy Sword whenever you want. 


Now, you might be worried about the updates added to the original app regularly. The good news is you have nothing to worry about. The Mod Apk version auto-updates itself and grants you access to every update made on the original app. 

Poison Snake Gift

Just when you think you’ve mastered the game, SSSnaker will come up with new, deadlier monsters to startle you. You will need to use all of your power-ups and unique abilities if you want to have any chance of defeating these terrifying bosses.

But you can simply conquer them with the poison snake gift, which allows you to attack different enemies along the way.

SSSnaker Mod Apk iOS


Is SSSnaker MOD APK safe to download?

Some MOD APKs are easily contaminated with malware or other dangerous code because they were not made by the original developer. Also, you might discover that the program you’re installing has spyware. We have ensured this is not a problem if you download SSSnaker Mod Apk here.

Is it good to download SSSnaker Mod?

Yes, downloading the modified version of the SSSnaker apk grants you access to unlimited diamonds, boosters, and other benefits.

Download MOD

SSSnaker Mod APK iOS is a modern spin on the timeless Ssnake game. The additional features make the gameplay more exciting and fun with fresh features and difficulties. 

The game is free to download and play, but you may speed up the unlocking process by making in-app payments, or you can just download the modified version and access everything. Try it out and see if you can master snakes better than anyone!

How to Download and Install SSSnaker Mod

  • Download the SSSnaker Mod Apk/iOS from the download button
  • After the download is complete, install the app. 
  • Enable open unknown apps in your setting.
  • Open the installer to complete the process.
  • Open the app and enjoy unlimited fun.


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