Star Trek Fleet Command MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Tritanium/ Parsteel)

Star Trek meets millennial gaming in Star Trek Fleet Command mod apk for Android and iOS. Get Unlimited Resources such as Blueprints, Tritanium, Ore, Dilithium, Raw Gas, Raw Crystal, Parsteel, Raw Latinum, Data Resource, Swarm Biominerals, Armada Resources, Nanoprobes, and Mycelium Spores.

Star Trek Fleet Command MOD Apk Information:

App nameStar Trek Fleet Command Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Blueprints & Unlimited Tritanium, Unlimited Ore, Unlimited Dilithium, Unlimited Raw Gas, Unlimited Raw Crystals, Unlimited Parsteel, Unlimited Raw Latinum, Unlimited Data Resources, Unlimited Swarm Biominerals, Unlimited Armada Resources, Unlimited Nanoprobes, Unlimited Mycelium Spores
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Star Trek Fleet Command MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Blueprints
  • Unlimited Tritanium
  • Unlimited Ore
  • Unlimited Dilithium
  • Unlimited Raw Gas
  • Unlimited Raw Crystals
  • Unlimited Parsteel
  • Unlimited Raw Latinum
  • Unlimited Data Resources
  • Unlimited Swarm Biominerals
  • Unlimited Armada Resources
  • Unlimited Nanoprobes
  • Unlimited Mycelium Spores
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Star Trek Fleet Command Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

Unlimited Raw Crystals

This Star Trek Fleet Command uses a lot of resources in the game. One of them is Raw Crystals. You can get them in the 3 Grades 2,3 and 4 stars. Or you can also find them through Neutral Zone and the Faction Zones.

These raw materials such as Crystals, Ore, and Gas need to be processed in a refinery. You can get Unlimited Raw Crystals with our Star Trek Fleet Command MOD APK.

Unlimited Tritanium

Another resource used in the game is the Tritanium. You can mine them through Neutral Zone & Faction Zones or Star Systems. No need tho for the hustle. Download our Star Trek Fleet Command mod apk for free and get Unlimited Tritanium resources to your game account. In the Neutral Zone & Faction Zones, you can also find resources such as Ore and Raw Gas. You need Ore and Gas also for your ships. Therefore, download Star Trek Fleed Command Mod Apk for Unlimited Ore and Unlimtied Raw Gas.

Unlimited Parsteel

Now, Parsteel resources play an important role in this game. They are required for upgrades. In the refinery, you pay with parsteel any upgrade to your ship. Also,  Dilithium is required from lvl 12. From level 25 you will also need Common
Refined Ore and Uncommon Ore. The upgrades are very expensive. For example. to upgrade your Shipyard at level 33 you need to give away 46,835,000 Parsteel, 826,500 Dilithium, 1k x 3g Common Refined Ore and 80 x 3g Uncommon Ore.

The fastest and easiest way to get enough resources, and even more than you need, is to download our Star Trek Fleet Command MOD APK for Android and iOS which will give you Unlimited Parsteel, Unlimited Dilithium, and Unlimited Ore. Then you can turn Raw Ore into Refined Ore and Uncommon Ore.

About the game

If you’re an avid Star Trek fan, with fantasies of the galaxy- you’re in luck! A recent game developed by Scopely- called the Star Trek Fleet Command is here to feed into your dreams and make them as real as possible.

You can download the game for free from GooglePlay.


It seems that StarTrek Fleet Command contains the same adventurous streak as the movies. As soon as you open the game- you are instantly launching into space…and thrust right into the middle of a brewing war!

It’s time to prove your dauntlessness, valiant player- so gear up. The game opens by gifting you- the player- with a small space station and a ship of your own. These specialize in portability- and the tools are going to remain important as they facilitate travel between galaxies and realms.

To start, you can get on your space ship and explore the universe. You’re bound to found the system crowded with other players and NPC planets- which is what makes it so fun! You can seize this moment to form alliances and get familiar with the places.

As you go through the system, the game will provide you with missions that you must complete to make progress within the game. Upon succeeding in a mission, the player will receive rewards such as skills and resources. These resources can be put into use to upgrade the space station, and purchase new and better ships through which you can access more and more locations.

Download Star Trek Fleet Command MOD IOS

Download Star Trek Fleet Command MOD IOS

As you explore more places, you also have a wider ground for mining resources when you need to level up. However, the most important part of Star Trek Fleet Command is the highly-graded combat system. The combat part of the game is exciting because it occurs in real-time using real-life players of the game.

Generally, combat. The system refers to one wherein you can either attack an NPC ship or battle with another player.

However, Star Trek Fleet Command is not just about facing enemies, it is about making friends. You can take part in the alliance system, where you can join hands with a couple of friends, and enjoy the game collectively.

Having an alliance system in the game is helpful because you can support each other to progress and upgrade throughout the game. To encourage this, the game has a global chat window. The purpose of this is to facilitate players to communicate and connect more personally.

Also, the game hosts various events for players. These events are quick and easy ways to earn rewards and enrich your stock of base resources, materials, ship blueprints, faction points, officers, ships, and so on. Play our latest War Robots Mod Apk to get unlimited gold and silver.

Game Features

  • It is an open world, strategy MMO game with eye-opening graphics, and an interactive server to give you a real-life Star Trek experience.
  • You get to experience a saga of battles and legendary wars of conflicts in the intergalactic worlds of space.
  • Own a Space station and a Space Ship that is exclusive to you. Collect, build, and upgrade the ships and build a well-equipped fleet for battle.
  • Use your Starfleet to help citizens. Fight off evils (like pirates), and bring about peace into your galaxy. Slowly build up the most powerful fleet in the galaxy.
  • Make alliances and enemies with real-time players. Work with them, or fight against them in epic faction wars. You can also ally with ruling forces within the galaxy to make preparations for the new galaxy order.

Summon all your skills and courage, and buckle up for the most overwhelming fight of your life in the Star Trek Fleet Command. Be one among millions of gifted people to roam royal galaxies and establish your dominance with a well-rounded Starfleet. Good Luck!

Star Trek Fleet Command APK Gameplay:

How to download Star Trek Fleet Command MOD Apk for Android

  • Click on the button below to start downloading the Star Trek Fleet Command MOD Apk.

    Download Star Trek Fleet Command MOD APK

  • Click on the OK and the download process will begin immediately.
  • After the download is completed, the installation page shall open up.
  • Press Install and follow the instructions.


How to get more Resources in Star Trek Fleet Command?

We got you. Download our Star Trek Fleet Command mod apk for your Android or your iOS device. It works smoothly on both. You will get Unlimited Resources such as Tritanium, Ore, Blueprints, Dilithium, Gas, Parsteel, Latinum, etc.

Is there a Hack for Star Trek Fleet Command on iOS?

Our Star Trek Fleet Command mod is working on iOS also. Go read the article and click on the download button for the iOS version. Enjoy playing it with Unlimited Resources.

Is this Star Trek Fleet Command MOD safe and free 100%?

Yes, both our Star Trek Fleet Command mod apk for Android and iOS are free. We build them with no payment required. You can even play them without seeing the annoying ads. It is also safe, virus-free.

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