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MOD Features: Unlimited Coins & Unlimited Gems
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Downloading our Tank Stars mod apk for Android and IOS you will receive unlimited Gold Coins and unlimited Gems resources on your game account. Open the mod .apk and watch the resources automatically grow.

Tank Stars MOD App Information:

Tank Stars mod

App nameTank Stars Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold Coins & Unlimited Gems
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

If one does not take the right shot quickly in the Tank Stars game, then one can die quite fast too. These features, make this game really exciting, in spite of its simplistic setting. This is a game that keeps gamers hooked for long.

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Tank Stars MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Tank Stars Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!


Destroy your strong opponents in the most epic manner in Tank Stars.

While playing Tank Stars, you have multiple tanks right at your fingertips. There are lots of weapons for you to choose from, right from a simplistic missile to a mega atom bomb, that you can use for destruction. A gamer simply needs to find the right angle to shoot at the opponent and destroy them.

As one starts this game, you are taught some basic controls such as moving around, aiming, and shooting. There are many destructive weapons that you can control.

There are several quick decisions that you need to make while you stay in combat. In the beginning, gamers are given a small quantity of fuel, making you move forward or backward into better positions. One can also induce powerful attacks and change their angles in Tank Stars. Thus attacks that you do are very accurate in nature. The battles are really fun.

You can download the game for free from the GooglePlay store.

Play with weapons

There are tons of deadly weapons at your disposal if you wish to play this game. All weapons are arranged for gamers for the complete annihilation of opponents. This is a multiplayer based game; hence you can have loads of fun by playing it with your friends. There are some cool weapon upgrades that you can do to make your attacks really powerful.

There are many epic graphics effects that you can see while playing the game. The action that one sees, is therefore positively entertaining in nature. All times during the game, it is a question of survival, whether you blow up the enemy or the vice versa takes place. Not only will you control tanks with your fingers but also attack with nukes as well as lightning strikes. There are lots of artillery that gamers can use here.

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Tank Stars mod ios

Deadly weapons at the disposal

There are several different tanks that you can unlock and play within this game. The ABRAMS tank, for example, provides gamers with an arsenal full of rockets. There are various modes of attacks that players can use to their advantage. There is a Big Rocket that has a smaller blast radius but deals in heavy damage.

Shotguns, too have smaller ranges but perform deadly attacks in close range. Volley, as the name suggests, launches a barrage of shells that destroy enemies. In Splitter chain missiles, one missile splits into two and cause damage. For automatic locking on enemies, one makes use of Vertical slam, whereas Air Strike, drops off a barrage of missiles at certain targeted locations.


While you play this game, you go on earning some gold. There are many different tanks with a variety of attacks. Frost tanks make use of ice-based attacks, whereas Helios make use of fire-based pyro techniques. Spectre tanks, make use of electric lighting for damaging enemies in Tank Stars mod.

tank stars mod apk

The premise of the game

The basic premise of this game entails you to go into a head to head attacks with your enemies. Different tanks, out there in battles, aim to deal in maximum damage. There are six different attacks stored in each tank, reloading will take place, only after all six attacks have been used up.

The match between tanks takes place in randomly generated maps. While playing the game, you will also come across drop crates, that are parachuted to you from time to time and contain many powerful weapons. In drop crats, one can find nukes, that leave behind a deadly impact as well as fire pillars that deal damage over a vast stretch of land.

Attack well

You need to be precise with your hits to finish off enemies. However, many gamers find it a little difficult to get the correct angle, since some of the weapons end up displacing the enemy tank itself. Tanks can be upgraded on a regular basis in Tank Stars mod.

The upgrading of tanks, causing them to increase their HP, and hence they can survive for longer durations in course of battles. Weapons within tanks can also be upgraded to add more damage as well as increase range of attacks. Tanks weapons can only be upgraded by making use of cards.  These cards are got by buying chests in shops or by opening up different chests after matches get completed.

Game modes

There are four different game modes for players to choose from here. One can always practice playing matches against the computer in order to improve skills. One always needs to learn some different tricks to make use of a new type of tank.

While playing with a friend you can take turns in controlling different tanks and hence learn about how to handle them well. There is an online player vs player mode where you battle it out against other players. One needs to finish off various challenges in Tank Stars mod, in order to get hold of chests in tournament mode.

Sounds of attacks

There is a commentator who is present as a voice-over and informs players about direct hits. Often the missile that the player fires, branches out into two parts. Therefore, even if you think you might not have hit your enemy with the first strike, the branch missile will complete your hit.

These multiple missiles are a terror for enemy tanks. The sounds of explosions that players hear are very realistic in nature. This is something really impressive for an arcade-style game such as this.

Moving around

Movement of the tank is possible here by tapping and holding on to the fuel icon. The tanks intake a lot of fuel, so you need to use tactics accordingly and think twice before making a move. The crates or gifts that fall from the sky in Tank Stars are received by players by touching the tanks with them. Tactical nukes are also provided to players in order to pass some tough levels.


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