Taxi Sim 2020 MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Coins/ Money)

MOD Features: Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Money & Unlimited XP
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Drive your dream cars with Taxi Sim 2020 mod for Android and iOS. Download it from our website for free and get Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Money, and Unlimited XP resources on your game account.

Taxi Sim 2020 MOD App Information:

Taxi Sim 2020 mod

App nameTaxi Sim 2020 Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins, Unlimited Money & Unlimited XP
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Taxi Sim 2020 MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited XP
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Taxi Sim 2020 Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the Game

Online games have become the cheapest and the best stress busters. Everything that we come across in real life is inscribed into different online games. This very fact makes these kinds of games more realistic than ever. Though the games are known to be virtual reality, the experience they offer undisputedly conquer both our hearts and minds.

While we might be in the trance that these games are just for fun, there is a lot more to it. as we play and progress with the levels, we completely understand the main idea of the game and can perceive it in the real world as well. This means that most of these games provide hands-on experience in their themes.

There are many kinds of online gaming for men, women, kids, etc. based on different genres like soccer, gambling, etc. but one thing that never loses its attention and love is car-based gaming. Now and then, there are many games based on cars for the sole reason that the love for them is never-ending. It is obvious and natural that there are different games like car racing, etc. but the recent torch-bearer is Taxi Sim 2020.

Another game involving cars, Taxi Sim 2020 is the most recent yet the most interesting. The name itself says everything that it is a game based on taxi services. A person can either choose to be a private taxi serving individual clients or a regular taxi.

It succeeds in the engrossing line-up of Flight Simulator, Bus Simulator, etc. from its parent designing company Ovidiu Pop. Taxi Sim is a shorter version of Taxi Simulation and is launched in 2020, hence the name. By now it is clear that it is a simulation game.

The game holds a variety of cars including Sports Utilities, Sedans, etc. A player can buy the car of his choice with the money he earns while driving. I’m sure the game has created intrigue by now but the gameplay boosts it up beyond limits.

Taxi Sim 2020 mod ios


There is a lot more than just driving involved in Taxi Sim 2020. The gaming interface seems to be exactly replicating the real world. Here we can find pedestrians walking on the footpaths and many cars along with us on the roads. The gameplay proceeds in the following way.

  • As soon as a user signs up, he can choose a car based on his interests.
  • He then has to choose between the maps of cities like New York, Rome, Los Angeles, etc.
  • Then a player can choose to ride a private taxi or regular one and he can shift based on his interests.
  • The cars can be upgraded by using the money earned while driving.
  • Upgraded cars can attract VIP clients who pay more than the usual amount.
  • Based on the clients, a player can either follow traffic rules or choose to skip them.
  • By any chance if the car hits the obstacles along the way and if there’s serious damage, the player has to get it repaired by paying the coins.
  • Starting from a regular taxi with basic cars, players can upgrade their cars to attract clients and earn more.
  • All of these come under the career mode of gameplay.
  • Sometimes, the players can drive with no clients in the free roam mode.

The map of New York City is slightly big and exciting compared to others. This gives a scope to the players to roam more. Reaching the allotted milestones both daily and lifetime is also a part of the game. You can also have fun playing Asphalt 9: Legends MOD APK.

Game Features

There are many games with a similar line-up and theme so it is difficult to grab the attention of the world unless the features are promising and gripping. Taxi Sim 2020 mod follows up with stunning features and regular updates. Some of the intriguing features are as follows:

    • A wide variety of cars including luxury cars, sport utility vehicles, normal cars, etc. to choose from, and newer cars are added to the list each week.
    • The cities to explore include Los Angeles, Rome, New York, and Miami are great and enthralling.
    • Vehicles are so realistic that they require repairs if there is any damage and maintenance at regular intervals just as we do for real cars.
    • Updated and fantastic range of car engine sounds for added fun.
    • The pedestrian traffic and cars on the roads are so realistic that it seems to be real road traffic.
    • There is a chance to upgrade to new cars now and then by using the money earned through the drives.
  • The choice of visual tuning according to their interest increases the craving for the game.
  • Multiplayer mode is available through which the players can connect and play with their friends.
  • Different gaming modes like career, free-roam, multiplayer, etc. can be acceded based on interest.
  • Tilt steering, visual steering wheels, and buttons make the gaming experience realistic and interesting.
  • With spectacular weather and a stunning environment, it seems to be a real drive offering ultimate solace.

Features like pedestrians opening their umbrellas if there’s rain are never found before in any of the games similar to this. As the game progresses, we almost forget that we are playing a game, instead perceive the driving to be real. Along with stress-free online gaming, we can understand how to control different cars, thanks to the realistic controls and steering.

Taxi Sim 2020 mod apk


Right from starting with general cars to making a way up to the luxury and SUV cars is a roller coaster of fun and surprise. Navigating around different cities from the available choices and serving different clients based on their requirements form the crux of Taxi Sim 2020 mod.

With daily and lifetime targets, the game is challenging along with being exciting. The players are sure to fall in love with the enchanting visuals and gaming interface. The gaming experience is so incredible that the players fantasize about their dream cars and drive them with ease.

It is more of an open-world drive than that of virtual reality. Availability for both Android with a minimum of version 5.0 and above and iOS platforms increases the access to the game. The players can choose to play the game as and when they like. It requires a little strategy to meet the targets before time and this helps in improving our driving capabilities in the real world too. So along with relaxation and thrill, this game improves mental capacity as well. One more racing themed game you may love is called Ultimate Car Driving Simulator MOD APK/IOS.


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