Tinder MOD APK/IOS (Unlock Tinder Gold/ Tinder Plus)


Mod Features: Unlock Tinder Plus, Unlock Tinder Gold, Unlock Tinder Platinum. Unlimited Likes, Unlimited Super Likes, Unlimited Boosts
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Whether it is teenagers or adults or some people in their silver age, everyone loves dating. Unfortunately, there are thousands of sites that are proved to be a fraud and this pulls back the interest of people.

This article deals with one of the best dating apps, Tinder mod apk for Android and iOS. It is one of the most popular apps and is considered to be genuine.

Download the mod to unlock the Tinder Plus, the Tinder Gold Mod Apk, and the Tinder Platinum features for free, with no subscription required. Also get Unlimited Likes, Unlimited Super Likes, and Unlimited Boosts.


Tinder MOD APK Information:

App nameTinder Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlock Tinder Plus, Unlock Tinder Gold, Unlock Tinder Platinum. Unlimited Likes, Unlimited Super Likes, Unlimited Boosts
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Tinder MOD Features:

  • Unlock Tinder Plus
  • Unlock Tinder Gold
  • Unlock Tinder Platinum
  • Unlimited Likes
  • Unlimited Super Likes
  • Unlimited Boosts
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Tinder Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!
Tinder Plus MOD

Unlock Tinder Plus

Tinder Plus has similar features as Tinder Gold but because it is cheaper to subscribe it has only Unlimited Likes, Rewind, 5 Super Likes a day, 1 Boost a month, a Passport, and No Ads. Pretty awesome too. Yet, to get full access to these features you are supposed to subscribe to Tinder Plus by purchasing it with real money from a credit card. But, it doesn’t need to happen.

You can download our Tinder Mod Apk to Unlock the Tinder Plus, avail of all its features, no exception.

Unlock Tinder Gold

The tinder app is so great and so easy to use. In a matter of minutes or even seconds, you can find your match. But soon after you first try this app you’ll see the unlikeable parts. After a limited number of right/left swipes, you will be put on stand-by for 12h. This is pretty annoying. Our team has hacked the official app and created a mod that has the Tinder Gold features unlocked.

For this particular reason, you should download our Tinder MOD APK/IOS. With Tinder gold mod apk, you get access to all the Plus features the same features and two more: “Likes You” and  “Top Picks “.

Therefore, with these two additional features, you can see who likes you before you “like” or “nope” and get the new top picks every day. Download Tinder Gold MOD APK to get the Gold version for free.

Tinder GOLD Mod

Tinder Platinum

If you have Tinder Gold and Plus, you should definitely try out Tinder Platinum. It is the highest level, the top subscription available. In addition to the other 2, this platinum subscription has “Priority Likes” and “Message Before Match” features.

So you can have you’re like prioritized over others with the “Priority Likes” feature and message before matching by attaching a message to your super like with the “Message Before Match” feature.

It can’t be easier than that. But the price is expensive enough. That’s why you can download our Tinder mod APK for Android and iOS too for a Tinder Platinum free version.

Unlimited Likes

There are a few different ways that you can get unlimited likes on Tinder. You can either purchase a Plus subscription, which will give you access to an unlimited number of likes, or you can use a Tinder MOD.

The Tinder Mod will automatically swipe right on every profile it comes across. This means that you’ll match with everyone, and you’ll be able to message them all.

Unlimited Boosts

There are a few ways to get your hands on some unlimited Tinder Boosts. One way is to sign up for a Gold or Plus subscription. With either of these paid subscriptions, you’ll get one free Boost every month.

If you’re not interested in paying for a subscription, there are still a few ways to get your hands on some unlimited Boosts. One way is to install the Tinder MOD APK on your device and you’ll be awarded unlimited free boosts.

Tinder App

About the App

Tinder has been one of the best dating apps which is available in more than 30 languages and has 50 million users on today’s date. The users of tinder are logging into this app approximately 11 times a day which proves the app to be very successful.

According to various surveys, there are almost 1.4 billion swipes per day. You get to meet and interact with a lot of people. Even if you do not get your, ideal partner, you will get a friend and some other people in life.

You can also try our new Snapchat Premium Mod. Its basic working is very easy. A profile has to be made with a profile picture that will be visible to others. Right swipe the person you like the most and if that person right swipes your profile, you both will be a match.

That is how tinder works. Easy and quick. There must be a right swipe by both partners to be a match for each other. It proves to be a very easy and fun thing to do. There are a lot of attractive features of tinder that will make you want to use it at least once in your life.


Can I browse tinder without joining?

At first glance, Tinder might seem like just another casual dating app designed for people looking for a quick and easy hookup. However, at its core, Tinder is really just about meeting new people and making connections.

Whether you’re looking for romance, friendship, or simply a sense of community, the app allows you to browse profiles and start conversations with potential matches without ever having to sign up or commit to joining.

So if you’re curious about how Tinder works but are hesitant to join due to privacy concerns or simply not being sure that it’s right for you, don’t worry – you can still navigate the app and reap all of its benefits without ever creating an account.

And who knows – perhaps by browsing tinder without signing up, you’ll soon find that special someone!

Users Reviews

Users Reviews
  • Great app. Platinum is great. I have only had it a month or so and had over 30 people to talk to and already met a few.
  • Just keep it up as is, no changes, more free Ive been able to meet a few several wonderful girls, just wish the right one would stick, but thats what you want from a good dating app is the ability to match mingle and talk immediately so you can arrive to those moments with someone with the same mindset.
  • My experience has been great with the premium subscriptions. I have matched with plenty of new people and connected with singles more than i have ever used with any other app. This is the best online dating app I recommend it to anyone looking to find someone to talk too.

Features of Tinder

  1. There are around 30 billion matches to match with.
  2. Use it while traveling and moving to places for it to be the most effective
  3. Perfect for people who have wanderlust.
  4. It works on 3 simple words. Swipe, chat, and meet.
  5. Easy working with left and right swipes
  6. A classic gold option is available for an upgrade
  7. You can easily link your Instagram and Facebook to your Tinder for a better experience.
  8. Works on your real-time location
  9. It has an option of super like. You can increase your chances with your crush by giving him or her super like.
  10. It has got options to hide your age, name, etc
  11. You can set and control who sees you and who don’t.
  12. You get unlimited right swipes, video calls, and offline access with Tinder Gold Mod Apk.

For iOS users download it from AppStore. You can download more cool apps and mods from here.

Tinder Premium Free

Is it worth getting tinder gold?

Tinder is a popular dating app that allows users to swipe right or left on potential matches. While the basic version of the app is free, Tinder also offers a paid subscription service called Tinder Gold.

For an additional fee, Tinder Gold members can enjoy perks such as unlimited likes, the ability to see who has already liked them, and a monthly profile boost.

So, is it worth it to upgrade to Tinder Gold? That depends on your dating goals. If you’re simply looking for a casual hookup, then the basic version of Tinder may be all you need. However, if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, then Tinder Gold could help you meet your match.

With its advanced features, Tinder Gold Mod Apk gives users a greater chance of finding a compatible partner. So, if you’re willing to pay for the added convenience and increased chances of success, then upgrading to Tinder Gold could be worth it for you.


Why should you use this Tinder MOD APK?

If you don’t want to spend money on the app to see who liked your profile you should definitely use this mod. With this mod apk, you will also be able to choose your preferred location anywhere in the world.

Also, you can like unlimited profiles, so you will have more chances to have a match with a partner. What’s most important, you will unlock the Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum subscription for free.

You can make use of Tinder’s features to the fullest potential possible. As you know the prices are pretty high for monthly subscriptions.

But, by using this Tinder MOD APK you will spare some money. You can use this app with no restriction, anytime you want. It is easy to install on Android and iOS devices. Also, no need to root or jailbreak your device.

Can you really get Tinder Gold for free?

Not only that you can get Tinder Gold, but you can get even Plus and Platinum versions. You can take a look at our website and download the Tinder Gold Mod Apk for Android and iOS by clicking on the download button.

To answer your question, yes you can really get Tinder Gold for free, from our website. Just download it, install it, and try it out with no risk. So, instead of paying real money to get Tinder Gold, you better download it from our website.

It has all the features the original app has safely hacked and integrated into the mod apk file.



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