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MOD Features: Unlimited Cash Money & Unlock All Cars
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Play this next-gen arcade racing game traffic racer with our newly developed and released Traffic Racer mod apk available for both Android and IOS devices. Get unlimited cash Money resources on your game account. Also, unlock all the cars in the game.

Traffic Racer MOD App Information:

Traffic Racer mod

App nameTraffic Racer Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Unlock All Cars
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Traffic Racer MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Cash Money ($$$)
  • Unlock All Cars
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Traffic Racer Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the Game

Do you love cars? Are you fond of racing games? Does the thought of 3D racing excite you? Then you have landed in the right place as this article will enlighten you on one of the best racing games ever, Traffic Racer. This game has got some of the most exciting features that will take you for the best ride of entertainment.

Learn about the racing game

This game will allow the player to play non-stop racing games with the maximum amount of excitement. He will get to drive through the highways and experience real traffic. There are opportunities for earning cash and that will help in buying new cars having exciting features.

The player will have to drive really fast and that will help him in getting features on leader boards that are followed worldwide. Traffic Racer allows racing unlimitedly and with the finest experience. The graphics used in the game is three dimensional and thus the whole effect is nothing short of real. Players will be able to locate beautiful sceneries all through their journey in the car.

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The game allows the players to operate cars smoothly without any glitches. Therefore they will be able to concentrate fully in the game and need not pay extra attention to the car. But the most exciting factor has to be the huge variety of cars that are available in the game for the players. They will get more than 35 options for world-class cars that are rated the best.

Traffic Racer will be running through 5 different natural setups that are extremely well-defined. These environments include desert, snow-covered land, suburbs, rains, and the city at night. All the views are breathtaking and will leave the player awestruck. This is surely an added bonus for the player as he gets visually retreated.


In this game Traffic Racer, a player will be able to score more if he drives faster. Therefore, just by increasing the speed of the vehicle, a player will add more points in his scoreboard. Then there are also provisions for earning bonus points by overtaking other cars tactfully. Players will also be able to earn a good amount of cash if they can overtake a car successfully without crashing it.

There are options for driving in the opposite direction in the two-way mode of the game and that will help in earning more cash. The player needs to apply the correct strategies and he will never miss out on the endless opportunities of earning points and cash this game offers.

There are 5 modes in which the game can be played and they are Endless, Two-Way, Free Ride, Time Trial, and Police Chase. All of these modes are nerve-wracking and are extremely entertaining. The player will get completely addicted to the game and will feel like going on with it forever.

The player will have to deal with many other vehicles that will not be a part of the game. These vehicles are meant for increasing the traffic and making the game more challenging for the player. Trucks, SUVs, and buses will form the core for the non-playing traffic.

Traffic Racer mod ios

Game Features

  • Top-notch graphics- Traffic Racer mod is designed with the highest quality of 3D graphics that is a treat to the eyes
  • Easy car operation- Players can operate their car seamlessly and the controls are exactly as the real ones. Thus a completely realistic feeling is guaranteed
  • Numerous cars to choose from- More than 35 high-performing cars are available to the players and they can choose according to their wish
  • Well-defined setup- 5 gaming environments can be witnessed by a player in the whole game that includes suburb, snow, rain, desert, and nightlife of a city
  • Exciting game modes- The 5 game modes that are designed for the game are Time Trial, Free Ride, Police Chase, Two-Way, and Endless. All are extremely exciting and great to play
  • Amazing vehicles to drive along- Throughout the game Traffic Racer mod, a player will get to drive along with brilliantly crafted vehicles. These include SUVs, rich trucks, and buses. They are all non-playing characters but will travel alongside the car of the player just to give a real feeling
  • Customization of cars allowed- Players can customize their car just as the way they want. They can paint it with their favorite color or change its wheels conveniently
  • Online scoreboard- The scoreboard runs online and therefore a player can compete with other players across the globe
  • More scores with fast driving- If a player can drive extremely fast then he will surely earn more scores. Thus earning more score depends upon the speed of the car driven by the player
  • Bonus by overtaking other cars- This game creates opportunities for earning more bonus points and money if the player can overtake his competitor driving at a speed over 100 km per hour
  • Driving in the reverse direction- The two-way mode in this game allows the player to drive in the opposite direction and earn a huge amount of score and money

Traffic Racer mod apk


Traffic Racer mod has got very easy gameplay that will allow the player to play the game without any glitches. The controls are very flexible and they are extremely innovative too. By touching the screen or tilting it on both sides the car will get moving. There is a gas button and on touching it the car starts speeding. The brake button is meant for cutting down the speed of the car and slowing it conveniently.

All the controls are designed in such a way that a player can concentrate fully on the game. He will be able to operate the car just the way he wants and take it to the highest speed very easily. The developers also keep on updating the game and add new features to it in short intervals.

So if you want to experience the most exciting racing game ever then download Traffic Racer from the Google play store and start enjoying it to the fullest. You should also try Dr. Driving MOD with unlimited gold/coins.


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