Traffic Rider MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Money/ Gold)

Mod Features: Unlimited Money & Unlimited Gold, Unlock All Bikes
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July 18, 2022
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Get ready for bike racing with our latest Traffic Rider mod apk for Android and iOS. Get Unlimited Money and Unlimited Gold resources on your game account. Moreover, unlock all the Bikes in the game.

Traffic Rider MOD App Information:

Traffic Rider mod
App nameTraffic Rider Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money & Unlimited Gold. Unlock All Bikes
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Traffic Rider MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlock All Bikes
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Traffic Rider Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the Game

Racing games are packed with action and thrill that add to the captivating aspect for players. With days passing by, developers are finding ways to broaden the horizon of racing games.

Starting from simple car races, the upgrades are pretty vital to the overall development of the game. Taking help from traditional gaming scenes, one of the best racing versions that are still a favorite among players is bike games.

You ride your bike, win over your competitors, and score points. That’s what most bike races are all about.

Developed by Soner kara, Traffic Rider is one such bike-riding game that offers a little twist to players. You can choose to play in any mode you love, score as many points, and ride your heart out. This game is all about love to race in the world of extensive traffic.

Commute to your desired destination through the hustling highways and beat your competitors, as the clock to finish the race is finally ticking off. Another cool racing game is Manual Gearbox Car Parking MOD APK.


Traffic Rider MOD stands on solid ground when it comes to quick racing. There is no hard and fast rule for players. Probably, all you have to do is to tighten your belts and speed up through the traffic to win the race.

This game is all about experiencing a race that is not on an empty racing street, but rather on a highway that is totally blocked. Once you start the race, each and every player is bound to encounter numerous hurdles.

You must overcome each one of them in order to score your best. The more you score; the better will be your score table in the end. For a new player who is not aware of how to start the game, it is rather simple. There are more than ten default bike models available.

Just opt for any one of them and choose to race with your friends. You can practice the racing as well by changing to the ‘’practice mode’’. This allows you to encounter the simple rules and tactics of the game in a better manner.

But what makes this bike game so special? Why it is a hit among players worldwide. Let’s unlock some extraordinary features of this game.

Game Features

Traffic Rider Mod is simply fascinating on various grounds. From the user interface to the racing music, etc., everything about this racing game is on the next level. When compared to other racing games available to players, this game totally stands on the ground. Some of the reasons that aptly justify the statement are as follow

Traffic Rider mod ios

More than 70 levels are available

A few features that are added to this game and not found in any racing game are the number of levels that are present. Here, players can come across and instantly access 70 levels.

However, you have to make sure that you complete your existing match and then move on to the next. If you win, exciting racing tips are available for you at the next level. You can also unlock cool racing goodies too.

The game is available in 19 languages

To acquaint themselves with the gaming instructions, players can now translate some of the pages into their own language. By default, more than 19 languages are present. Access can be done via the settings option only.

Just select the language you prefer and go through the rules accordingly.

Bike riding made easy

Bike riding is definitely a lot easier with Traffic Rider MOD APK. This is because of the coolest racing options available. Just take it as a competition, race through the highway and win against your opponents.

You can also retake the race anytime you want. Keep track of the time and reach the endpoint as per the rules of the game.

Explore new facets of the game

Players have the opportunity of exploring new features of the game. The modes of the game help in enhancing the gaming skills of the players. You can switch onto the career mode anytime and sharpen your skills for the race.

Plus, discover new bike riding features too, and get ready for your next race.

Win more and score more

Players must win the race in order to get some points added up to the scoreboard. However, no points are deducted from losing the game. You also win more points if you finish the game before the stipulated time.

You can unlock various new game features with every point you earn.

Traffic Rider mod apk

New locations and bike models are available

As soon as you update the game, new bike models and locations are added. Plus, a specific score can help you in accessing bikes as well. You must fulfill basic targets to ride the bike that you truly love in the game.

There are whole new things to discover in this racing game. If you ardently admire the kind of atmosphere these racing games stand up with, you will probably love the way this game is played. In addition to all this information, players need to imbibe a racing spirit too.

For that, you can practice the game first, admire the challenges, and opt for the gameplay instantly. However, if there is one rule that you need to follow for this game then it has to be the no-pause feature.

You must complete the current racing level before you play the other. You can get the Traffic Rider game from Google Play.

The final thought: Download the mod today!

Traffic Rider is indeed one of the best bike racing games with attractive features to explore. From the beginning to the end, every player grabs onto this game like nothing else. The charm of this game is all connected to the features.

Therefore, players can simply download the game by visiting the Google Play Store. While this is the case for Android users, IOS users can check the game settings on Apple Store. Just install the game, get ready for the racing levels, and win to increase your scores.


What's new

- Added new bikes - Bug fixes and improvements

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