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 If you are living in this world, not knowing about Westworld is nothing short of a crime.  Download our Westworld MOD Apk/IOS and become one of the best players.

With our Westworld Mod, you will get Gems and Coins on your game account. You will also unlock all the weapons.

Effective Westworld gameplay tips

This new futuristic TV series has snagged the attention and mind of every single viewer. With season 2 and season 3 out for the anticipation audience, the show focuses on the “Westworld”, which is a western world amusement park.

The visitors of the park end up having conversations with the automatons. The problem starts when these automatons start to malfunction, inducing drastic and destructive, and unanticipated changes.

Directed by Jonathan Nolan, the series casts a wide range of popular and renowned actors and actresses like Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden and so many more. There have been successful three seasons of the show, but while that has ended, you can enjoy your own gameplay of the Westworld with the game that is available.

Equally exciting and thrilling, this game has snagged the attention of a number of gamers. Hoping that the description of the game is not something that would need a separate explanation, here’s a list of gameplay tips and tricks that will actually come in handy while you are playing the game.

Westworld Android Hack

Collect more green gems

The entirety of the Westworld money and currency runs on the green gems, which is why you need to be very efficient with collecting them but very wise while spending them. These green gems are awarded when one completes the levels successfully or even when one completes a challenge smoothly. Not just that, you can also sometimes gain some from host interactions or even after unlocking the Ford manufacture office in the ninth level.

While these gems sure do have a lot of value, it is quintessential for you to be sparing while using them. Don’t make rash decisions with them and end up spending more than required at one go because then, you will be left with nothing when you actually need them. The gameplay has been designed strategically to be able to use these when needed, so follow accordingly.

Build hosts for better chances

Now, the next tip to keep in mind is the fact that you need to build as many hosts as you can. The best way to succeed is by leveling up using more and more hosts. The majority of the time, the Guests in the Abernathy ranch end up needing more powerful hosts as a form of entertainment for them. This results in your best interest because of the fact that these guests end up gifting you with more coins which is beneficial during the gameplay.

So, building new hosts to power the existing ones is actually the way to go about it. This makes your gameplay a strong one and helps you level up easily without many distractions and obstructions in the way. You may also like our new Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow Mod Apk.

Keep the red compatibility host away

Now, while hosts are important for your gameplay, letting the red compatibility hosts interacting with your guests is just not the best for your gameplay. It is always best to steer clear off of them when there is a guest in close proximity. If you have a guest and you find a host with a red star, matching them will give you no result which is why it is best to not even bother with the same.

The majority of the time, the guests tend to gun down the hosts who have less than 50% incompatibility. This ends up costing you in the Synth blood which is definitely not something you want. And moreover, there are no coins or any kind of rewards for the same, so, why even bother?

Sweetwater is a good spot

Unlocking the entire gameplay of Westworld is actually not very tough. If you are hooked to the game for a stretch of 1-2 hours, you will easily be able to do so. While you will be very tempted to jump to the next best thing which is the Escalante, it is of no use if you have not even collected good 3-star hosts in the first realm of the gameplay.

Build up your well-balanced army of hosts will good ratings to be able to serve up the guests at the next level and then step on to the next level. The sweetener is the level you need to keep grinding on to get as many hosts as you can collect to be able to serve the guests better and then you can move on to the next stage for better experiences.


Please the VIPs

Much like in real life, even in the gaming world of Westworld, it is mandatory for you to please the VIPs in the gameplay. These “Men in Black” often end up providing amazing rewards if you keep them well entertained which is definitely mandatory. Just because of the kind of rewards they provide, their demands are just as excruciating.

Make sure to save up your highest-rated hosts for these ones because only they will be able to please and appease them. They are not going to linger around for a longer period of time, so then, you have a limited period of time to entertain them which is an added pressure on top of everything.

However, if you are low on hosts, don’t fret a lot because not tending to these VIPs won’t have severe consequences, you will just end up with lesser rewards.

Upgrade the buildings

This is important. Upgrading the buildings whenever you can and have the resources is quite beneficial for the whole gameplay. These end up providing you with rewards and also get you more goodies to keep your guests entertained throughout. Make sure to thus stick around and do the upgrades whenever required.

Westworld Mod Features

Westworld Mod is available for IOS and Android devices. Just download the file from the buttons below and follow the instructions. It is very easy to install and to use. With our Mod you will unlock all the hosts on your game account.



After the constant popularity of the TV series, this game has also garnered the attention of the users and has been quite a popular topic of discussion. If you have been struggling with the gameplay, these tips can actually help quite a lot.


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