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This Words & Ladders mod apk for Android and iOS game is basically based on the old-school word search board game. The latter requires a puzzle or a riddle that needs to be solved in order to make the correct guess of the word. The puzzle can be anything either in a sentence form or in the form of letters of words placed in a grid. The box usually has the shape of a square or a rectangle. The main objective lies to solve the puzzle and mark the words that are hidden in the box. The positioning of the alphabets may differ.

Words & Ladders MOD App Information:

Words & Ladders mod

App nameWords & Ladders Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold Coins
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Words & Ladders MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Words & Ladders Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

Strategies that can be implemented in this type of game:

For solving the crossword puzzles, the common strategy for finding all the words from left to right is implemented. You must be aware of the first letter of the word that you desire to search out from the box of alphabets.

When the first letter of the word has been found, the focus must be put upon finding the other letters of that particular word by scanning the surrounding alphabets. This will give you a lead. Once, you find the second alphabet, you will be one step closer to getting to the correct word. If the alphabet that you have searched for doesn’t comply with the other letters, then cut it out. Go for other alphabets of the same type. Proceed with these steps in order to get to the final word.

If your word seems to have double letters then go for finding double letters in the group. This method is 100% beneficial in finding out words having double, triple or more letters. Once you find the regions of double letters, focus on the surrounding letters that will help you get the desired word. Try this new Cooking Fever Mod Apk for a better gaming experience.

In some games, riddles are provided. Players are required to solve the riddle in order to find out the word. The riddles tend to get complicated as one proceeds with the game. Here, the genre of the game can be anything. Sometimes, a time limit is also provided in order to see if the players can make the correct guess within the stipulated time or not. This adds up an extra bonus or coins to the players’ accounts. Therefore, overall this is a good exercise of your brain.

The gameplay of Words & Ladders: a Trivia Crack Game

Words can be placed horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. The words can be read by scanning down the letters from either up to down or from down to top. In other games, a list of challenging puzzles is provided to the players. They are required to spell out the correct word. Nowadays, most word search games come with a theme. The genre can vary from being focused only on colors, animals, or food. Crossword puzzles are very popular among the masses. Get Unlimited Gold Coins with this mod.

In this amazing game of word puzzle, players have to think of ways to correctly guess the words behind every riddle. This will help them move faster in the game. This will also ensure they make it to the top before their opponents. Meanwhile, the ladders also speed up in order to make your guessing power a bit more powerful. The game also consists of slides in order to set you back on every wrong guess. Therefore, don’t go blindly making guesses. One small mistake can take away a lot of progress and eventually will retard your winning time.

The game of Words & Ladders mod comprises a fair theme. The narrator whose name is Gallerino is all set to let the players visit the fair. The description of the game says Gallerino is always obsessed with new games. Earlier, he had hosted a crossword game and that’s why this time he has come up with a new game named Words & Ladder mod.

Words & Ladders mod ios

This is a regular word search board game that is filled with riddles in order to make a guess of the word that has been asked for. Gallerino is also responsible to teach you ways how to rope and proceed forward. It only depends on the players how they take up the whole game and play with their friends. You may also want to try our new Word Show Mod and Word Crack 2 (Unlimited Gold Mod).

Features of the game Words & Ladders:

1) It comprises thousands of riddles that have to be solved individually in order to climb up the ladder.

2) Players can join this game with their friends as well.

3) It assures you to give good exercise to your brain cells and neurons. Solving riddles need immense concentration and quick responsive abilities in order to guess the right word within the stipulated time.

4) Players also need to be aware of the slides as they are basically meant for pushing you backward.

5) Individuals must aspire for the next ladders as they are responsible for making you win the overall game.

6) Players can even invite their friends into the game.

7) New and better rewards are offered to them those who qualify each and every round successfully.

8) The game also comes with sound tweaks.

Words & Ladders mod apk

Additional information about the game Words & Ladders:

This game was first updated on the date 7th of March 2020. It has an overall file size of 45 Mb. The current version of this game is 1.13.0. It requires an android of 5.0 or any higher version of that. It has an overall high content rating. It comes with interactive elements like user interaction and also comes with in-game purchases. It requires few usual permissions which can be found as one downloads the game.  One can also report bugs if found. This game is offered by Etermax.


So, whether you are able to discover the correct word on time or not, depends totally on you and your brain cells. Be sure to make your vocabulary so strong that you kill every riddle with 100% efficiency. This game is also a test of your general knowledge as to how good you are at it.


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