Princess Tale MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Coins/ Gems)


Recursos do MOD: Moedas Ilimitadas, Gemas Ilimitadas e Estrelas Infinitas
4.4/5 votos: 1,092
30 Jan 2022
5.0 e superior
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Princess Tale MOD Features

  • Moedas ilimitadas
  • Gemas Ilimitadas
  • estrelas infinitas
  • Grátis para download
  • Totalmente Seguro
  • O arquivo Princess Tale Mod é muito fácil de instalar
  • Atualização automática
  • Não há necessidade de root ou jailbreak do seu dispositivo!


Jogue o mais recente Princess Tale mod apk para Android e iOS. Obtenha recursos Unlimited Coins e Unlimited Gems para sua conta do jogo. Além disso, obtenha uma quantidade infinita de estrelas.

Princess Tale MOD APK Information

Nome do aplicativoMod Conto da Princesa
Recursos do modMoedas Ilimitadas e Gemas Ilimitadas. estrelas infinitas
PlataformaAndroid, IOS
Tamanho61 milhões
Precisa de root/jailbreak?Não

Gemas Ilimitadas

Gems are the premium currency found in the Princess Tale game. You can use them for different items, to spend them. Gathering them is not that easy that’s what makes them so special.

We recommend you download Princess Tale MOD to get Unlimited Gems resources to your game account and never run out of them.

Sobre o jogo

Princess’ Tale is an atmospheric, beautifully narrated, and addictive video game that delights its players with amazing visual designs and great audio quality. The anime style, picturesque surroundings, and sophisticated and engaging gameplay contribute to enhancing one’s gaming experience. A Princess’s Tale narrates the story of an incredibly beautiful, revered goddess.

It also focuses on the story of a demon queen, who’s as beautiful as the goddess. Princess’ Tale is about their eternal battle: the war between good and evil. When you are a princess, what difficulties would you probably face?

There’s no burden of responsibilities or tasks to be done. There’s nobody to tell you what you should do and you can happily go around, running and jumping, having fun in your way.

What happens when destiny has something else planned for the world? What would you do if the responsibility of the world falls into evil hands? In Princess’ Tale, an ancient evil walks in and puts the peace and justice of the world in jeopardy. Destruction wouldn’t stop until someone of royal blood comes to the rescue.

Would you take the responsibility to rescue the people from the evil clutches of the demon queen? This game puts to test your skills and playstyles. Join this game and strategize your moves to defeat the evil queen and free the world!

Você também pode download Zooba MOD do nosso site.


In this game, players have to travel with their groups of heroes across the world. On their way, they would come across innumerable enemies, whom they have to defeat and move ahead. They have to fight numerous opponents tactically.

The more times you win the more artifacts and weapons would you be rewarded with. The game also offers many exciting quests and unique bonuses and provides players with beautiful characters to choose from.

The game also incorporates engaging gameplay, keeping the spirit of role-playing video games intact. The game also offers a PvP mode for players to compete in.

Funcionalidades do jogo

Agora que você sabe algo sobre a jogabilidade, é hora de falar sobre seus recursos interessantes. O jogo tornou-se tão difundido e agradável principalmente devido aos seus recursos interessantes. Alguns dos principais recursos foram mencionados em detalhes:

O jogo simples “Controle com um dedo”

The game incorporates extremely simple controls and mechanisms. There’s a modernized IDEL system that allows auto skill casting, auto collecting, and auto hunting. Download also: Dan the Man MOD APK/IOS (Joias Ilimitadas).

Sistema de Compartilhamento de Nível Combinacional!

O jogo ainda permite que os jogadores promovam personagens. Você pode atualizá-los e combinar as características de outros personagens para tornar seu personagem mais forte.

Luta simples, mas um pouco tática

The game is all about tactics. It checks your intellect. What you have to focus on is trapping enemies carefully without getting caught. Overall, Princess’ Tale is a game worth playing.

The game is fun and challenging. Players can’t help but get immersed in this battle and once they are into the game, they have to gather groups of brave enough heroes to fight battles, win them, and restore peace.


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