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Slay the Spire is an Android/iOS game developed by MegaCrit and having the mechanics of the deck building card. The roguelike’s joy is like creating a winning strategy out of the trash. You’ll discover it lying around roadsides and in this respect, presence of slime monsters in a murdertown. You can also download Path of Exile Apk.


In this game, your deck is your character. After encountering each monster,  you get three cards from which you can pick from. Some cards are more powerful individually than other cards, simply gathering strong cards won’t just be enough.

There are several mechanical themes running through the set of cards (three characters are currently present in the game). You are then clearly directed by them to create decks that bring effects and synergies together, for their impact to be multiplied.

A card cannot be kept away from your deck while reserving it for later use. There are few opportunities to remove cards permanently from your deck. So we have trade-offs: You can pick up a card very early, which adds immediately to your deck. A dead weight with the hope of making it the basis of your later strategy, as soon as other pieces of puzzles are available to be added to it.

Slay The Spire Mobile GamePlay

As said earlier, when the game starts, the players will have to choose one from the three characters available (The defect, the silent, and the Ironclad), each at the start, having a set amount of gold, health, and basic defensive and offensive cards. Also, every character gets a unique specific relic, providing you a passive bonus. Furthermore, if a player successfully clears up to the close of the first act, several choices become available by Neow (a strange entity) to players, in order to earn bonuses. To start their ascent, the player will have to choose from the lowest floor, as a starting path.

Card Types

There are five types of cards in this game: Status cards, skill cards, attack cards, curse cards, and power cards. Also, there are three rarity tiers for cards: epic, rare and common, with the effectiveness of the card often at scale with rarity. We also have forms of cards which are: upgraded and normal.

  • Status cards

This card type is as a result of negative effects due to combat with certain enemies.

  • Skill cards

The skill card performs several effects, i.e. inflicting on enemies, a negative effect, fighting against a quantity of damage.

  • Attack cards

This card deals with damage and at times has some secondary effect.

  • Curse cards

This card type attacks players with a negative effect either they are in hand or in play and are acquired through several events.

  • Power cards

This confers on players some passive effects which include poisoning of enemies.

How to download and install Slay The Spire on Android

  • Click on the button below to start downloading Slay the Spire.apk
  • Download Slay the Spire APK

  • Click on the OK and the download process will begin immediately.
  • After the download is completed, the installation page shall open up.
  • Press Install and follow the instructions.

Game Screenshots:




Energy is spent when playing cards. To play a card, you place it in exhausted or the discard pile, which removes it from play. If the player’s moves entail drawing cards from the empty deck, there is a reshufflement of the discard pile to the draw deck. When each turn ends, all the remaining cards are shuffled by the player into a discard pile, where the enemies of this player can now attack before he/she starts the next turn.


Slay the Spire game (deck building), requires a developed strategy by the players for their deck so as to be able to acquire from the loot. Similar to other deck building games, wound cards that cannot be played, causes a dilution of the player’s deck, so there must be a strategic decision by the player on which of the cards will be the best fit to make an effective deck, what is the proper time to spend cash in order to remove cards in cases where card additions are turned down, so that the deck’s strength will be maximal.


Currently, the Slay the Spire is developed by MegaCrit LLC which is based in Seattle; with lead developers as Casey Yano and Anthony Giovannetti. Initially, their goal was to develop a game that involves deck-building similar to the rogue-like dominion. Inspiration was also drawn partially from the Netrunner card game, which was so loved by Giovannetti and maintained for this game, a community website.


By 21st January 2018, this game (Slay the Spire) was ranked on Steam as the 2nd highest sold game; By February 2018, SteamSpy estimates said that players of this game were more than 500,000.

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Slay The Spire Mobile APK for Android

Slay The Spire Mobile for IOS

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