How Do You Know if Someone has Swiped You Left on Tinder?

Tinder is among the best dating platforms that are used widely by people all around. Over here, the users are required to log in by filling in all the required details. Once you have created your account, you can start looking for the right partner.

The application provides several features to make it easier for the users to get their desired partner. You could set up the area within which your wish to find people. When you open your account, you will get to see a lot of profiles. You could either swipe left or right based on your preference.

Right swipe generally means that you are interested, while left swipe means exactly the opposite. Well, if you wish to know whether someone has swiped you left on Tinder then keep reading.

How to know when someone swipes you left?

Not beating around the bush, Tinder does not provide any notification when someone swipes you left. Practically, you will not know when someone does swipe your profile towards the left. But then there is always a loophole or a way out. So, if you wish to learn how you could know whether someone has swiped you left then the process is quite simple.

At the outset, you should know whether that person is still using Tinder or has been inactive for a long time. If that person has been active and yet you did not match with that profile then, it is probably to be assumed that the person had swiped your profile towards the left side. This is a mere assumption game as nothing of full surety will come along the way.

Tinder indeed is one of the best applications if you are seeking a partner. Interestingly, Tinder allows the users to get the right match by bringing up those profiles that might suit their interests. So, go ahead and explore your possibilities.

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