How long can you be idle in Roblox?

This is a question many players ask themselves when they play Roblox. Some want to idle for as long as possible, while others want to avoid idling altogether and go out and enjoy all that Roblox has to offer them!

The answer: it depends on how old you are. The requirements change depending on age, so if you aren’t of the correct age, there isn’t much you can do to idle for a long time without getting caught.

The minimum age limit to play Roblox is 13 years of age. If your account is under that age and has been idle for more than one hour, it will be disabled by an admin until you are old enough (*cough* get a fake birthday *cough*). However, if your account does not get idle at all (by spending money on Robux or tickets every so often, logging in and out along with playing some games), then this doesn’t pose much threat to younger players.

Older people who want to idle, only need to wait around 45 days – 52 days and 31 minutes to pass the three-hour mark. After that, Roblox will still require you to be online at least once every 180 days.

If you plan on logging in and out just enough so you’re not seen as idle by moderators, then theoretically it’s possible for a user who is 13 years of age or older to maintain an account for infinite lengths of time without having to log in again after 52 days and 30 minutes (52d 30m). On the other hand, if somebody wanted to create an account for one hour each day and log off right after, they could do so until they were less than 7 months old!


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