Is there a lite version of TikTok?

Is there a lite version of TikTok? Yes, there is. TikTok has a lite version released in August 2018 called TikTok+LunaTik. The app itself is smaller than the official one, but it does offer most of the same features minus some editing tools and interestingly enough, music with lyrics or “sensual” themes. Just like the main version, you have to sign with a social media account and the app will not let you post any inappropriate videos or content.

The lite version of TikTok is available for both Android and iOS users. It’s still in beta but most features are unlocked already. However, it does come with an annoying message every now and then to remind users they can upgrade to the paid version.

Downloading the app, however, does not mean you can immediately upload your own videos. Once you’ve set up an account and logged in, go to “Explore”, tap on any video for it to load, and then press the “More” button at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. From there you’ll find a list of options, including TikTok+LunaTik Lite under Apps where you can download it.

Once installed open the app and create an account just like before. After setting up your account log in again (you may need to restart your device if prompted), return to Explore by tapping on “Library” or any other menu option, scroll down until you see TikTok+LunaTik, and tap on it. You should be able to find other TikTok videos but remember, you can’t upload your own just yet.

To upload a video after downloading the lite version of TikTok, go back to your device’s home screen, open Settings and tap on General Management > Profiles & Device Management. Look for the account you’ve been using so far and from there select “Trust this app” then “Next.” Return to your home screen once more and tap on “Me” then scroll down until you reach the section that says Ready to Post? From here click on LunaTik Lite where you have three options – Sign In with TikTok, Sign In with Facebook or Sign Up. Once again make sure to sign in with the correct social media account and verify your phone number.

Once you’re finally back to TikTok+LunaTik, select any video you want to play tap on the send icon at the bottom right corner of your screen (it should be a paper airplane), and upload it. You can also edit it if you wish, trim both ends of the video and change its orientation by going to “Format.”

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