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Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is a mobile game that allows users to build their own empire of meth. It is of course based on the widely popular TV series chronicling the lives of Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and others. There will be lots of interactions with these characters as you go about playing this game.

According to the makers of the TV series, this game will serve as an extension of the TV series that everyone has watched and laughed. The world of Breaking Bad will be here. You will be able to interact with the favorite characters of the series through this game now.

Breaking Bad mobile game is available to download on Android and IOS devices.

Building and expanding your territory in Breaking Bad Apk

As in the story, here also you require creating an empire of drugs. You need to become the guy who knocks. You can build a complete distribution network for yourself and go about transporting your products. There will a lot of new resources and products up for grabs.

You just need to stay one step ahead of your enemy in order to get hold of those things. there are lots of areas where you can spread your net of drugs. Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is a game that will give the fans of the TV series chilling feels of déjà vu.



There are lots of bonuses that you can grab while paling this game. To build your empire, Heisenberg will himself present you with gifts of gold. From Jesse Pinkman you can get special upgrades as well as equipment for getting hold of a network of chemists as well as peddlers. With the help of your associates such as Saul Goodman, you will get the best of the legal advisors. Saul Goodman is the criminal lawyer that you really need in Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements. He is literally more criminal than a lawyer and bails you out of the sticky situations with ease.

Playing along with characters in Breaking Bad iOS

You need to recruit more people and manage your team as you go about playing this game. Each of the characters that you recruit in your team, will have special abilities. With the help of these abilities, you can attack as well defend your resources and make your empire grow. Your clout will increase in the game by regularly upgrading the characters. As you go on upgrading the characters, you will be getting more boosts.

You can use our Breaking Bad Mod to unlock all the characters in the game.

Playing with your favorites

The stars of the web series will come down for you yet again as you start off with Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements. The storyline of the game is very structured in nature and will make you revisit all characters that you might have grown to love or even hate. There are lots of strategies involved in selling the meth as well as taking over designated areas for peddling the drugs.

For all fans of the series, as well as American pop culture, playing this game will be an emotional roller coaster. This game can be officially termed as a continuation of the events in the Breaking Bad universe.

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