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Cyber Hunter is an open-world Chinese multiplayer battle royale video game. NetEase developed a game that will take the place of any famous online battle royale video game. The user needs to select from the two options that are either solo or team up with the survivors for heavy firing, and looting.

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Cyber Hunter Gameplay

Cyber Hunter features a unique mixture of gaming components. It includes exploring places, survival mode, and shooting the enemy.

The game requires a high-quality internet connection to play. It has a massive arena. It has an enchanting world where you can touch the sky, and dive into the bottom of the sea, with original features like vertical climbing, rolling, and sliding. You can also experience battles in mountains, swampland, and deserts.

Leveling up will unlock all abilities

The majority of online video game comes up with account missions, unlockables that involve locations that are attached to enhance the experience of a gamer and reach the upcoming mission.

Every gamer tries to achieve all skills and achievements before completing mission twenty-eight. In every round of a match, the player will get several XP’s.

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Parkour is spectacular in Cyber Hunter

The massive Chinese open-world battle royale online video game comes to an end to the multiplayer games in the store. Cyber Hunter includes survival, rolling, gliding, and shooting but also discovering and utilized the full new features like vertical wall climbing, and gliding.

It allows a player to have an ultimate parkour experience in the game. It breaks the record of parkour experience in most of the recent battle royale games.


Vertical experience

You can easily climb up the wall and slide down on any vertical surface. The game enables the player to enjoy a fantastic selection of weapons, forceful characters, and mesmerizing landscapes. It looks like three-dimensional space, and allows gamers to experience more of a battle royale arena.

It is an open-world game. So, the players can go dive into the sea, also go up to the sky, and roam anywhere they want to. It gives the user a vertical experience and vertical battles.

Cyber Hunter abilities and skills

Cyber Hunter provides different unlockable skills, and abilities for survival as players increase their experience. While playing this game, you will feel like professional parkour and a master in warrior at the same time.

It will provide a user to experience a map that is designed in a futuristic way. It is capable of unlocking various skills such as spotting enemy signals, changing to undetectable, and constructing barricades.

Huge selection of weapons

There are some basic weapons in this game, such as guns, shotguns, and rocket launchers. These will help to blow up everything quickly. This game also has a weapon that heals, like a healing grenade or a shotgun to improve a gamer’s health points (HP). A player can also utilize their frozen grenades to freeze enemies.

Cyber Hunter allows a gamer to destroy and construct new things. There is a massive map of six square kilometers. One can climb a vertical wall. There is a wide variety of weapons.


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