Anger of stick 5 MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Coins/ Gems)

MOD Features: Unlimited Coins & Unlimited Gems
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Enjoy the most popular fighting game with the latest Anger of Stick 5 mod apk for Android and iOS. Download this mod and get Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Gems resources on your game account.

Anger of Stick 5 MOD App Information:

Anger of stick 5 mod

App nameAnger of stick 5 Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins & Unlimited Gems
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Anger of Stick 5 MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Anger of Stick 5 Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

Today, the popularity of fighting games is increasing rapidly among gamers around the world. They find these games more engrossing as they have numerous interesting features. The Anger of stick 5 is a very famous fighting game that has broken numerous downloading records. This article will reflect on the features of this game and discuss why players should get it on their devices.

Description of the game

This game is a fighting game and the player needs to apply his strategic skills for getting through all the challenges. It is a 3D game that gives has been designed with the coolest effects ever. A player will enjoy it thoroughly from the beginning to the end for its unique yet addicting features.

In Anger of stick 5, the player will have to face a group of wrong-doers who are harassing innocent people residing in the city. These strangers are not a part of the city and they have come in to carry out various experiments on the residents. They are using common people as an instrument for conducting their evil experiments that are affecting the latter’s lives. To get Unlimited Money in the game, download Earn to Die 2 MOD APK/IOS.

A large number of people have already turned into zombies and this is an adverse effect of the examinations done on them. Thus, all the people residing in the city are in grave danger and afraid of losing their lives. The player will have to show his skills and save these common people from the danger they have landed in. He will have to fight the group of enemies and throw them out of the boundaries of the city. This will save the lives of the citizens and they will be able to live happily once again.

The player will have to display some strategic actions very carefully to ensure the people of the city are out from the dungeons of the enemies. He will have to fight against these strangers with all his zest and vigor and defeat them efficiently. In Anger of stick 5, the player can attack his enemies in various ways. He can pack a powerful punch on them using various hand and feet movements. Also, try out our latest Underworld Office! mod apk/ios.

This game can be played with the help of physical actions but weapons and arms are extremely necessary. The player can release a set of actions towards the enemies and defeat them completely using powerful guns and other weapons. He can choose from a wide variety of guns and use them effectively while combatting the powerful evil men.

Anger of stick 5 mod ios

The player can also use a sword if he is tired of fighting using the gun. This game will allow him to try various types of guns and swords, and thus, he will not feel monotonous at any instance. Trying out new weapons is always very interesting for fighting game lovers and this game will give them all the opportunities.

The Anger of stick 5 game has two different modes for players to indulge in and they are the Single-mode and the Zombie mode. Both of these modes are very addicting and the player can choose the one he feels suitable for him. In short, this game has all the elements that can hold the attention of a video game lover for a long time.

The player can also enjoy the multiplayer mode in this action game that will allow him to pair up with six of his friends. He can invite them to join him in the battle against evil and win it to save the lives of innocent people. This game allows the player to enjoy a ride in the helicopter and explore the entire territory. He can locate the group of enemies very easily through the aerial view of the city and fight them efficiently.

The game not only allows exploring guns and swords, but players can also buy powerful robots from the in-app store. This will make things easier for them as the robot will take care of the fighting sequences with the enemies. The game Anger of Stick 5 makes things look real with real-like movements and this is its USP. Download Anger of stick 5 mod for Android and iOS to get Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Gems.

Features of the game

This game contains some unique features that have helped it to stand out in the crowd. Players love these features as they make playing the game easier and more exciting.

  • Two different modes: One can enjoy two different modes in this game namely, Single-mode and zombie mode
  • A 3D strategic game: This is a three-dimensional fighting game where players will have to apply their strategic skills for moving to the next level
  • Realistic physical movements: Players can enjoy various types of realistic movements in this game while fighting with their enemies
  • Helicopter ride: This game allows players to take a ride in a helicopter and locate the evil men who are hiding in different corners of the city
  • 125 guns and various swords to choose from: In this fighting game, the player will get a huge collection of guns and various types of swords to choose from
  • Fighting with machine guns: A player can use machine guns for defeating his enemies faster
  • Purchase robots from the in-app store: This game has powerful robots in its store and players can purchase them for strengthening their action plans
  • Invite 6 friends to join the quest: A player can form a strong group by inviting his 6 efficient friends to join him in the battle against the enemies
  • Buy and upgrade weapons: In Anger of stick 5, a player can buy various types of weapons and upgrade them with more power boosters

Anger of stick 5 mod apk

Excellent graphics and sound drivers

This game attracts the eyeballs of players with its amazing graphic quality and keeps them addicted throughout. The sound quality is of top-class that will ensure players are not bored while playing. All the controls are user-friendly and are working perfectly.

The anger of stick 5 game has already been downloaded by millions of gamers around the world. You should also download it today and emerge in the most amazing fighting game ever!


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